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Collective Evolution 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO CHEER UP QUICKLY, ACCORDING TO NEUROSCIENCE ALANNA KETLER JANUARY 18, 2017 Life isn’t always easy, and it may seem like it is, in fact, difficult more often than not. Yet both ups and downs are a natural part of life, and we’ve all had our fair share of both. But when you do find yourself in a funk, why not, rather than dwell on it, which often just makes things worse, try to pull yourself out of it, and not let it ruin your day or week? Sometimes when you’re in one of...

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Does Matter Exist Or Is It All Just An Illusion?

RiseEarth Does Matter Exist Or Is It All Just An Illusion? by Shift “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein  Yes, this is quite a bold statement, if true, that would certainly demand some sort of evidence or mathematical proof to back it up. It may seem like a paradox that the things which we can see and touch are nonexistent. However, there is an answer to this, which may be found in...

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Dr. Mercola – Sit Down Science

Mercola By Dr. Mercola Industry funded “science” has tainted our world and turned science-based evidence into science-biased propaganda. Universities are laundering money through foundations to intentionally hide relationships, while scientists secretly nurture their relationships with corporate executives. Negative outcomes go unpublished, the peer review process is so weak only studies that challenge industry interests are heavily scrutinized (usually by scientists hired by corporate public relations firms). Media is paid handsomely to ensure the public that “the science is settled,” especially when corporate liability is a primary concern. Raw data is held captive, conflicts of interest are not fully disclosed...

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Golden Ratio and Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness

WeAre1 Chapter 8 from: Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness by Bruce Burger, MA We invite you to contemplate an ancient vision of the universe as a living, breathing, conscious Being . . . and the ubiquitous Golden Spiral as the mathematical expression of the life breath of a living universe.  Chapter 8 The Golden Spiral: a Key To Understanding Energy in Nature All creation is the interweaving of cycles. From Galactic manifestation to subatomic waves, the universe is a vast spectrum of cycles. The cycles of birth and death, summer and winter, day and night, in-breath and out-breath weave the...

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The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy

The Mind Unleashed The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy Jan 12, 2017 Chinese scientists just announced that they have successfully recreated NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive, an engine that works entirely on electromagnetic radiation. The prototype is not in a garage-filmed Youtube video, but published in full detail in the peer-reviewed journal Propulsion and Power. Scientists from the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) claim NASA’s results “re-confirm” what they’d already achieved. The free-energy “reactionless” Electromagnetic Drive uses only electricity, and defies widely accepted laws of physics. The Emdrive has already been launched into space, and at a press conference in...

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Happy 2017, Electric Universe! | Space News [VIDEO]

Thunderbolts ProjectHappy 2017, Electric Universe! | Space News Published on Jan 11, 2017 2016 was another exciting year in space discovery. Like every other year in recent memory, major surprises dominated science headlines, from the detection of X-rays from Pluto to the possible falsification of the hypothesis of dark matter. However, science media also declared some victories for the standard cosmology, most notably the purported detection of gravitational waves. In this episode, the Thunderbolts Project’s chief science advisor, physicist Wal Thornhill, offers a perspective on the current state of science and the Electric Universe as we enter 2017. If...

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The Biocrystal- Holographic Properties Of DNA

How to Exit the Matrix Anonymous by request “The human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry and these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form” – Marc Vogel The human body is a universe onto itself; a vast, intricate system of incredible sensitivity and detail. It has been the subject of wonder, philosophy and scientific study for centuries, yet its most elemental design is still shrouded in mystery. What is the relation of biological life to the Cosmos – to the fabric...

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The Montauk Project Discover the truth about Time Travel [VIDEO]

Published on Jan 5, 2017 Discover the truth about time. This show chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. We all know something is out there, we’re just not sure exactly what. Detailing supposed time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base at the eastern tip of Long Island as part of the Montauk Project. The origin of the Montauk Proiect dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge. As the Eldridridge was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the events concerning the ship have commonly been referred...

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Mesentery: New organ discovered inside human body by scientists (and now there are 79 of them)

The Independent A new organ has been discovered hiding in plain sight inside the human body. Known as the mesentery, it was previously thought to be just a few fragmented structures in the digestive system. But scientists have realised it is in fact one, continuous organ. Although its function is still unclear, the discovery opens up “a whole new area of science,” according to J Calvin Coffey, a researcher at the University Hospital Limerick who first discovered it. Read more Just when you thought you knew everything about the human body What is the human body made of? This year’s ESPN portraits of naked athletes show the majesty of...

