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The Riddle Thickens—Evidence Suggests That Fallen Angels From The Book of Enoch Were Confined in Antarctica

Alien Policy The recent gravity anomaly from the Wilkes Land region, together with several cryptic passages from the forbidden Book of Enoch, have coined the idea of corrupt angels shackled beneath the thick layer of Antarctic ice, still alive and awaiting their redemption hour. A once-tropical paradise, Antarctica is now covered by a massive ice sheet spanning 98% of its surface. Since it had been rediscovered in 1911, this southernmost landmass became a subject of intrigue worldwide, with world’s superpowers showing an unprecedented desire to preserve this desolate land. One year after the Chinese detailed mapping of the region in...

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Investigation of a Murder City: London, Ontario

ITCCS This Sunday June 18 on Radio Free Kanata: 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 10 pm GMT on Investigation of a Murder City: London, Ontario Why is this city the child trafficking and cult murder capital of Canada and a center for social engineering? What role do the Anglican and Catholic churches and other criminal bodies play in these crimes? Common Law activist and community researcher Rachel Aird will answer these questions and more on today’s program. ​Also featured will be important updates from ITCCS Central Office and other news from our common law campaigns to reclaim...

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Canada’s Trudeau asks Pope to apologize for Catholic Church’s abuse of indigenous children

Thanks Therisa! RT News Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked Pope Francis to visit Canada to apologize for decades of abuse suffered by indigenous children in schools run by the Catholic Church. Canada’s “residential schools” system was set up in the late 19th century to assimilate native peoples into Canadian society. Children were separated from their families in an effort to strip them of their traditional cultures. READ MORE: Pope Francis: Vatican had 2,000 sex abuse cases backlog, sluggishness complaints justified In the schools, children were forbidden to speak their language or practice their own culture. Many children...

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Jewish life in Iran was ‘always better than in Europe’

DW Jewish life in Iran was ‘always better than in Europe’ Iran is frequently at odds with Israel, despite having the second biggest Jewish community in the Middle East. DW’s Theresa Tropper spoke with the director of Tehran’s Jewish Committee, about why that is the case. DW: How is life as a Jew in the Islamic Republic? Siamak Morsadegh: It’s a lot better than many people think. Jews are a recognized minority here, so we can practice our religion freely. We have more than 20 working synagogues in Tehran and at least five kosher butcheries. In some European countries...

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Breaking news: The Vatican’s war against children and the law continues as Pope exonerates thousands of convicted child rapists

Abolishing the Rogue Criminal Power called the Church of Rome: An International Legal Response from the ITCCS Rome, May 16, 2017: In yet another stunning criminal action by the papacy, on May 13 Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) “absolved” over two thousand priests who have raped or killed children, including a serial criminal with HIV who deliberately infected thirty young infants. Many of these priests had already been convicted and served prison time for their often-fatal assaults on children as young as two years old. In truth, such a so-called “absolution” by a closed church review board absolves...

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Kevin Annett – An Update on the Ninth Circle actions and our Direct Action Protocol

ITCCS The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) ITCCS Communique issued by its Central Directorate May 15, 2017 Topic: An Update on the Ninth Circle actions and our Direct Action Protocol A. Update on events arising from the April 30 preventive actions against the Ninth Circle ritual killings: In the fortnight since our Direct Action Units disrupted these killings and helped to detain nineteen cult members and free eight children slated for sacrifice, the Ninth Circle through its Vatican, judicial and government allies have counter attacked quickly to contain and undermine our breakthrough. Several of the...

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Magi of the Sun, the Blue Avians, and the 2022 New Star Prophecy: From Resistance to Resplendence

The Event Chronicles By William Henry Clare and I are thrilled to announce our November 4-5, 2017 “Magi of the Golden Sun” workshop in Nashville. During the weekend we will be sharing our latest research, and pushing the envelope on attaining wholeness and holiness by reconnecting with our essential nature as light beings via the art of ascension. As we have demonstrated in our Gaia TV show, “Arcanum“, and in our Sacred Art of Ascension workshops, sacred art can open a portal into other worlds, and make instantly present spiritual energies for transformation and even celestial beings. Our focus...

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Findings of ITCCS during raids remind of Marc Dutroux case [VIDEO]

Ella Ster Published on May 13, 2017 During a raid by on the premises of the Ninth Circle cult, the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) found evidence that strongly resembles the Marc Dutroux case. Children locked up in cages and body parts of prior victims kept in cooling cells and secret basements. On several places in Europe similar raids were held in cooperation with the local police. In total 19 people got arrested and 8 children liberated. The reason for the raids was the announcements made by the ITCCS that on April 30th 2017 satanic...

