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September 2017’s Unsettled Energy: The Solar X-Flares, The Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Continued Growing Pains For Much Of Humanity.

Divine Phases Light Worker Mission September 2017’s Unsettled Energy & Experiencing More Death of The Ego Self I’ve not been so chatty over the last week or two on Divine Light Phases (DLP) – and it’s been for a many number of reasons. Firstly: What a September it has been so far, and what an amazing splash of energies we’ve been feeling and embodying within ourselves for much of this month. To top it all off we haven’t even reached the September Equinox and all it’s ongoing, ever expanding energies, just waiting to push us higher (Personally & Collectively) up on our own...

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Here is What Jim Carrey Really Wanted to Say in His Latest Interview

Humans Are Free If you don’t know by now, Jim Carrey lives a highly spiritual life. He became obsessed with painting and sharing inspirational knowledge aiming to awaken the world. He believes that love should be our religion and we should all find a way to tune into the cosmic truth in order to raise the world’s vibration. That’s why in most interviews he sounds a little strange and off, like it’s not the always funny joke cracking Jim we knew. Many people are even worried, after listening to his last interview. They think that he is losing his mind and...

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EnlightenedConsciousness NATIVE AMERICANS REVEAL 22 RULES OF LIFE THAT WILL SPEAK TO YOUR SOUL staff contributor | September 14, 2017 There are a lot many things that the world can learn from the Native Americans especially in these trying times when the world is facing hate, terrorism, hunger and corruption. Imagine if these peaceful tribes we’re never raided and their land and lives never taken. The history of our world would have transpired completely differently. We would be in touch with nature, ourselves and the Earth. We would be able to connect with animals, the stars, the flowers and each other...

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WakingTimes YOU ARE PART OF THE COLLECTIVE SHAMAN September 10, 2017 Phillip J. Watt, Contributor Waking Times The role of the Shaman in the original peoples is to resolve issues of the tribe that other members were unable to rectify themselves. They heal, they influence, they transform, otherwise known as the art of magic. ​Traditional and contemporary shamans do this by consciously venturing into the non-physical realm – a practice called ‘journeying’ – to dance with the spirits of their ancestors and their land to find answers to their current affairs, and assist the energetic rivers to flow in more...

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Walking Through The Necessary Death And Rebirth Process

Soulful Heart Way of Life Has the death aspect of ascension been validated enough? The necessary process of letting go of the old, the dying, and the mourning that accompanies it? I feel this aspect of the process deeply in myself as I have experienced it so often over the years/lifetimes, in my own Metasoul, and as connected to the Universal soul/Divine Source too. Rebirth CANNOT happen without death, as nature and Gaia show us and remind us. Just wanting the rebirth and the ascension without the necessary death process is to limit the infinite possibilities that TRUE transmutation...

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The Book of Shi-Ji – Audio Book – Pleiadian Channeling – International Bestseller [VIDEO]

PeterMaxwellSlattery The Book of Shi-Ji – Audio Book – Pleiadian Channeling – International Bestseller Aug 25, 2017 The Book of Shi-Ji – International Bestseller From the 24th of November 2014, to the 2nd of December 2014, this book was wrote through Pete in nine hours over nine days, by Shi-Ji, who is a Light Being and a gate keeper of the portal in the star Merope, in the Pleiades. In this book is messages for those who decide to read it, and with it comes knowledge of coming times and an overview of what’s to come not only for...

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CollectiveEvolution  STUDY SHOWS HOW HEART COHERENCE (INNER PEACE) CHANGES THE ORDER OF CRYSTALLIZATION PATTERNS IN DRIED SALIVA (WATER) ARJUN WALIA SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 “This study showed conclusively that heart coherence could affect saliva and increase crystal structure and order. We know from 20 years of research at HeartMath that heart coherence has many positive health benefits, including helping to reduce stress and improve cognitive function.” – HeartMath Institute The “power of positivity” is no joke. Studies are emerging every single year in multiple fields of science, and have been for decades. The science of consciousness, also known as “non-material science”...

