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Category: Space, Astronomy, and Galactic Brotherhood

A German scientist predicted in 1952 that “ELON” would be associated with the colonization of Mars

Ancient Code In 1952, Wernher von Braun—a German scientist, considered as one of the most important rocket designers of the twentieth century, and was the design chief of the V-2 rocket, as well as the Saturn V rocket, which took mankind to the Moon— predicted that the name ELON would be heavily associated with the colonization of the red planet. Ring and familiar bells? Elon Musk, the genius behind SapceX and Tesla Motors is the leading mastermind behind our species’ effort to colonize our neighboring planet Mars. Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has already made history in more than one way and continues...

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Big Announcement from NASA: 200 New Planets Found, 10 Planets Like Earth May Have Life

Ascension with Mother Earth AscensionWithEarth.Com June 19, 2017 NASA made a big announcement today as they continue with their soft disclosure about E.T. life on other worlds.  Over 200 new planets have been documented with 10 of these planets considered earth like and may support life.  Viewers of this blog are most aware of this type of “drip drip drip” disclosure from NASA and realize this is not really a major announcement.  These disclosures from NASA are mostly for the “sleeping” public who still need time to adjust to the shifting reality. Here is a quick summary about this...

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Floating Space City, ‘Asgardia’ Holds Meeting on Earth to Dispel Fears It Will Be a “Kingdom”

The Mind Unleashed Perhaps to squelch concerns that Asgardia will be set up as a monarchy, or to stymy worries that earthlings’ taxes will be funding the city in the sky, Asgardia recently held a town meeting to answer the many questions which have arisen since its announcement. Asgardia is a prototypical space nation that will have its own government and constitution, replete with ministers of finance, foreign affairs, science, education, equity and resources, and administrative affairs. Latest rendering of the proposed city in the sky – Asgardia. Asgard was an ancient Norse term for a city in the sky, and thus Asgardia got...

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The US Air Force is Preparing for War in Space

Mysterious Universe It’s beginning to look more and more like the dystopian future we’ve been promised by science fiction. Aside from the looming threat of artificial intelligence and all of the Frankensteinian genetic devilry being conducted in bioengineering laboratories, the world’s superpowers are finally beginning to bring warfare into space. Strange satellite activityand secret aerospace tests have been observed with increasingly regularity lately, and now the United States Air Force (USAF) is officially announcing a new position to head the US military’s space warfare command. From the sound of their accompanying press releases, we can expect the next war to be fought...

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The Riddle Thickens—Evidence Suggests That Fallen Angels From The Book of Enoch Were Confined in Antarctica

Alien Policy The recent gravity anomaly from the Wilkes Land region, together with several cryptic passages from the forbidden Book of Enoch, have coined the idea of corrupt angels shackled beneath the thick layer of Antarctic ice, still alive and awaiting their redemption hour. A once-tropical paradise, Antarctica is now covered by a massive ice sheet spanning 98% of its surface. Since it had been rediscovered in 1911, this southernmost landmass became a subject of intrigue worldwide, with world’s superpowers showing an unprecedented desire to preserve this desolate land. One year after the Chinese detailed mapping of the region in...

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Worm Returns from Space with Two Heads

Mysterious Universe If you’re one of those 18,000 or so people who didn’t get chosen to be in NASA’s next astronaut training program, you may want to wipe away your tears and read this: a flatworm sent into space on a recent mission to the International Space Station came back with two heads! If you think that’s scary, wait until you hear what they did to the poor flatworm first! “The process of regeneration is normally 100 per cent accurate – they never make two-headed worms in the wild.” That discomforting comment is from Michael Levin, professor of Regenerative...

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‘UFOs: Reframing the Debate’: The Complete Introduction

Mysterious Universe   What follows is my full introduction to UFOs: Reframing the Debate, a new edited volume of fourteen original essays exploring alternative perspectives on UFOs and how we might more thoughtfully study the phenomenon in the 21st Century, with a Foreword by Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka. I describe the book as “a cold, hard, slap in the face for ufology, delivered with love.” I believe we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones on this subject; to expose ourselves to ideas that challenge, agitate, and even infuriate us. Compiling and editing this volume has most certainly pushed me out of...

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Clearing the Alien Agenda, Naturally

Veteran’s Today After the nearly dying the other day, I have spent some time clearing my energy, and I discovered something, so I wanted to share it as a possible solution to we may be facing, an alien agenda, that is very possibly operating counter to humanity on the planet. It is up to you to look at it, feel it, understand it and try this solution. The solution is very natural and earth based for meditation and clearing. It is quite simply connecting your higher-self/consciousness from your 6th and 7thchakra to the sun, our sun, not some external...

