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Have We Really Lost 93% Of Food Varieties In 100 Years?

Michael Thomas   You have probably heard that we have 93% fewer food crops available today than 100 yeas ago. That a great portion of our food diversity has gone extinct and disappeared. It seems logical when you look at the infographic above based on a 1983 survey of the National Seed Storage Laboratory undertaken by the Plant Genetic Resources Project of the Rural Advancement Fund , and it has been spread and quoted widely. It isn’t hard to believe considering this since we are experiencing an extinction rate of approximately 1000x the normal background rate and have seen an average loss of...

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The Unanswered Mysteries of the Anasazi

Ivan   The great American southwest is considered by many as a place of extremes, ancient people, spirits and legends that even today, inhabit the region. Thousands of years ago, an ancient culture flourished in the region and left amazing footprints in the sub-American continent, giant cities, dwellings in the cliffs and ceremonial chambers called kivas, were found, and all of them belonged to the Anasazi. Even today, there are people who firmly believe in these stories, and that the spirits of this ancient culture still inhabit the lands. Today most of the world’s population lives in cities surrounded...

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Megaliths and Earth Energies of the Ancient World [VIDEO]

Published on Nov 15, 2016 Hugh Newman has been travelling across South America investigating megalithic sites and tracking the path of the famous Rainbow Serpent and Plumed Serpent global energy currents for several years. His recent trip to Peru, Bolivia and Colombia will be under the spotlight in this presentation. Gargantuan megalithic temples that pre-date the Inca exist in these countries that defy explanation and have legends that consistently relate to Virococha, or the ‘Feathered Serpent’, a god who was hugely influential in prehistoric times....

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William Wester: Exploring 14 Billion Years of Cosmic History [VIDEO]

Published on Nov 14, 2016 Presented on November 10, 2016 The Big Bang theory defines modern cosmology. Today, scientists are in virtually uniform agreement that the universe has expanded over the past approximately 14 billion years from a hot and dense state. Dan will discuss the Big Bang theory along with observations and measurements that have left the scientific community convinced of its validity. Available on DVD at:...

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Real Ancient Giants of the Americas [VIDEO]

Published on Nov 14, 2016 Do ancient megalithic stoneworks, out-of-place artifacts, DNA mysteries, and strange bones provide proof of their existence. Ancient Giants of the Americas reveals an array of astounding truths, including: How giants were a dominant feature of Native American origin myths. Extraordinary first-person tales about meetings with giant Native Americans. How early pioneers discovered the remains of ancient giants and a previously unknown civilization?and how the Smithsonian successfully covered them up. Thanks to Cliff Dunning

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An Ancient Race of ‘White Giants’ existed according to Ancient Native American tribes

True Disclosure An Ancient Race of ‘White Giants’ existed according to Ancient Native American tribes According to numerous writings and oral legends of Native American tribes, a race of ‘White Giants’ existed in the distant past. Interestingly, similar accounts of Giants existing on Earth in the distant past can be found all around the world. There are numerous legends among various Native American tribes, from the Comanches in the north to other tribes in the south, which speak of a mysterious race of white-skinned giants who inhabited North America thousands of years ago, before mysteriously vanishing from the face...

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History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

Please Note: Our Goal is to disseminate information and discernment is needed.  Take in what resonates with you and throw out what does not.~the G.C. Team Medium It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals. I am sketching out here opinions based on information, they may prove right, or may prove wrong, and they’re intended just to challenge and be part of a wider dialogue. My background is archaeology, so also history and anthropology. It leads me to look at big historical patterns. My theory is that most peoples’ perspective...

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MSM Disclosure? — National Geographic: Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati | Whitewash of History

Stillness in the Storm (Stillness in the Storm Editor) Recently released FBI documents reveal the existence of a shadow government, called the 7th Floor Group—which conspiracy researchers have long said exists. Only recently did the term Illuminati become more well-known, through celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and others. Some have said that this infamous group is now making themselves known to the public, building up to a moment when they will openly declare themselves to the world. Many websites have seen a rise in commentary for recruitment into the Illuminati, but who can say who these people really are. Related Illuminati Disclosure?...

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The White Temple and the Great Ziggurat in the Mesopotamian City of Uruk

Humans Are Free The Egyptian pyramids are not the only ancient mystery of the old world; the ziggurat also sustains a substantial position of wonder. The ancient land of Uruk was once located in southern Mesopotamia, on the Euphrates river, which corresponds to our present day Warka, in Iraq. It was founded by a king named Enmerkar around 4500 BC, and it was the home of the epic hero king Gilgamesh. By 3200 BC, Uruk was one the largest cities in the world during its time, with an estimated population of over 40,000 people. Along with a developed agriculture...

