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CDC Study Shows Up to 7.7 Times the Risk of Miscarriage After Influenza Vaccine

World Mercury Project By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The CDC has just published a seismic study (Donahue et al. 2017 Vaccine 35:5314) linking spontaneous abortions in women to flu vaccines.  The study reviewed data for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 flu seasons.  Women vaccinated with the inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) in the 2010-2011 season were 3.7 times more likely to experience a spontaneous abortion within 28 days than women not receiving the vaccine.  Over the entire study period (2010 to 2012), the odds for a spontaneous abortion for vaccinated women were 2.0 times greater than for those women not receiving...

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EnlightenedConsciousness BAKING SODA – THE TRUE ENEMY OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Staff Contributor | March 8, 2016 No-one will believe the idea that something so cheap and simple such as Baking Soda can exceed the effectiveness of even the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs… If you don’t believe me… take a look at this. At one stage it was common knowledge that baking soda could easily cure a common cold, as well as support a number of other ailments. I have heard stories of people who have sworn it to have rid their cancer. There are 1000s of reasons to use...

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Toxic Chemicals Found in Tattoos: Links to Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Green Med Info Tattooing is a long-standing human ritual that transcends historical and sociocultural boundaries, but more regulatory oversight is needed to ensure inks are not contaminated with dangerous chemical byproducts. Debunking Tattoo Mythology: A Short History of The Tattooing Ritual Tattoos represent a cultural rite of passage, a mode of self-expression, and a means of cultivating one’s unique identity (1). British captain, explorer, and navigator James Cook introduced the word tattoo into the European vernacular, as an amalgamation of the Polynesian word ‘ta’ to ‘strike something’ and the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ meaning ‘to mark something’ (2). The historical...

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DNA Study: Almost All The Microbes Inside Our Bodies Are Unknown To Science – Stanford Study Says

Message to Eagle – Almost all the microbes inside us are unknown to science, according to a new Stanford study. A new study of DNA fragments found in the human bloodstream suggests that more than 99 percent microorganisms (collectively called microbiome) were previously undiscovered. A survey of DNA fragments circulating in the blood suggests the microbes living within us are vastly more diverse than previously known. In fact, 99 percent of that DNA has never been seen before. These microorganisms are found in our guts, on our skin, in our mouth and many other places of our bodies. Their importance is...

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Human Experimentation: Part 1 [VIDEO]

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks Published on Oct 21, 2013 It’s a grisly, tragic fact that many of modern medicine’s life-saving procedures and techniques come from horrendous experimentation. But what, exactly? How much do we know about history’s unethical experiments – and how much remains secret in the modern day? SUBSCRIBE | WEBSITE | AUDIO PODCAST | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | EMAIL | STORE | http://stufftheydontwantyoutoknow.spr… Here are the facts. Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the...

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Artificial neural networks decode brain activity during performed and imagined movements

Science Daily Date: August 18, 2017 Source: University of Freiburg Summary: Filtering information for search engines, acting as an opponent during a board game or recognizing images: Artificial intelligence has far outpaced human intelligence in certain tasks. Researchers are showing how ideas from computer science could revolutionize brain research. They illustrate how a self-learning algorithm decodes human brain signals that were measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG). Share: FULL STORY In order to achieve better brain signal transmission quality, the researchers apply contact gel. Credit: Michael Veit Filtering information for search engines, acting as an opponent during a board game...

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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Dean Oliver – 27th August 2017

  OYMInternetRadio Published on Aug 28, 2017 Dean Oliver is the architect of Sacred. Following the loss of several beloved family members, Dean became disenchanted with western medicine and was guided towards earth-made solutions for many of the man-made problems we face today. After an exploration of self-healing in 2012, Dean envisaged a world where people became less dis-connected and the healing power of plants was available to all. And how would he do this? By providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicine which facilitate people in self-healing. Dean became passionate in uncovering the truth about dis-ease within...

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New study: Vaccine Manufacturers and FDA Regulators Used Statistical Gimmicks to Hide Risks of HPV Vaccines

Green Med Info A new study published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phony placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new drug approvals, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline spiked their placebos with a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant and cut observation periods to a matter of months. Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology pored over 28 studies published through January 2017—16 randomized trials and 12 post-marketing case series—pertaining to the three human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines currently on...

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First of Its Kind Survey Shows Vaccinated Children Get Sicker

The Vaccine Reaction Children Who Receive Fewer Vaccinations are Less Likely to Develop Chronic Illnesses The scientific publication Journal of Translational Science has published one of the first surveys to formally assess the longer-term health outcomes associated with the United States routine childhood vaccination program. Primarily authored by Dr. Anthony R. Mawson (a public health epidemiologist with an extensive and proven track record in children’s health research), the study concluded that vaccinated children were much more likely to have been diagnosed with a chronic illness (including allergies and learning disabilities) when compared to unvaccinated children. In addition, 7.5 percent of the...

