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Category: Sacred Geometry & Crop Circles

Sacred Geometry Philosophy and Practice [VIDEO]

Published on Dec 7, 2016 Fernando Vossa has been designing conscious technology experiences for over 20 years. Mr. Vossa’s approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Industrial Design, Cognitive Science, Healing Arts, Architecture, Off-world Paradigms, and Fine Art. This media pioneer holds degrees in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Technology Design from the University of Washington. His passion for Divine technology has let him to discover evolutionary transformations of our energetic body. His journey is to explore the integration of Free Energy Research, Healing Technologies, and a Cosmic Awareness of our...

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Sacred Geometry: Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science

Robert J Gilbert For good or ill, modern life is marked by our unprecedented mastery of the physical world. This mastery can take a beneficial form in harmony with nature, or more commonly it becomes a destructive force, exploiting nature without consideration of long- term dangers have become accustomed to a steady stream of daily news reports about the human and environmental problems resulting from shortsighted applications of modern technology. Fundamental life- support systems such as the oceans and the atmosphere are quickly eroding. The stark truth is that our world is being shaped by a modern science that...

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The White Temple and the Great Ziggurat in the Mesopotamian City of Uruk

Humans Are Free The Egyptian pyramids are not the only ancient mystery of the old world; the ziggurat also sustains a substantial position of wonder. The ancient land of Uruk was once located in southern Mesopotamia, on the Euphrates river, which corresponds to our present day Warka, in Iraq. It was founded by a king named Enmerkar around 4500 BC, and it was the home of the epic hero king Gilgamesh. By 3200 BC, Uruk was one the largest cities in the world during its time, with an estimated population of over 40,000 people. Along with a developed agriculture...

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AAE TV’s Ethann Fox interview Dr. Robert Schoch: Forgotten Civilizations [VIDEO]

Awake and Empowered ExpoAAE tv | Forgotten Civilizations | Dr. Robert Schoch | 10.29.16 Published on Oct 30, 2016 In this episode of AAE tv, Ethann is joined by geologist Dr. Robert Schoch. Ethann and Dr. Schoch discuss ancient civilizations and the megalithic structures they left behind, including the Great Sphinx, Göbekli Tepe, and Easter Island. Dr. Schoch shares his scientific research into dating these structures to approximately 12,500 years before present and theorizes the probable cause of the extinction of these advanced civilizations. Other topics discussed, are the origin of the Atlantis Myths, Yuga cycles and in particular...

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NINE : The Ultimate Mystery

Joe Dubs Nine holds within it a powerful resonance within our holofractographic, base-10 reality. Nine is the largest number in the decimal system. Nine is really the largest number of all, as every other number thereafter is a reflection of the Ennead, expressing itself in scalar expansions and contractions of 10. 10 is not a number, but more of a concept, or you could say it’s Nature’s way of organizing herself. The Pythagoreans considered there to be only 7 numbers in reality. Unity and duality, 1 and 2, were not considered numbers. Numbers began at three and ended at...

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Metatron’s Cube Meditation

Spirit of Maat When we teach the Flower of Life Meditation, we are frequently asked the following questions: What is this? What will it do for me? When we answer, “It’s your vehicle for consciousness. It’s anything and everything,” we get blank looks. Everything is too much for the mind to handle. And the original question was from the mind. The same thing happens when we’re explaining the source of the platonic solids. “This is Metatron’s Cube. All the platonic solids originate from here. These are the building blocks of the universe. They are building blocks of everything.” There...

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Crop Circles are the Codes of the Cosmos

Sacred Geometry Crop circles are one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age. They have had a powerful effect on thousands of people who have witnessed and studied them through the years. Irrespective of origin, crop circles have acted as a catalyst to spirituality as we strive to understand the meaning and purpose behind the genuine crop circles. It has been said that these crop formations contain great wisdom, and perhaps are encoded and hold keys to the time of ascension that is fast approaching. Even to the most casual observer, the crop formations are...

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Isn’t it Time to Stop Sacrificing?

By: Brenda Hoffman April 1, 2016   Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Summary of Brenda’s March 25, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  Your structural chaos has ended for the most part. You’re now addressing your new 5D software which requires patience, a new knowledge base and the freedom to be. Even though – as is true for almost any software update – frustration and anger might be part of your software adjustment program, the end result will be far beyond what you are capable of now.  “Good-bye Fear Friend” is the title of this week’s Brenda’s Blog” –...

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Isn't it Time to Stop Sacrificing?