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Leading the Fight against Tyranny, Satanism and Mass Murder: Radio Free Kanata

ITCCS With your regular host Kevin Annett Sponsored by the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and in alliance with The Veterans Today Media Network and Freedom Talk Radio Scotland Every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT on In the wake of our take down of the Ninth Circle Catholic cult, don’t miss these upcoming programs and exclusive interviews! * May 14: Guest Peter Yellowquill of the Anishinabe indigenous nation of central “Canada” describes how the ongoing genocide of his people is once again targeting the children, who are trafficked...

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Roman Church Pope assumes ownership of all Land, People and Souls

The Enslavement Deception  Reposted:  The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306! Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an express trust deed. The last line reads:  “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet...

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Kevin Annett – An Update on the aftermath of the Ninth Circle disruptions and arrests of April 30  ITCCS Special Communique of May 5, 2017 An Update on the aftermath of the Ninth Circle disruptions and arrests of April 30 Issued by the Executive Council of the ITCCS Brussels: All of our special action teams have reported in. This Communique is a compilation of their separate reports, excluding information that must be kept confidential for now in the interest of the safety of children or witnesses, or impending legal action. The nineteen cult members arrested by our teams and local police in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France and Lucerne Switzerland are presently in custody in police facilities in...

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Radio Free Kanata – Pushing Back the Darkness: The Struggle against the Satanic Order continues This Sunday May 7 on Radio Free Kanata at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT on   Pushing Back the Darkness: The Struggle against the Satanic Order continues     The Catholic Ninth Circle sacrificial cult has been dealt a blow, but the struggle to save our children continues. Today’s program features breaking updates from last Sunday’s stopping of Ninth Circle rituals, and a special guest: cult survivor and author Judy Byington.  We will discuss the operations of these cults, their church source, and their extensive ties with governments, big banks, Big Pharma and the...

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May Day History Beltane and the May Pole

Liberty Voice May Day is a holiday that slips many people by, yet for some it is full of meaning. The history of May Day and the May Pole tradition is thousands of years old, and is rooted in the Celtic cultures of the Northern Hemisphere. May Day was, and still is, known as Beltane; a festival for the celebration of the life, fertility and summer. May 1 was once considered the start of summer, and the other season, winter, started on November 1. Many pre-Christian Celtic people split the seasons into two in this way, and Beltane marked a half way...

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May 1st: The Day Slavery System Transferred from Monarchies to the Corporations

Covert Geopolitics Today, May 1st 2017, the world labor movements commemorate once again their tangible contribution to our collective development as a human species. This is also the day when they blow their horns on the massive inequality and the continued exploitation of the labor force. There was never a year when the movement celebrated this day for the kindness of the Corporatists. It doesn’t exist. That’s never the intention. The May Day celebration has its pagan roots, which traditionally marked the return of spring, and is actually performed with the girls circling and dancing in jubilation around a...

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Understanding the Occult Holiday of April 30th “May Day Eve” and May 1st “May Day, Beltaine, Walpurgisnacht or Night, Festival of the Earth Mother Isis, Maypole”

Stillness in the Storm (Stillness in the Storm Editor) On April 30th and the following day, May 1st, are two of the most important occult periods in the calendar year. This is the time of year when Ba’al or Bel was killed and sent into the underworld, to be resurrected by his lover sister, Anat. It is also the day the Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati, in 1776, 110 years after the Sabbatean Cult was formed in by Satanic power players in 1666. These dates are intimately associated with Astrotheology and the allegorical story of the evolution of consciousness, as...

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Vatican: The Greatest Usurper Enslaving All of Humanity

Covert Geopolitics Long ago, the Vatican has declared us all “lost at sea” or dead and therefore it must manage all our Estate forever. The Vatican is not just a church of politics and military minds; it is a Corporate Bank of Pirates. And it has been our position that a better system has already been designed that is far better than the Corporation. The abolition of money through the release of all useful but suppressed technologies should free the people from debt slavery for good. It is high that we chart our own course for humanity’s survival and...

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Sinister Sites – St. John The Divine Cathedral

Vigilant Citizen The destruction of New York city (including the Twin Towers) sculpted right on the building… Strange occult symbols on the floor… Weird rituals being performed in the sanctuary… Home of the Temple of Understanding which admittedly seeks to instate a new world religion… This cathedral is definitively “different”, as some people might say. But the “difference” lies in the fact that the cathedral is in fact a temple for the occult elite. I personally couldn’t care less about each individual’s beliefs, but to trick unsuspecting church goers into an occult house of worship is nothing less than...

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