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Jay Essex and Alexandra Meadors Interview Transcription, March 3, 2015

If you feel that these interviews are providing you with an expanded perspective, more encouragement, and additional insights into our daily planetary and galactic walk, please consider donating to my website Thank you for your support! And thank you for coming by to peruse our online library of galactically oriented information and education.-A.M. A New Society of Compassion, Honor, Protection, Equality, and Justice Hello everybody this Alexandra Meadors of And today is March 3rd, 2015. And I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you haven’t been on the web site yet, and checked...

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What the U.S. Government Found, Then Covered Up, in Antarctica Will Blow Your Mind!

Evidence yields ‘warm waters and life’ — a ‘hollow Earth’   WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IF I TOLD YOU THERE IS AN ENTIRE RACE OF BEINGS LIVING INSIDE THE EARTH? Yes, you may have heard of “Hollow Earth Theory” before, but what if I told you it was real, and the U.S. Government was all over it? What are the beings that live inside the earth? Ancient Aliens? Fallen Angels? Demons? Illuminate? Nazi’s? What did Admiral Richard Byrd see in the South Pole? Why did Adolf Hitler feel they could find Shangri La at the North Pole? What is the truth behind “Operation High Jump”? Where they really searching for a place to set up a military base? or was America really looking for the New Nazi base? The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. The scientific community has dismissed the notion since at least the late 18th century. The concept of a hollow Earth recurs many times in folklore and as the premise for subterranean fiction, a sub-genre of adventure fiction. It is also featured in some present-day pseudoscientific and conspiracy theories. In ancient times, the concept of a subterranean land inside the earth appeared in mythology, folklore and legends. The idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of “places”...

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Suppressed History Of The Anunnaki

Our history is not what we think! Over the past few thousand years, we have warped our own history. Our versions of the past has been mistranslated, changed, altered, and skewed to fit our understanding of reality, and completely left our many things that we cannot explain. Today, we are going to look at an alternate version of our history, a version that was recorded across many ancient tablets and artifacts throughout time, which have only recently been uncovered. Based on the work of Drunvalo...

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Researchers: A study shows that there was life on Earth 300 million years earlier than previously thought

“We need to think differently about the early Earth.” Elizabeth Bell A team of geochemists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) have just found evidence that there was life on Earth 4,100 million years ago, ie, 300 million years earlier than previously thought. The finding implies that life came into existence very soon after our world was formed, 4.554 million years ago. The work was recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “Twenty years ago, this would have been heretical; finding evidence of life 3.8 billion years ago was shocking,” said Mark Harrison, co-author of the research and a professor of geochemistry at UCLA. “Life on Earth may have started almost instantaneously,” added Harrison, a member of the National Academy of Sciences. “With the right ingredients, life seems to form very quickly.” According to this new study, life existed on our planet even before the massive bombardment of the inner solar system some 3,900 million years ago when numerous celestial objects crashed into the Moon and Earth. Carbon found in a piece of zircon indicates life on Earth began 300 million years earlier than previously thought. “If all life on Earth died during this bombardment, which some scientists have argued, then life must have restarted quickly,” said Patrick Boehnke, a co-author of the research and a graduate student in Harrison’s laboratory. Countless...

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Three scientific mysteries that suggest Earth’s Moon was engineered

Wild theory or a possibility? What would you say to a theory that says that Earth’s moon is in fact a giant artificial construction? Is it just a wild conspiracy or is there anything about the moon that seems to be off? Robin Brett, a scientists from NASA stated, “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.” There are so many mysteries about the Moon that many people have created countless theories that try to explain the enigmatic features of our planets moon and as wild as some of these theories might be, scientists themselves have said that the moon is one big odd celestial body. Some researchers believe that our moon should not be where it is currently, and there are some who suggest that the Moon was placed into orbit around Earth on purpose. The Moon’s unnatural orbit and irregular composition raises hundreds of questions that neither NASA scientists, astronomers nor geologists are able to answer today. Here are three things that I find extremely fascinating about the moon, three points that according to many ufologists prove that the Moon is in fact an artificially engineered construction. The Age of the moon is waaaaaaay off Some scientists believe that Earth’s moon is older than our planet. Our moon is unlike any other satellite discovered in the known universe. According to researchers the moon...