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Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War | A QHHT Session By Laron In early May I visited my friend Linda in Texas — one of our global moderators and administrators over on The Roundtable, our community forum. I conducted this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (past life regression) session with her back then. I have transcribed the entire session below. Main topics covered: A glimpse of a life in the early 1900’s, beginning at a beach — Aphrodite’s birthplace in Cyprus. Surprising detail shows Linda this was a past incarnation. Later in that life she’s living near a vineyard, taking in the homeless as WW2 rages on in Europe; here she experiences...

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Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base”

Global Research Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 03, 2016 Bill Clinton supported Al Qaeda in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s as confirmed by RPC Congressional documents;  Hillary Clinton has supported Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) in Syria. This article was first published in 2002. *       *      * Known and documented, since the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahideen (“holy warriors”) to fight covert wars on Washington’s behest has become an integral part of US foreign policy....

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Simon Parkes and Alexandra Meadors Interview Transcription, July 19, 2016

If you feel that these interviews are providing you with an expanded perspective, more encouragement, and additional insights into our daily planetary and galactic walk, please consider donating to my website Thank you for your support! And thank you for coming by to peruse our online library of galactically oriented information and education.-A.M. Simon Parkes Responds to the Community Transcribed by Madame Pam Alexandra: Hi everyone, this is Alexandra from and today I’m going to be providing a pe-recorded interview with Simon Parkes for July 19th 2016. And for many of you who already know Simon Parkes you know that he’s just provided an immense amount of information regarding world politics, and many consider him to be a whistleblower. He came onto the scene in 2010 and has an amazing background that reads quite a bit like a conspiracy novel. His grandfather is a British diplomat and freemason who worked for MI6, and while his mother worked for MI5, he was trained in occult magic at a young age. He has many high-level contacts in the British government, and he eventually delved into the area of politics, which apparently he is no longer doing anymore. But prior to this, he came clean with the public about his experience as a contactee with the Mantids, non-human extra-dimensional beings, greys, reptilians and others. He openly spoke about the...

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Did Our Ancient Ancestors Have Contact with Beings Not From Earth?

EWAO The ancient astronaut theory has never been as widespread as today. Now, there are numerous theories that talk about the possibility that ancient mankind was visited in the past by beings not from Earth. These theories are supported by “physical evidence” such as countless unexplainable constructions across the globe, mysterious layouts, caves, megaliths and indecipherable texts and paintings which seem to depict otherworldly beings that have come into contact with ancient man. There are theories that speak of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth and helping our ancestors develop as a species, transferring knowledge to primitive man,...

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NEO – Okinawans Rebel against the US and Tokyo

Veteran’s Today The game has changed in Okinawa. The usual apologies for the latest gruesome crime, with promises to see that such things never happen again, has been thrown back in the faces of Washington and Tokyo. “Killers go Home” read one sign as 50,000 islanders protested at all the US bases. The 26,000 US troops there, with estimates of 80,000 civilians, are now personae non grata. Okinawans want neither their protection nor money despite its having been a huge engine for the local economy. This is the reverse of the old saying “Put your money where your mouth...

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36 Stunning Portraits Of Native American Teenage Girls From The 1800 to 1900′s

The Spirit Science Each of these incredibly rare and beautiful Native American portraits are of women and girls between the last 1800s and the early 1900s. The images have been well preserved and it gives us a tiny window into the past where we can admire these women, their unique style, and show respect for their lives. Although Native American women often had different roles than the men they were greatly respected. They often had the same sorts of rights at the men in their tribe which is incredible for the time period. In some groups, women were the ones...

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Adam Apollo: Revisiting Camelot – May 10, 2016

Published on May 10, 2016 Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss the parallels of Camelot, Egypt, the British Isles and the idea that we reincarnate back into similar missions with our soul families over many thousands of years. Adam highlights how damaging Christianity’s role was in that there was no longer any acceptance of the diversity of divinity in the Universe and the tremendous fear that this induced as so many lost their loved ones in various incarnations or their very lives because they did not fit into this religious mold. The mass slaughter in Egypt created trauma which...

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Scott Wolter makes the connection between Christ and the Knight’s Templar, April 12, 2016

Published on Apr 12, 2016 Alexandra Meadors and Scott Wolter review forensic evidence to connect the dots between Christ bloodline, the Knights Templar, the pirates of the high seas and ancient Egyptian history. You do not want to miss this interview because he ends up dropping a knowledge bomb regarding the true connections to Christ’s bloodline! This interview covers the hooked X symbol, the Kensington rune stone, Yeshua’s ossuary, the Tau cross symbol and much more! Please visit his websites: and Scott Wolter will be appearing at the New Living Expo April 29th – May 1, 2016...

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