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Andrew D Basiago ~ 03/01/16 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR ~ Hosts Janet & Sasha [VIDEO]

Aquarian Radio Published on Sep 6, 2017 Source:… Hosts Janet Kira Ninmah & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Andrew Basiago in this premier episode of the Divine Paradigm on KCOR Radio (, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Andrew D. Basiago is a lawyer from Washington State. He holds six academic qualifications, including degrees from UCLA and Cambridge.  Andy was a participant in two secret US defense projects. In the early 1970’s, he was a child participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus, which was the US time-space exploration program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense-technical...

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Falsehoods and the Code of Honour (Integrity, Karma and Manifestation) [VIDEO]

Magenta Pixie Published on Sep 5, 2017 If you tell a lie, will that lie then come true? Are you subject to the influence of service-to-self/negative entities if you do tell a lie? The Nine respond to these questions by explaining the patterns created by the spoken falsehoods and they also discuss integrity and alignment known as the ‘code of honour’. Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media. — Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie Products:...

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Fantastic Planet: The Visionary Body and Gnostic Evolution

Evolve and Ascend Fantastic Planet is a stunning work of visionary filmmaking, directed in 1973 by Rene Laloux and animated by Roland Topor. It is based on a novel, Oms en série (“Oms Linked Together”), by Stefan Wul. It tells the story of a strange world named “Ygam”, ruled by a race of giant, psychically evolved blue humanoids called the Draag. Humans exist on this world, but they’re known as “Oms” (after the French word “homme” meaning “man”) and are so diminutive compared to the Draags in their size and stature that they are kept as pets. Wild, “un-domesticated” Oms live in...

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How To Break Free From The Matrix And Go Beyond Time

How to Exit the Matrix by Danielle Lynn, Guest writer, We have been told time is only an illusion, and yet it seems to dominate so much of our day to day lives. Maybe we have even experienced brief glimpses of ‘timelessness’ in our meditations, in times of creative excellence, or in deep moments of love. However, it can be so easy to get sucked back into the ‘daily grind of life’ that it leaves us wondering, how can we truly be free of time? How do we move from experiencing ‘timelessness’ as more than just a theory? In this...

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Bill Tompkins, Richard Dolan & the Future of UFOLOGY — The Evidence Debate

StillnessInTheStorm Bill Tompkins, Richard Dolan & the Future of UFOLOGY — The Evidence Debate (Stillness in the Storm Editor) The evidence debate is a large one, and there is much to consider insofar as how we evaluate claims, whistleblowers, evidence, and so forth. I offer commentary on this complex and worthwhile topic after the below article. How we evaluate our experiences and beliefs is arguably the most fundamental thing we must come to terms with. As such, this issue raging in ufology is one that extends to all fields of truth seeking. Related Ufology Researchers Divided but Not Conquered: Exposure of...

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WakingTimes TELEPATHY AND PSYCHIC ABILITIES EXPLAINED WITH THE SCIENCE OF BIOELECTRICITY AND ELECTROMAGNETISM August 28, 2017 Justin Deschamps, Contributor Waking Times Interactions between electrically dynamic systems provide a basis to understand so-called telepathic contact because living things are bio-electrical in nature. Of note, Ben Davidson, of Suspicious Observers, recently produced a rather heady scientific video about magnetic connections disrupting stable electric currents or circuits, causing the two or more systems to rebalance themselves in a rather reactive way. In essence, electric circuits are stabilized flows of electricity that are enshrouded by a magnetic field. Plasma currents, which are flows of electricity that are...

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Shadow Path: The Agenda to Dim the Light – Dr. Maree Batchelor [AUDIO]

HigherJourneysWithAlexisBrooks Shadow Path: The Agenda to Dim the Light – Dr. Maree Batchelor (August 2017) Published on Aug 30, 2017 Dr. Maree Batchelor has traversed the spectrum of reality like no other. Growing up in a family of academic and financial privilege, she had what many would call “the dream life.” That is until that dream turned into an unimaginable nightmare. In this interview Maree explains her sojourn from comfort to calamity and now to calling. Brought to the attention of ET researcher and regression therapist Mary Rodwell, Maree’s work as a healer and “DNA activator” has and continues...

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