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5 unexplained mysteries about the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza has been the subject of debate among scholars and researchers for years. It seems that there are countless mysteries surrounding this enigmatic ancient monument, but there are a few that have puzzled everyone who has dared to study this ancient Egyptian ‘tomb’. Tomb or not, there are so many things about Egypt and the Pyramids in general which so far, have attracted millions of tourists to Giza and the publishing of hundreds of books about the enigmatic land of the Pharaohs and its three best-known ancient monuments. While we can talk a lot about the Great Pyramid and say how its weight which is estimated to be around 5,955,000 tons, multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass, and that the centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid, this effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions, there are other enigmatic features that make the pyramid even more incredible and even more mysterious.   We can pick out 5 things about the Great Pyramid of Giza which cannot be explained with mainstream thinking. Sun’s Radius: Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8...

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Johnny Alpha: What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection? Part 1 & 2

PART 1 PART 2 Alexandra Meadors and Johnny Alpha continue with the interview where they go into great depths regarding his Mars missions beginning in the ’70’s prior to the official “Secret Space Program.” Arriving on Planet Mars with his mother, a pilot, Johnny Alpha discusses his experiences and memories regarding the various insectoid races and Mars landscape. This is a fascinating account through the eyes of someone with psionic abilities and MK-Ultra experiences. Many of our hottest topics on galactic society, holograms, cloning, galactic technology and more is shared. This will definitely give you a more expanded view...

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NASA Doctored Moon Photos Hide The Truth – Here’s Proof We Are Not Alone

This movie clearly exposes the structures, buildings and UFO’s on the moon. Nasa has been lying for decades about what is on the moon. This is the greatest coverup in human history! The first photos were released from the Hubble Space Telescope beginning in 1999. All of them are in black and white and as such they show nothing. See what happens when they are colorized. Look at all the areas that have been blurred out. Why are such low grade optics used for these photos when much better adaptive optics are available? Why do the majority of moon...

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Hershey, Nestle and Mars Company has been Using Child Slaves to Make Your Chocolate

What was one of the better kept secrets of the 21st century is now blown totally open.  The three corporations above are responsible for much of the world’s chocolate influx, 60% of which comes out of West Africa. In 2000, it was revealed that the harvesting and processing of the cacao plant was left to children, often unpaid and living in slavery.  Imprisoned, forced to go to the bathroom on the roof or in a cup and malnourished, children would either be sold into it for $30 or be kidnapped, thinking they were applying for some sort of paying job. The rules and regulations are so lax there that there is no government to step in and stop the atrocities.  This horrific state of child slavery is also the perfect cheap labor for candy companies that want to sell you chocolate for dirt cheap prices.  Why do you think it only costs $1 for a chocolate bar? Read...

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Fracking Disaster: Kansas Went From 1 Earthquake Per Year To 42 A Week

The revolutionary method of natural-gas extraction known as hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – has left in its wake a trail of contaminated water supplies, polluted air, health problems, and environmental degradation. But what is potentially the most damaging aspect of the process is just coming to light in the form of a tremendous spate of earthquakes in the heart of the United States. In the past week, northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas have suffered forty two earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 on the Richter scale – 17% of all earthquakes in the world. This brings the year-to-date count up to 680 such tremors – and this in area that until recently was almost completely seismically dormant. Up until 2009, the area experienced an average of 1.5 of these quakes each year. What has changed since then is the massive influx of fracking operations seeking to take advantage of the Woodford Shale that straddles the two states’ border. Read...

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Extraordinary Documentary tells us how Ancient Aliens helped build the Pyramids of Egypt

  If there are two things that people are fascinated about than those two are probably Ancient Egypt and… Aliens. The intriguing and enigmatic history of ancient Egypt has so many questions that scholars simply cannot answers, possibly because of their conventional thinking methods or because in the end, they prefer to leave the truth where it is… hidden from sight. One of the most searched for answers when it comes to Ancient Egypt is who built the Pyramids of Egypt and how were these megalithic structures built… thousands of years ago? What if, as the Ancient Alien Theory...

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Dead Sea Scrolls and UFOs

A couple of years ago, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and I had a conversation after we spoke at the Disclosure Project in Washington DC. He indicated as I do that some type of intelligence visits us from space. I asked Edgar, what he thought was the real secret to all of this concerning UFOs? He said, “The answers are all in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” I said, “You mean like the Sons of Light and Darkness?” He said, “Yes, but even now; not all of these scrolls have been revealed.” I searched the scrolls myself later to find some meaning....

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Michael Tellinger Anunnaki Archaeological Discoveries 2015

Michael Tellinger returned for a discussion about ancient ruins in Africa and their connection to the Annunaki, an ET civilization said to have come here thousands of years ago. There are around 10 million ancient stone circles in South Africa, which he suggested are connected to the Annunaki’s presence on Earth. “I believe we have discovered the physical evidence of what Zecharia Sitchin has written about”– that these structures were used for gold mining, instigated by the Annunaki, who created a slave race by genetically tinkering with indigenous proto-humans. Based on aerial studies of the ruins, Tellinger has concluded that the civilization and mines were wiped out during the great flood written about in the Bible. He cited one ancient mine discovered by De Beers that is 22,000 ft. deep and appeared to have been constructed using laser-like technology. Tellinger believes an advanced technology using sound frequency, and sacred energy flow was employed in creating the various ancient structures. Youtube:Non Human Entities Audio is property of...

