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Parents – the Most Loyal Agents for the Torture Control Matrix

Waking Times Willem Felderhof, Contributor Waking Times Following absurd and fake disorder labels like ADHD and ADD, the ignorant “mental specialists” recently invented another pseudo diagnose called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). In other words anyone who still has the natural, and thus normal, inherent reflex of opposing any form of evil. Let it be crystal clear; the real patients here with a disorder are not the children but the ones making the fake diagnoses and are doing the toxic prescription jobs. These agents of death are nothing less than order followers because they as well have a neo-cortex that...

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Cannabidiol may soon be used in the emergency room to fight effects of stroke and cardiac emergencies

Thanks Krystle! Natural News (Natural News) During a cardiac emergency, the sudden stoppage of blood flow puts severe stress on the rest of the body. During a cardiac arrest, valuable oxygen and nutrients are cut off. The real damage occurs when the person is revived and the blood flow returns. The quick influx of blood flow often causes injury to the ischemia region of the brain. This secondary damage is referred to as ischemia/reperfusion injury. The result is severe oxidation damage that can trigger neurons to die off. Chinese researchers from the Fudan University in Shanghai have found a...

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The Non-Disclosed and Hyper-Allergenic Vaccine Adjuvant: Emulsified Peanut Oil

Via Humans Are Free What do peanuts and vaccines have in common? Well, you’re probably thinking that some people have allergic reactions to both, and you are correct. Peanuts cause the most common severe food allergy reactions. Vaccines, on the other hand, that are grown on chicken eggs (MMR and influenza vaccines in particular) cause allergic reactions for which pharmaceutical and vaccine makers willingly provide cautionary notices on vaccine package inserts. It’s important to note that technically there can be two responses: a reaction, e.g., immediate allergic response (anaphylaxis), and a side effect, e.g., fever, rash, or localized swelling...

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Tyrone Hayes + Penelope Jagessar Chaffer: The toxic baby

 Ted Talk Penelope Jagessar Chaffer: I was going to ask if there’s a doctor in the house. No, I’m just joking. It’s interesting, because it was six years ago when I was pregnant with my first child that I discovered that the most commonly used preservative in baby care products mimics estrogen when it gets into the human body. Now it’s very easy actually to get a chemical compound from products into the human body through the skin. And these preservatives had been found in breast cancer tumors. 0:41 That was the start of my journey to make this...

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What Is Cupping Therapy and Why Is It Popular?

The Sleuth Journal   Cupping therapy is an ancient practice that is now considered part of the complementary and alternative (CAM) medicine category, along with acupuncture and aromatherapy. During a cupping therapy session, a massage or acupuncture therapist applies suction cups to various areas of the body. The cup may be made of bamboo, plastic, or glass; traditionally, horns and shells have also been used.[1] While the cup is in place, suction stimulates blood flow and even causes blood to leak into the skin and produce a hickey-like red or purple bruise. Reported benefits include joint and muscle pain...

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Latest research on CBD oil offers new hope for healing leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders

Wake Up World February 10th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World For years, leaky gut syndrome (LGS) was thought to be nothing more than a myth in medical circles — simply a condition fabricated by ‘fringe’ alternative medicine practitioners to push their agenda. But times have changed and researchers are beginning to take a hard look at the role abnormal intestinal permeability plays in a range of diseases — from autoimmune disorders to food allergies and even cancer. Characterized by abdominal pain, fatigue, inflammation, gas, bloating and intolerance to specific edibles, the syndrome can make life...

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Reminder About’s Plant Medicine Spiritual Journey Into Peru On August the 19th, about six months from now, a group of us in connection to will be joining me on a spiritual plant medicine based journey over in Peru (Huachuma / San Pedro cactus). You may want to consider taking a look at my previous  article discussing all the details right here (originally posted in August last year). We have around 35 people interested, but to be realistic I expect about 10 in the end to be able to make it. Right now about 15 are more seriously committed with 5 who have/are registering. I invite...

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Kick Your Autoimmune Disorder to the Curb With Yoga and Mindfulness

Wake Up World February 14th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World For Sheryl Utal, she never truly felt well. Throughout her childhood and into college, she struggled with muscle and joint pain, dry skin, constipation and fatigue. Doctors always told her to simply “toughen up” and dismissed her symptoms. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s — an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid gland — at age of 25 that the pieces of the puzzle finally began to fit together. Sheryl isn’t alone in her struggle with autoimmune disease; an estimated 22 million Americans are...

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Not Just Austim, Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied to Multiple Brain Disorders

The Free Thought Project It is no question that the subject of vaccines is profoundly controversial. On both sides of the argument exist truths and lies that can hinder the ability of some to make rational decisions. For the last 50 years, the world has taken a front row seat to the phenomenological occurrences of the rise of brain disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and major depressive disorders. Anecdotally speaking, parents all over the globe have reported that one day their children were normal and growing healthily, and the next, after having gotten their vaccinations, they get Autism, or...

