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US Take Action: Bill calling for first ever federal vax/un-vaxxed study

Autism Action Network US Take Action: Bill calling for first ever federal vax/un-vaxxed study Basic questions never asked and never answered Believe it or not a study comparing the overall health of a vaccinated population and an unvaccinated population has never been done in the United States.  US Representative Bill Posey just introduced H.R. 3615, a bill which directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services “to conduct or support a comprehensive study comparing total health outcomes, including risk of autism, in vaccinated populations in the United States with such outcomes in unvaccinated populations in the United States, and...

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Pipelines and Battle Lines

Bohemian On a rainy weekday afternoon last November, about 20 people from Northern California joined a 200-person rally outside the Oregon capitol in Salem. They had assembled partly in support of the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in North Dakota. In the weeks prior, police on the northern Great Plains had inflicted beatings on anti-DAPL protesters, shot hundreds with concussion grenades and rubber bullets, and even deployed military-surplus equipment such as armored vehicles and a long-range acoustic device, a noisy crowd-control device that reportedly shattered at least one person’s eardrums. The main focus of the Salem demonstration,...

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Urgent Call for Volunteer Sheepherders at Black Mesa

Earth First Journal New impoundment threats issued from Black Mesa Indigenous Support Over this past week, law enforcement and Hopi land management officers entered Sovereign Dineh Nation territories at Big Mountain/Black Mesa, Arizona with orders to count Dineh livestock. They issues 5-day notices to Dineh families, threatening to impound so-called “trespassing” sheep, goats, and cattle. “In times like these it’s hard for me to eat or sleep,” stated elder matriarch Glenna Begay. “I lay up at night worried for my animals. The sheep are my children. The horses too are relatives. They have been with us since the beginning.” Families and...

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Volunteer Information Bulletin From the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

ITCCS You are part of a growing movement of people who have awakened to the war being waged against We the People by a global corporate tyranny. You have volunteered to work with us to stop the crimes of the powerful from being directed against our sacred liberties, our children, and our planet. In June of 2010 fifty men and women from six countries formed the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State, the ITCCS. Our aim from the beginning was to expose and confront churches and governments for their crimes, particularly against children, and to prosecute these...

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The Universal Peace Petition

 Move On We: the people of Planet Earth, call upon all extraterrestrial civilizations to help us rid our world of all weapons of mass destruction and put an end to the madness of war. In return for this service we: the human race, offer our eternal friendship and pledge to maintain peace – throughout the Cosmos – forevermore. There are currently 3,289 signatures. NEW goal – We need 4,000 signatures! Petition Background The purpose of this petition is to promote Universal Peace and mutually beneficial contact between Humanity and Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Please sign if you desire to see Peace...

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Pedogate: ‘Investigate Pizzagate’ Protest To Take Place In Washington

Thanks Nancy! Neon Nettle A mass protest is scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. this month to urge the Trump Administration to push forward with the investigation into the Pedogate Elite pedophile ring that is infesting the nation’s capital and beyond. The demonstration is set to take place in Lafayette Park, near the White House, on 25th March at 11 am. Organizers are urging people to keep the protests non-violent and have a “peaceful and productive morning of civic action against true evil and pathetic elitism”. The event is intended to bring awareness to the fact that Pedogate,...

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Petition – Stop Plan to Target 22 Million Acres of Habitat in California for clearance UPDATED 5/24/2016 Please join us in calling on the California Board of Forestry to revise its latest version of its proposed habitat clearance program that targets 1/4 of the state of California with herbicides, grinding machines, and unnatural fire. We call on them instead to create a Comprehensive Fire Protection Program that: – focuses on actual assets at risk rather than habitat clearance – preserves the rights of citizens to object to destructive projects – incorporates the most current science – understands all native shrubland habitat, especially chaparral, is threatened by too much fire Specific details about the Board’s...

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Bloodbath for bulls’: Animal rights activists protest bullfighting in Valencia [VIDEO]

RT Published on Mar 12, 2017 Animal rights activists staged a protest in Valencia, Spain, stripping off and covering themselves in fake blood to condemn bullfighting as this year’s season kicks off. COURTESY: RT’s RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE – FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!… Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ Listen to us on Soundcloud: RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news...