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GIANT skeletons found in Ecuador and Peru

Skeletons of up to three meters in height were discovered in the Amazon region near Ecuador and Peru. Now a group of researchers from Germany will examine and study the mysterious remains in hoping to unravel the mystery behind them says British anthropologist Russell Dement. Will experts prove the existence of ‘giants’ that inhabited the Amazon in the distant past? Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” According to Cuenca Highlife, since 2013, a team of experts discovered a dozen of mysterious skeletons which are believed to date back to 1400 and 1500 AD. These mysterious skeletons measure up to three meters in height. “We are at a very early stage of our investigation and I’m the only one who is allowed to communicate the details of what we found. I do not want to make claims based on speculation as the work proceeds. Given the size of the skeletons, this has both medical and anthropological implications, “said Dement. In late 2013, Dement received information from the locals in the region about the discovery of a very unusual skeleton, located approximately 100 kilometers from Cuenca in Ecuador. Dement traveled to the scene...

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Christopher Columbus’ Invasion of America

“In 1492, the natives discovered they were Indians, discovered they lived in America, discovered they were naked, discovered that the Sin existed, discovered they owed allegiance to a King and Kingdom from another world and a God from another sky, and that this God had invented the guilty and the dress, and had sent to be burnt alive who worships the Sun the Moon the Earth and the Rain that wets it.” ~ Eduardo Galeano A good friend of mine, a member of the Republic of Lakotah, had a meeting with her first grade son’s elementary school principal. Apparently, her six-year-old was being defiant in classroom. What were these defiant actions? Well, upon his teacher explaining Columbus Day and honoring the courageous and brave sailor who discovered this land in 1492, he had a couple of questions for the teacher. He wanted to know how it was possible that Christopher Columbus discovered a land in which his ancestors had lived for over 30,000 years, he wanted to know what happened to all the people who lived here in 1491, and he wanted to know why the man responsible for invading his native land and slaughtering his ancestors was being honored. Read more…...

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Winston Shrout and Alexandra Meadors Interview Transcription Part 1, August 25, 2015

If you feel that these interviews are providing you with an expanded perspective, more encouragement, and additional insights into our daily planetary and galactic walk, please consider donating to my website Thank you for your support! And thank you for coming by to peruse our online library of galactically oriented information and education.-A.M. How Does The Strawman Relate to Redemption? Transcribed by – ♫Rhode Island Jim♫ – Poet of the “Common” Man™ (00:41) Hi everyone this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic and today is August 25, 2015 We’ve almost made it through the entire month of August unscathed for the most part but man have the energies been absolutely wild. This is been a wild ride and one in which, I don’t know if I want to go through this again. As many of you know I returned from ECETI speakers convention and I was absolutely blown away because I ended up suddenly moving and that really just kind of derailed me and my regular way of operating so I just want to once again thank everyone for being so understanding and compassionate and we’re working really really hard to try to get caught up so just hang tight, we should be getting caught up by the end of the week.(1:32) With that said if you’re new To Galactic Connection please check out our blog at...

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5 Of The Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered

Although many archaeologists are confident that a great deal about our past has been uncovered, we’ve really just barely scratched the surface. The Earth holds countless untold secrets and amazing discoveries such as these 5 incredibly intriguing skulls. The Horned Human Skulls The Horned Skull These unusual skulls were turned up during the excavation of a burial mound in Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. The three researchers overseeing the dig were stumped when the burial mound revealed what looked like demon skulls rather than 13th century Native American remains. Research shows that the horns on their forehead served as a symbol of wisdom and rulership. This is why shamans, priests, and kings adopted the convention of wearing horns, especially in the form of a crown. Besides the horns growing out of the foreheads, the skeletons had another intriguing feature.. They were seven feet tall! Could these skeletons be the remains of an ancient race of giants that inhabited North America thousands of years ago? Some have drawn parallels between this discovery and the mysterious Mound Builder civilization from prehistoric times. A number of megalithic structures have been attributed to this elusive civilization and some researchers claim evidence points toward the Shining Ones or Nephilim. The remains were sent to the Philadelphia Museum and have since disappeared, eliminating the possibility of a thorough analysis. The Paracas Skulls The Paracas Skull These strangely-shaped skulls have been causing quite a stir since their discovery in...

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