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Study: “Mammography Screening is Harmful, Should be Abandoned”

 Natural Society   In almost perfect timing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a new study has just recently been published on mammography. One which once again shows that the practice of breast irradiation in an attempt to protect against breast cancer is harmful and should be abandoned. The study is in fact aptly titled, “Mammography screening is harmful and should be abandoned,” and shows that even decades of screening has done nothing to reduce breast cancer mortality. This is even in the face of millions of new and supposedly “early stage” or “stage zero” cancers being diagnosed, which inflate survival...

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Research Shows CBD Combats Social Anxiety

Shelley M. White | Collective Evolution   Many people suffer from social anxiety, but it is often a subject that is pushed aside as many are embarrassed to talk openly about it. However, personal experience has taught me that social anxiety can be mentally crippling in many ways and negatively impact various areas of a person’s life. When in a social setting, it feels as if you are trapped in your own personal prison, and the words you want to say just won’t come out. When seeking help from doctors, many are prescribed anti-anxiety medications that either do not...

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Can Baking Soda Be Used To Cure Cancer?

The Spirit Science   Dr. Tulio Simoncini  is famous for his cure for cancer. He said: “Cancer is a fungus called Candida albicans, and it can be treated with sodium bicarbonate solution. ” He is an Italian oncologist in Rome that came to conclusion that all kinds of cancer are fed by candida albicans . This fungus is the root of almost all diseases. In many researches conducted on cancer patients, it is proved that cancer and tumors are made of candida. Simoncini’s cancer treatment is the simplest of all: Sodium bicarbonate. He says that cancer and tumors thrive in acidic...

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Healing Through Lyme Disease

Medicine for the Earth   ~ Personal Holistic & Herbal Treatments for Lyme Disease ~ I’ve been wanting to write for a long time now about my journey with chronic Lyme disease, and what has supported my healing thus far. Many people ask what has worked for me in treating Lyme holistically, since there are so few practitioners or doctors who have a lot of experience helping those with Lyme. This is a summary of my experiences with the medicines that have been amazing blessings along my path with this hidden teacher. I have followed my body and my intuition’s guidance, knowing there are...

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Can Capsaicin in Chili Peppers Help Beat Cancer?

Mercola By Dr. Mercola The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017 there will be 1.68 million new cancer cases and over 600,000 deaths.1 This means three new cases and one death every minute of every day. The top five cancers diagnosed are estimated to be breast, lung, prostate, colorectal and melanoma, in that order. The link between obesity and cancer, and the high number of insulin receptors on cancer cells2 make sugar and a high-carbohydrate diet a significant risk for developing cancer. A recent study from Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center demonstrated a significant link between sugar and...

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The Effect of Aluminum in Vaccines on Humans

Collective Evolution Chemicals that are commonly used in the production of vaccines, according to the CDC, are done so to improve the effectiveness of the vaccine. Adjuvants like aluminum (one of the most common) are a component of vaccines that potentates the immune response to an antigen. The adjuvant is basically used to invoke the desired immune response. Aluminum has been added to vaccines for approximately 90 years, and since then, a lot of controversy, especially in recent years, has emerged regarding their safety and effectiveness. This controversy comes as a result of a number of recent studies (some...

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Dr. Mercola – Sit Down Science

Mercola By Dr. Mercola Industry funded “science” has tainted our world and turned science-based evidence into science-biased propaganda. Universities are laundering money through foundations to intentionally hide relationships, while scientists secretly nurture their relationships with corporate executives. Negative outcomes go unpublished, the peer review process is so weak only studies that challenge industry interests are heavily scrutinized (usually by scientists hired by corporate public relations firms). Media is paid handsomely to ensure the public that “the science is settled,” especially when corporate liability is a primary concern. Raw data is held captive, conflicts of interest are not fully disclosed...

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Holistic Doctors Found Dead After Summit for Cancer Cure Breakthrough

Humans Are Free The medical community at large is a gasp as several holistic doctors were found dead after apparently committing “suicide” over the last year. The fatalities have seemingly occurred after a breakthrough cancer treatment was just announced. What is This New Treatment? The newly developed cancer treatment involves the human protein GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). GcMAF works by activating macrophages that are already present within the human body. These macrophages can fight against and destroy cancerous cells. GcMAF is produced naturally inside the body however some people cannot make enough levels of this vital human...

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Suffering From Migraines, Anxiety, Depression or Fatigue? You May Be Histamine Intolerant

Wake Up World January 17th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World After a holiday season filled with chocolate, copious red wine and even a christmas cookie or two, I was slammed with a series of migraine headaches — while also enduring ongoing nausea, depression and extreme fatigue for several days. The aftermath shouldn’t have come as any great shock, especially since I’ve known for years the effect these types of foods can have on my overall well-being. What might be surprising is the reason why: histamine. Histamine in and of itself isn’t bad. It’s when we’re overloaded with this naturally occurring...

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