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WakingTimes THE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY AS EXPLAINED BY NASSIM HARAMEIN September 25, 2017 Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times Nassim Haramein is a rogue physicist who thinks way outside the box. In fact, when he was just nine years old, traveling on a long bus ride to get home from school, when he realized that the Universe was just a bunch of “dots.” What came from an experience of astral projection in a small boy’s mind turned into the Theory of Everything, or what is commonly known as the Unified Field Theory. An Elegant Discovery Haramein’s discovery is elegant. In comparison to other theoretical physicists’ notions...

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Linda Mouton Howe Interview with Thomas Campbell part 1: Simulated Universe, Fractals, and Entropy Reduction [AUDIO]

Earthfiles Interview with Thomas Campbell part 1: Simulated Universe, Fractals, and Entropy Reduction Sep 25, 2017 Recently I interviewed one physicist who enthusiastically says, “Yes, we’re in a computer simulated universe!” He is Tom Campbell, M. S., now 72 years old, who had a 30-year-career working for U. S. Army Intelligence in Charlottesville, Virginia, beginning in the early 1970s. There at the University of Virginia, he also started a Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics, but left for the Army intel work before he had completed his Ph.D. Now he calls himself an applied physicist. Tom also worked for the...

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CollectiveEvolution  THE ASTONISHING LINK BETWEEN QUANTUM PHYSICS & THE HUMAN MIND ARJUN WALIA SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 The connection between human consciousness, or factors associated with human consciousness such as intention, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and the physical realm is fascinating. This is precisely why nearly all of the founding fathers of quantum physics were so preoccupied with learning more about consciousness, and “non-material” science in general. The theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, Max Planck, for instance, regarded “consciousness as fundamental” and matter as “derivative from consciousness.” Eugene Wigner, another famous theoretical physicist and mathematician, also emphasized how “it was not possible to formulate...

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CollectiveEvolution QUANTUM THEORY PREDICTS THAT THE FUTURE COULD BE INFLUENCING THE PAST (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY) ARJUN WALIA SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 Physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once said, “We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” And it’s true. Multiple theories, such as quantum entanglement, have exited the theoretical realm and been confirmed within the mainstream. Even browsing through some previously classified documents in the CIA’s electronic reading room, you can see how Black Budget science confirmed some...

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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Ariel Policano & Ryan Williams – 23rd July 2017 [VIDEO]

OYMInternetRadio Published on Jul 24, 2017 Genius Healing App Based On Quantum Entanglement, Ariel Policano is a naturopathic doctor and Ryan is the developer of the App, The App is based on frequencies (voice print, photo and positive word re-enforcement), Updated On a regular basis, Ryan is a pioneer in the biofeedback industry, A number of products out there that are based on biofeedback, Scalar Technology, It Is Not Designed To Be Used In A Negative Way, Data Secure On The Cloud Using 128 Key Encyption, Free To download And Try For Two Weeks, Money Back...

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ITS STARTED! The Bifurcation Of Time

In5D by Nikki Colombo,Editor – Contact Online Magazine Guest writer, Time as we know it is splitting. It’s called the bifurcation of time. The vibration of light and sound frequency is splitting, so basically those who haven’t awakened will disappear from your reality.  You’re heading into a new reality that will surround and encompass you.  It was also called dimensional blending.  Ir looks like we’ve just come out of that and now that the dimensions are splitting, we will probably find more strange anomalies happening too. Reports are coming in about time distortions. Here’s a recent experience from a client...

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Thanks Sandi! Collective Evolution Quantum entanglement: a phenomenon that Einstein thought was so “spooky” that there was no way it could be valid, posits that the “space” between physical objects isn’t actually empty space as our senses perceive it to be, but rather, that either information is travelling faster than the speed of light, or even better, instantaneously with no “time” involved. It implies that everything is connected, that if there was a “big bang,” it happened when all physical matter was one, and then exploded out into little pieces that spread throughout the cosmos. The tricky part to...

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CollectiveEvolution HUMAN “CONSCIOUSNESS” COLLAPSES THE QUANTUM WAVE FUNCTION IN A GROUNDBREAKING STUDY ARJUN WALIA JUNE 7, 2017 When it comes comes to quantum physics, it’s very common for researchers to come across information and results that leave them baffled, or simply don’t comply with the known laws of physics. The result is often more questions than answers — and that’s okay. “We chose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutelyimpossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” – Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (from...

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Core Spirit Quantum mechanics, though firmly tested, is so weird and anti-intuitive that famed physicist Richard Feynman once remarked, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” Attempts to explain some of the bizarre consequences of quantum theory have led to some mind-bending ideas, such as the Copenhagen interpretation and the many-worlds interpretation. Now there’s a new theory on the block, called the “many interacting worlds” hypothesis (MIW), and the idea is just as profound as it sounds. The theory suggests not only that parallel worlds exist, but that they interact with our world on the...

