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Category: Paranormal

Mermaids Are Real: Columbus, Shakespeare, and Pliny the Elder

The Epoch Times In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities. Share your thoughts with us on these sometimes controversial topics in the comments section below. People are asking, prompted by a new special on Mermaids, whether mermaids exist or not. A look over the years shows that many people around the world have sighted or even directly experienced mermaids. Here’s a timeline of some of the major sightings and experiences, including Christopher Columbus, John Smith,...

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A New Bermuda Triangle Opens Off the Coast of China

Mysterious Universe While everyone (or just about everyone) knows to avoid the Bermuda Triangle if you’re flying or sailing, there are other spots in major bodies of water around that world that have similar reputations for allegedly causing large numbers of shipwrecks, disappearances or accidents. If you’d like a list of them, the government or NASA are not the first places to go. A better plan would be to contact an insurance company that covers the shipping industry. A German newspaper did just that and found that the new Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of southern China, primarily...

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FBI Director’s Statement May Imply Contact with ETs

Mysterious Universe While everyone else was looking for hints on what’s been going on between the Trump administration and Russia, the UFO community was excited about something former FBI director James Comey said during his Senate testimony that had nothing to do with politics. … I have had many conversations with humans over the years … That’s right, the former FBI director gave Senator John McCain that strange answer to a question about a conversation he had with the president. Ears perked up across the country on anyone with a conspiracy gear in their brain. Why did Comey add...

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Another Floating City in China and Experts Look for Causes

Mysterious Universe Before you start screaming “Fata Morgana!” and have your neighbors wondering if you’re in some strange cult (again!), most experts agree with you that the latest eerie and misty floating city to appear above a grounded one in China is one of those rare and unusual superior mirages. The real mystery that has them baffled is why they’re occurring with such frequency, not just in China but around the world. On June 6th, residents of Wuzhong City in north central China walked outside after a severe storm that dumped hail and four inches of rain on them...

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High Strangeness, Weird Vanishings, and a Cursed Mountain

Mysterious Universe Strange mysteries seem to gravitate to some places, and oddness and enigmas gather about them like flies to a rotting corpse. Here in these realms of the strange we can find a mish-mash of legends, myths, and real cases of the unexplained, perhaps all of it congealing together into some vague idea of what the truth may be. One place that has proved to be ground zero for some truly bizarre stories is a mountain that lies in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, and which perhaps cloaks its real, sinister nature in a veneer...

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Waking Times Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times There is a rift between the world as we see it and the world as it really is. Science and spirit are our primary tools for closing this gap in our understanding, and at the edge of this rift has always been psychic phenomenon like telepathy, premonition and the familiar sixth sense. Many people experience these phenomenon with regularity, yet they escape scientific explanation, even though a large and historically deep body of experiential and anecdotal evidence exists. This library of evidence prevents dismissal of the psychic as either a figment...

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Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017

Crop Circle Connector A new crop circle has been found near the well known fertility symbol the Cerne Abbas Giant which is a chalk figure carved in a hillside below ancient fort. Cerne Abbas Giant, near Minterne Magna, Dorset, UK. Reported on the 22nd of May 2017 Cerne Abbas Giant – Wikipedia The Cerne Abbas Giant is a hill figure near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England. Made by a turf-cut outline filled with chalk, it depicts a large naked man with an erection and is typically described as a giant wielding a club. The figure is...

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Upside-Down Rainbows And Their Meaning Have you ever seen a rainbow upside down? Did you know what causes them to appear? Have you wondered about their symbolic meaning? “The spiritually inverted rainbow addresses itself precisely to the human soul who, having fully developed his consciousness via the kingdoms of cosmic evolution, now finds himself, in an excessively human or non-natural world, ironically inverted vis-à-vis the spiritual planes through which he must ascend via involution: Having achieved full consciousness as man, he has already arrived at his destination, for he now possesses the capacity to become fully conscious of his Soul. Besides representing the...

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FBI Files: The Paranormal Collection

The Black Vault These files were released and obtained by the FBI, all in relation to the Paranormal. Many of the files are broken into different parts, for easier downloading.  Simply click on the “File #1” links to download each file segment. Declassified Paranormal FBI Files Animal Mutilations – [ File #1 | File #2 | File #3 | File #4 | File #5 ] – Animal/Cattle Mutilation In the mid-1970s, reports of scattered animal mutilations in western and mid-western states concerned many people. The FBI was asked to investigate, but was unable to do so because of a...