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Energetic Osmosis: 5th Through 8th Dimensions

The Carla Fox Blog As someone who will no doubt be exiting this universe at the end of my sojourn here on Earth, I have been most interested in mapping that route for others to make use of when their time comes. Recently, I realized that I was neglecting a big chunk of our dimensional reality, namely dimensions 5 through 8. Whenever I journey to the exit point of our universe, I usually just shoot through these realms without paying any attention to what is going on there. Not all of you will be doing this, and many may...

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10 Reasons 2016 Was Great For Humanity & Why 2017 Will Be Even Better

The Mind Unleashed While 2016 will likely go down in many people’s minds as a tough and difficult year in many ways, we can also choose to see why 2016 was great for humanity. Indeed, there were positive events everywhere that has and will continue to change our world for the better. 2017 is looking very bright.   November’s U.S. election brought with it four more states in the U.S. legalizing recreational marijuana and three additional states legalizing medical marijuana. California was one of the states that chose recreational marijuana, which is great. “As California goes, so goes the...

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The top 10 most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016

Natural News The top 10 most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016 Thursday, December 29, 2016 by: Mike Adams Science hoaxes were running rampant throughout 2016, pushed by the fakestream media (CNN, WashPost, NYT, etc.) alongside complicit government organizations working in collusion with dishonest corporations steeped in scientific fraud (Monsanto, Big Pharma, etc.). 2016 saw more science hoaxes than a typical year, with the media placing special emphasis on the Zika virus terror campaign (rooted in total scientific hucksterism) and more climate change propaganda (all based on fraudulently altered data). In every case, those pushing the science frauds claimed to have a divine monopoly on...

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Applied Epigenetics: The Art and Science of DNA Activation, Healing and Repair

ConsciousLifestyleMag Applied Epigenetics: The Art and Science of DNA Activation, Healing and Repair BY STEVEN “MANA” TRINK The Foundations of Epigenetic DNA Activation: Life is Energy Einstein, Tesla, and the science of quantum physics have shown us that the fabric of the Universe is composed of vibrational strings expressed as energy. Every single cell and organ system, as well as our entire physical body, is encompassed and surrounded by its own individual energy field. The basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of disease or health, is their primary state of vibration. Therefore, the very life we...

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The Ancient Secret Powers of Monoatomic Gold [VIDEO]

ExtremeAntiquityThe Ancient Secret Powers of Monoatomic Gold Published on Nov 5, 2016 The truly astonishing fact about the enigmatic white powder of high-spin gold and platinum group metals is that it is not actually a new discovery. The ancient Mesopotamians called it ‘shem-an-na’ and the Egyptians described it as ‘mfkzt’, while the Alexandrians venerated it as a gift from Paradise, and later chemists such as Nicolas Flamel called it the Philosophers’ Stone. At all stages of its history the sacred “powder of projection” was reckoned to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation, and teleportation. It was said to produce...

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Dr. Paul LaViolette — Will a Superwave Arrive in 2017?

Event Chronicle Dr. Paul LaViolette — Will a Superwave Arrive in 2017? December 29, 2016 An earlier posting (, discussed the revelation of Garabandal and attempted to infer the date of the miracle that the four young girls were told would affect the whole earth.  I had narrowed the possibilities down to two years: 2017 and 2020.  Based on hints left by one of the surviving girls, I had inferred that the “miracle” is to occur between April 8th through the 16th, hence during easter holy week.  Of the two years, I had chosen 2020 as a more likely possibility,...

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Giant skeletons in American Indian mounds, and the Smithsonian cover-up

SOTT The truth about giant skeletons in American Indian mounds, and the Smithsonian cover-up Dr. Greg Little AP Magazine Sat, 28 Jun 2014 Ancient American giants? 9-foot mummy allegedly found in California in 1895. During the past few years a huge controversy has emerged accusing the Smithsonian (and a host of skeptics and archaeologists) of covering up the discovery of hundreds of giant skeletons from Native American Indian mounds. Jim Vieira is one of the key people who began uncovering hundreds of newspaper accounts of giant skeletons after he became intrigued by his visits to stone chambers found primarily...

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