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Quantum Mechanics And You

HowToExitTheMatrix Quantum Mechanics And You by Rich Fiori  on March 21, 2017 We see the term “quantum” used more and more. We get an intuitive sense of what that means as some very small packets of energy that make up our universe. Let’s add some depth to that understanding. Chemistry On a basic level, we and everything around us exhibit chemical properties. Our bodies are chemical factories fueled by electrical and magnetic pulses. In the chemical world, everything revolves around valence electrons. Valence electrons occupy the space around atomic nuclei and are capable of forming bonds with other atoms. A specific example...

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New state of matter: Scientists develop world’s first ‘time crystal’

RT News An ‘impossible’ state of matter heralded as the world’s first ‘time crystal’ has been created in a laboratory five years after the existence of these fourth dimension atoms was suggested. The ‘time crystal’ was created using a chain of atomic ions which move in a pattern that repeats in time rather than space. This contrasts from other crystals such as salt, snowflakes and diamonds which are arranged in repetitive 3D patterns. via GIPHY  Researchers from a number of US educational institutes including the Joint Quantum Institute and the University of Maryland published their groundbreaking discovery in Nature....

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The Multiple Multiverses May Be One and the Same

Nautilus he name of the image—the “Flammarion engraving”—may not ring a bell, but you’ve seen it many times. It depicts a traveler wearing a cloak and clutching a walking-stick; behind him is a varied landscape of towns and trees; surrounding all is a crystalline shell fretted with countless stars. Reaching the edge of his world, the traveler pushes through to the other side and is dazzled by a whole new world of light and rainbows and fire. The image was first published in 1888 in a book by French astronomer Camille Flammarion. (The original engraving was black and white,...

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New Science: DNA Begins As a Quantum Wave

The Mind Unleashed New Science: DNA Begins As a Quantum Wave Jan 18, 2017 One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. A deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe. We are surrounded by pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves...

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Thanks Sim! Streamed live on Nov 2, 2016 This is my 2nd interview with Chris Kehler, quantum energy healer. Link to reach Chris Kehler via his website: Short bio: BIO FROM HIS SITE: He heals people via remote distance energy healing, quantum energy, with anyone no matter where they are in the world from his office/clinic, with profound results in real time, even instantaneous healing. He will access multi-dimensional planes of existence, spiritual planes, god, heaven, and many planes of existence, as long as it exists has some degree of consciousness in our 3D existence that he will...

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Nothing is solid: This is the world of Quantum Physics [w/ VIDEO]

RiseEarth Nothing is solid: This is the world of Quantum Physics by EWAO Nobel Prize winning physicists across the world have been able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that our physical world is just one large sea of energies that flash in and out of being within milliseconds in a continuous pattern. What is the world of Quantum Physics? One of things to know is that nothing is solid. physicists have been able to prove that our thoughts are what put together and hold together our ever-changing energy field into physical ‘objects’ that we can see. So...

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Walking the razor’s edge toward enlightenment

“Man must face the perils of worldly passion if he is to secure the precious pearl of Enlightenment. He must first be lost among the mountainous crags of egoism and selfishness, before there will awaken in him the desire to find a path that will lead him to Enlightenment.” ~Buddha Individuation? Self-actualization? Satori? Nirvana? Zazen? Enlightenment? It all seems so serene and peaceful, so smooth and effortless, so tranquil and full of light. But it’s not gentle and sweet. It’s jagged and elusive. It’s not artificially blissful; it’s authentically painful. It’s not pretend-forgiving; it’s ruthlessly absolving. Indeed. Some...

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Advanced Hygiene for Bliss: How to Switch on KUNDALINI with Dan Winter [VIDEO]

Advanced Hygiene for Bliss: How to Switch on KUNDALINI with Dan Winter Feb 21,2016 Course- +.Review of the fundamentals , 2. Advanced and more esoteric practices for raising the kundalini – role of sexual energy- plumbing of the tailbone – etc (& my story): – as Plasma Accelerator, – as Immortality Machine, – as Bliss Cocoon, – as Solar Plasma Squirt Gun, – as Bioactive Field Generator, – as ‘Shem’:Black Hole Access Device.., – As Plasma...

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A Supernova 570 Billion Times More Powerful Than Our Sun Just Pushed The Laws Of Known Physics

Scientists just observed the largest supernova in recorded history, PBS reports. [paypal_donation_button align=”center”] The massive explosion, titled ASASSN-15lh, belongs to a very rare class of “superluminous supernovae,” and is only 3.8 billion light years away, making it the closest superluminous supernova observed thus far. To put it in perspective, the explosion produced more energy than our own sun will produce in the next 10 billion years. Yeah, it’s big. Lee Billings of Scientific American reports: Discovered in June 2015 by ASAS-SN’s twin 14-centimeter telescopes operating in Cerro Tololo, Chile, the supernova just appeared as a transient dot of light in an image,...

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