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Bright green fireball streaks across the New Zealand night sky

The Watchers A bright green fireball streaked across the night sky over North Island, New Zealand on May 18, 2017. The event took place around 07:15 UTC (19:15 NZST) and lasted up to 7 seconds. According to witness reports, the event lasted a few seconds before it disintegrated and ‘fizzled out leaving what looked like a star in the sky.’ “Saw it loud and clear near Matata, a giant ball of fire with a green tinge as I was driving to Whakatane,” Lee Barton told WeatherWatch. Another eyewitness said she saw a bright green and white-gold streak of lights racing...

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Something Strange Happening In Our National Parks 5/21/17 [VIDEO]

secureteam10 Published on May 21, 2017 Support the channel: Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the space coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure! ➨E-mail me your ideas & footage: ➨Get Your Secureteam Shirt Here! ➨Twitter: ➨Facebook: Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by rh_music ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain...

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Hy-Brasil—The Mysterious Phantom Island Rumored to Have Harboured an Advanced Civilization

Alien Policy  Known to harbour a powerful and enigmatic cult, the mysterious island of Hy-Brasil has intrigued adventurers and historians for centuries, and has even captivated the attention of UFO researchers in recent times. A mysterious island became known to European sailors that traversed the seas hundreds of years ago. It was called Hy-Brasil, a place rumored to have been the residence of an advanced race of humanoids with otherworldly powers. The island appears on various maps from as early as 1325 and into the 1800s, and is located around 200 miles (321km) off the west coast of Ireland. Some...

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Mysterious flashes of light from Earth captured by NASA satellite

Whats Up With That WASHINGTON, DC — One million miles from Earth, a NASA camera is capturing unexpected flashes of light reflecting off our planet. The homeward-facing instrument on NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory, or DSCOVR, launched in 2015, caught hundreds of these flashes over the span of a year. NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) instrument aboard DSCOVR is taking almost-hourly images of the sunlit planet from its spot between Earth and the sun. In a new study, scientists deciphered the tiny cause to the big reflections: high-altitude, horizontally oriented ice crystals. “The source of the flashes is...

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Robert Stanley on the Archons, Enki’s Empire and the Coming Energy Wave that may end Human Slavery

Alex Ansary Published on May 12, 2017 In today’s free exclusive interview, Alex Ansary interviews Robert Stanley about humanity taking back their freedom from the archons which Stanley refers to often as ‘ENKI’s empire.’ Could future solar flares and cycles assist mankind’s awakening? Is Enki behind the staged managed world war scenario between the west and the...

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Mandela Effect – A Civil Conversation Between Skeptics And Effected

Above Top Secret A conversation just starting in another thread between myself and KyoZero seems important. The conversation isn’t directly related to the thread it’s in, so I’ve decided to make it it’s own thread (else our text will be removed as “off topic”). It can help to answer many questions folks may have, and may open a civil line between us – allowing us to relate (not berate). I won’t paste the whole text from KyoZero – I want him to get those stars. His text is here:… Here is my response to him with his questions:...

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April 2017 Prediction Results: Farsight Time Cross [VIDEO]

FarsightPress Published on May 8, 2017 Subscribe to our channel to hear the latest in remote viewing.… TWITTER: @farsightrv Check out Farsight’s Time-Cross Project: Tomorrow’s News Today!… YOU CAN HELP! Please consider contributing captions in various languages. This helps Farsight extend to a world audience. To do this, go here:...

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All Seeing Eye of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God appears in the sky over Leeds, UK [VIDEO]

UFOmania – The truth is out there Published on May 6, 2017 An eerie cloud that appeared above Leeds, Yorkshire UK formed the perfect shape of an eye, right down to the eyebrow. Graham Telford, a facilities manager, who spotted the cloud on April 3, 2017 shared the amazing image to fellow cloud watchers and told to news outlet Metro: I have never seen anything like this before, the cloud looks exactly like an all-seeing eye, it was amazing.” Source: Read here:… Follow us on facebook:...

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