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Filer’s Files #24 – 2017 The UFO Codebook

Filer’s File June 11, 2017 In special reports, this week’s files cover: Hungary Minister of Defense – Newspapers Reject the UFO Reports, Wendelle C. Stevens Information About the Pleiadians, The UFO Codebook, Space Objects Photographed, Cost of I SS, Oregon Mothman Returns, and Media Coup Against Trump” Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, and Texas Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Iran, England in the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study...

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Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Exopolitics Daniel Liszt, founder of the Dark Journalist website, has published eight videos to date that have been highly critical of Corey Goode’s claims of being a secret space program whistleblower, and having been chosen as a delegate for a group of extraterrestrials he calls the Sphere Being Alliance. Liszt’s “impartial” investigation questions the credibility of Goode as a witness, and promotes the view that Goode is a pathological liar that has contrived his testimony. Documents and expert witness statements included in this article is conclusive evidence proving Goode’s professional background in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and his...

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Astronomers pinpoint the origin of mystery ‘Alien Signals’

Ancient Code Experts have managed to pinpoint the origin of the enigmatic alien signals to a stellar nursery located 2.4 BILLION light years from Earth. Astronomers say that this is an extraordinary discovery’.   According to experts, the enigmatic radio bursts—which last not more than a few milliseconds—originate from extremely DENSE neutron stars lost 20 kilometers across in the constellation Auriga. “It’s an extraordinary galaxy,” says Dale Frail of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico. “Relative to its small size, it’s making stars at a prolific rate.” Great progress has been made in the detection of Fast Radio...

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Collective Evolution Astronomers at NASA have uncovered a solar system they believe to be “remarkably similar” to Earth’s. The discovery is considered a possible breakthrough in better understanding how our planet and its neighbours were formed. The system, around the star Epsilon Eridani, was discovered just 10 light-years away in the constellation Eradinus. According to the astronomers, it is the closest system that includes a star as youthful as our own. But while Epsilon Eridani looks like our own star, it’s actually one-fifth the age, and it resembles the sun as it was long ago. “This star hosts a planetary system currently undergoing...

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The moon’s gravity does not fully explain how ocean tides work

Nexus News Feed When teachers explain ocean tides, they frequently describe how the moon’s gravity pulls on Earth and all of its water. This, they often say, leads to a gravitational imbalance, which stretches the ocean into two opposing bulges: One that’s closest to the moon (where the moon’s gravity is strongest), and one on the opposite side from the moon (where its gravity is weakest). But this differential in gravity doesn’t mean the moon is “lifting” or “stretching” the oceans. If that were how tides worked, we’d also see lakes, ponds, or even backyard pools bulge in sync with the moon. “Every...

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Ascension Energies Meg Benedicte – Do you feel the global energies ramping towards another breakthrough? For months now I’ve been sensing a positive shift coming on June 20th. The June Solstice marks the day when the Sun’s path makes its longest arc across the heavens. Every quarter during the Equinox and Solstice mid-points, a Stargate portal opens directly to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center. During these Gateway openings, the photon Light infusion lifts us into a higher threshold, into a breakthrough point. It can feel like being pushed to the next level, bursting into a new orientation. The...

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Celestial boondocks: Study supports the idea we live in a void Cosmologically speaking, the Milky Way and its immediate neighborhood are in the boondocks. In a 2013 observational study, University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomer Amy Barger and her then-student Ryan Keenan showed that our galaxy, in the context of the large-scale structure of the universe, resides in an enormous void—a region of space containing far fewer galaxies, stars and planets than expected. Now, a new study by a UW-Madison undergraduate, also a student of Barger’s, not only firms up the idea that we exist in one of the holes of the Swiss cheese structure of the cosmos, but helps ease...

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The Montauk Project: Reptilian Abductions

Humans Are Free On the southeasternmost tip of Long Island, lies the idyllic fishing hamlet of Montauk, NY. Quiet and sparsely inhabited during the cold, wind-strifed months of winter, the town’s population swells each summer with the onslaught of tourists, fishermen and those fortunate to have season residence in this quaint seaside village. Many “day” visitors flock to see the historic landmark, the Montauk Lighthouse, commissioned by the “Father of Our Country”, George Washington. But there is a darker side of Montauk Point that many are unaware of. Within view of the famous lighthouse lies a derelict military facility,...

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Mystery Hole on Mars’ South Pole

Mysterious Universe When reports of strange landscape features spotted on the Martian landscape come in, they usually come from the same old YouTube-based armchair sleuths. Now that Google Mars lets anyone with an internet connection pore over the Martian surface for rocks that look like ancient buildings, rocks that look like alien spacecraft, or rocks that look like weird rocks. This week, however, NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratories have published images taken near Mars’ South Pole which show a strange, perfectly round depression in the Martian surface. Martian mystery hole The image was taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter...

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