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Vaccine Damage Awareness “Empty Stroller Walk” March 5, 2017

 Activist Post By Catherine J. Frompovich The most horrible experience any parent, and even a grandparent, can experience is the death of a beloved child, especially an infant and toddler.  The death is even more overwhelming when one realizes the child had succumbed following a vaccine or series of vaccinations given at ‘well baby’ visits, a time when pediatricians push vaccines. Too many infants, toddlers and children of all ages experience extremely serious adverse reactions to vaccines, which the medical profession says are “coincidental” and “hushed up.” Infant Ian Gromowski suffered a severe reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine...

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Stonehenge Alliance Published on Feb 25, 2017 Objectors to UK Government’s plan to build a damaging road across Europe’s most significant archaeological landscape speak out at a Highways England consultation at the Society of Antiquaries in London. To support our campaign please visit Video created & donated by Razor Television Thank you the wonderful team of supporters...

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Teargas, smoke & fire: Anti-Le Pen protesters clash with police in Nantes, France [VIDEO]

RT Published on Feb 25, 2017 Activists clashes with police during protests against the Front National in Nantes on Saturday, on the eve of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s electoral rally in the city. Protesters threw flares and police responded with tear-gas during the anti-National Front demonstration. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!… Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ Listen to us on Soundcloud: RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT...

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Petition – Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline When the Standing Rock Youth first started their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, no one had even heard of it – yet they went on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take action to stop a project that threatened their community. Today, I want to tell you about another equally dangerous pipeline that is threatening our water and animal life in Florida and neighboring states. Please sign my petition to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline. I recently finished up a campaign to run for Congress in Florida,...

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Petition – Remove Tallow from bank notes

Thanks VV! The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the U.K. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use. This petition will be delivered to: Bank of England     Sign the Petition...

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Demand the safe evacuation of people from Aleppo

Amnesty Right now, people in East Aleppo are posting their final goodbyes online as government forces gain full control of the city. Instead of being given a safe path out, they face being trapped, tortured or executed. Every second counts. The lives of tens of thousands of people are in the hands of the Russian and Syrian governments. Take two minutes to demand they safely evacuate the people trapped there now and that UN monitors are deployed to monitor evacuations and protect people from harm. Sign Petition...

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China riot police seal off city centre after smog protesters put masks on statues

The Guardian An environmental protest in China was aggressively put down at the weekend, with a large police presence continuing for days to prevent further demonstrations in an unusually heavy-handed response. The protests started after the south-western city of Chengdu was shrouded in thick smog, with some residents placing pollution masks on statues. An unknown number were taken away by police, with security forces in riot gear seen in the city’s downtown shopping area. China tops WHO list for deadly outdoor air pollution Read more Toxic clouds of smog are regular features of China’s major cities, with some studies...

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Massive Oil Spill ‘The Size of Seven Football Fields” Found In North Dakota

Natural Blaze By Alexis Henning The spill is one of the largest in North Dakota history. A farmer in North Dakota discovered one of the largest crude oil spills ever recorded in the state just “bubbling up out of the ground” while harvesting wheat a few months ago. Farmer Steve Jensen stated that he smelled the crude oil a few days before his combines were covered in it. The oil was “spewing and bubbling six inches high,” he said in an interview with CBS News. The Tesoro Corp’s underground pipeline spilled 20,600 barrels of oil under the farmland. It...

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Pray (or Meditate) With Standing Rock: November 26, 3 pm CST


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Hundreds Of Veterans Heading To Standing Rock To Defend DAPL Protesters From Police

 Zero Hedge Submitted by Carey Wedler via, As protesters continue to stand against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, facing off against heavily militarized police and their water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and tasers, they have gained broad support. Celebrities and millions of social media users have raised awareness about the situation in North Dakota, and now, the “water protectors” have earned support from another group: veterans. According to an article published by Business Insider that first appeared in Task and Purpose, a military-oriented news and culture site, two veterans are leading the charge in a...

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