By: Brenda Hoffman April 1, 2016   Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Summary of Brenda’s March 25, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  Your structural chaos has ended for the most part. You’re now addressing your new 5D software which requires patience, a new knowledge base and the freedom to be. Even though – as is true for almost any software update – frustration and anger might be part of your software adjustment program, the end result will be far beyond what you are capable of now.  “Good-bye Fear Friend” is the title of this week’s Brenda’s Blog” –...

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Just Another Day Driving By The Bank Sign

I was watching an interview the morning of 2/22/2016 and the individual being interviewed was Ralph Ellis and was talking about some research he has been doing on the Arthurian Legend. Which is about the era of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Posted on February 29, 2016 This was fascinating as he was explaining how this story is so similar to the story about Jesus and the 12 Disciples. The 12 knights and the round table which may be symbolism of the Zodiac. Same can be said about the 12 tribes of Israel and Moses....

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Brief History of ‘God’:Serious ET Origin’s of Earth-with Dan Winter [VIDEO] An amazing explanation by Dan Winter. i loved this video presentation so much i just needed to reupload to share with all of you. This is a true gem , and i love the holographic...

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Walking the razor’s edge toward enlightenment

“Man must face the perils of worldly passion if he is to secure the precious pearl of Enlightenment. He must first be lost among the mountainous crags of egoism and selfishness, before there will awaken in him the desire to find a path that will lead him to Enlightenment.” ~Buddha Individuation? Self-actualization? Satori? Nirvana? Zazen? Enlightenment? It all seems so serene and peaceful, so smooth and effortless, so tranquil and full of light. But it’s not gentle and sweet. It’s jagged and elusive. It’s not artificially blissful; it’s authentically painful. It’s not pretend-forgiving; it’s ruthlessly absolving. Indeed. Some...

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E M E R A L D T A B L E T I : The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

I, Thoth, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, magician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the Halls of Amenti, set down for the guidance of those that are to come after, these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis. In the great city of Keor on the island of Undal in a time far past, I began this incarnation. Not as the little men of the present age did the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die, but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the...

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Mandalas – Color Guides to Spiritualism and Healing

Mandalas have been around for centuries. Used by ancient Hindus, Buddhist monks and even the American Indian, mandalas have very spiritual meanings. To all cultures who use them, in both meditation and in healing, mandalas represent the universe, the sacred circle of life, and other spiritual symbols, such as harmony, wholeness, and unity. They symbolize our oneness with the universe and with one another. Snowflakes are very difficult to study. They melt as soon as they come into contact with the human hand. Scientists have studied them, however, and that is why we have knowledge about the intricacies...

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Earth-Keeper: Hold Onto Your Hats !!! March is a Month of Mega Energy

Two Eclipses, The Equinox & A Supermoon !  James Tyberonn, If by any chance, you are not yet sensing the increasing astro-gravity intensity bathing the planet just now, then hold onto your hats, you will be soon ! This month will be a real doozy , blowing with the winds of change ! March 2016 is  embellished by 2 mega eclipses, an incredible super moon and of course the equinox. March 8, 2016 – March 9, 2016 – Total Solar Eclipse The  Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from parts of Indonesia including Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi, and from...

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Guardian Alliance Vault: Awakening a Deeper Knowing – with Adam Apollo [VIDEO]

In this excerpt from the Guardian Alliance Member’s Vault, Adam Apollo explores the process of awakening to the field, and beginning to receive all the information available to us in the fabric of spacetime itself. Links Guardian Alliance

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Adam Apollo: Gathering The Guardians – The Time Is Now! March 1, 2016

Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo unite in this exquisite interview! Don’t miss this one… Adam Apollo’s website: Visionary, web developer, DJ, theoretical physicist, martial artist, music producer, graphic designer, massage therapist, speaker Guest Biography: Adam Apollo has offered insights on consciousness development, physics, future technology, and planetary transitions at the White House, in a United Nations summit, and at conferences and festivals around the world. He awoke to a complete library of Sacred Geometry and Metaphysical knowledge at the age of 15, and spent many years afterwards teaching and integrating this information through developing deep personal magical and...

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Walter and Lao Russell [VIDEO]

A century and more ahead of his time, Walter Russell, in The Secret of Light presents a unique Cosmogony, that of a universe in which Creator and Creation are proven to be a seamless, unified whole, and in which the dualism of “mind and matter” disappears. In revelation of what he terms “natural science,” Russell presents a two-way, magnetic-electric thought-wave universe, cyclic in nature and eternally “creating,” as opposed to the “created, expanding, entropic universe” of current science. Russell’s philosophy of the science of Being, the invisible world of Cause—the nature of consciousness, knowing, thinking, sensing, inspiration, intuition, energy,...

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