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97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure…

Real Farmacy   Do you have a chronic degenerative disease? If so, have you been told, “It’s all in your head?” Well, that might not be that far from the truth… The root cause of your illness may be in your mouth. There is a common dental procedure that nearly every dentist will tell you is completely safe, despite the fact that scientists have been warning of its dangers for more than 100 years. Every day in the United States alone, 41,000 of these dental procedures are performed on patients who believe they are safely and permanently fixing their...

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Why this doctor quit paleo/ketogenic diet and went vegan instead

Nexus News Feed In recent years, there has been a lot of hype around adopting a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. They both emphasize ingesting fats and animal protein and insist that essentially all carbohydrates will lead to excess fat and disease. While many people have had success with weight loss and accordingly swear by these diets, however, there are still many factors to consider when it comes to obtaining optimal health and preventing and even reversing disease.   The issue is a divisive one, as people have very strong opinions on either side of the spectrum here. Both Paleo and vegan proponents claim their...

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Jon Rappoport – Vaccine disasters governments want you to forget

Jon Rappoport Parents who question vaccines are crazy? Really? Parents who claim to discover vaccine-dangers are crazy? Really? Official history is a curious thing. Whole sections of fact disappear from the record. When I was researching my first book, AIDS Inc, in 1987-88, I explored various forms of immune-system suppression, in order to show that HIV was not the real story. I looked into vaccines, for example. Here is an excerpt from AIDS Inc. Keep in mind that my research, at the time, ended in 1988. This excerpt reports on vaccines disasters and statements about vaccines made by several authors. It...

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5 mistakes most people make when they get diagnosed with CANCER

Natural News (Natural News) There are a lot of things you might do when you’re diagnosed with cancer: worry incessantly, research nonstop, talk to family and friends, and probably do your fair share of crying. However, there are also several things you should be careful not to do when you’re first diagnosed if you want to give yourself a fighting chance of beating this illness. Inspired by Juicing for Health, here is a list of five of the top mistakes people make immediately after getting a cancer diagnosis. 1. Going directly into mainstream treatment It’s a perfectly natural reaction when you’re facing...

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STAR TREK | The Future Is Now! Technologies Become Reality

Matrix World Disclosure STAR TREK | The science-fiction writers ‘visions go through the scientists’ laboratories and become, from time to time, reality. Although R. Daneel Olivaw, Isaac Asimov’s most famous positronic robot, is still not waiting for the metro with humans, humanoid robots are already becoming more and more frequent in research laboratories.   But there are technologies invented by writers half a century ago that are now upgraded and used. The first private space flight or computer glasses are just a few of the futuristic technologies that came true this year. Few were the science-fiction creations that inspired...

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Alexandra’s Two New Lines of Sacred Oils and Essences May 9, 2017 [VIDEO]

Galactic Connection Published on May 9, 2017 In this video, Alexandra speaks at length about her two new lines of sacred oils and essences. A brief description of each : “FREE YOURSELF FROM QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT KIT”: A KIT OF 8 NEW ESSENCES ACCESSING YOUR INNER AUTHORITY #1 – This remedy moves you through alienation, giving you impetus to take action, increase enthusiasm, and ultimately augment vitality that was depleted from birth trauma. LOVING YOURSELF FULLY #2 – Aligns your body with the love pulse of nature itself. Washes away patterns of self-punishment, guilt, and shame while removing soul memories...

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Waking Times Cameron S. Bigger, Contributor Waking Times Listed below are four lethal connections between Big Pharma and some of our most popular consumer products, of which all consumers deserve to be made aware. Nestlé and Prometheus Therapeutics & Diagnostics Nestlé is the world’s largest food & beverage corporation, owning more than 2,000 brands in 191 countries. The vast majority of Nestlé’s profits come from dairy-centric products. Some of their most popular brands include Gerber Baby, Nesquik Chocolate Milk, Toll House, Kit Kat, Crunch Bar, Hot Pockets, DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine, and Dreyer’s Ice Cream. Nestlé also owns the pharmaceutical company Prometheus Therapeutics...

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How I Got the $84,000 Hepatitis C Pills For $1500 by Buying It From India

ACC Mag When I went in for my annual physical in 2011, I knew something was up when the physician’s assistant who usually dealt with me deferred to the actual doctor. It was up to him to take on more serious issues, and as he soon explained, I had one. My blood work had come back showing I was infected with the hepatitis C virus. Hep C is a serious, life-threatening illness that attacks the liver and can result in fatty liver, cirrhotic liver and liver cancer. One out of five people carrying the hep C virus will die...

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Watercress Blocks Cancer and DNA Damage

Green Med Info Originally published at Heal Naturally Increasing evidence is finding that watercress inhibits the development of cancer in the body. As the research has matured, active anticancer compounds in watercress are getting more attention among researchers.   Cancer development in smokers is slowed Researchers from the University of Minnesota tested 82 smokers for what is called NNK activation. NNK is a carcinogen – long form is also known as 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone. It is a leading cause of cancer from smoking. The smokers were given either the active compound in watercress – phenethyl isothiocyanate – or a placebo for a week....

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