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Testimonial- ‘NOW I am ready’ from Ramona

Greetings Alexandra,      I am delighted to share the testimony of my IRP pre & post journey with you all. I wanted to give you and Jerry the full scope of my experience from beginning to end. Due to its length, I grant you editorial and creative license to post whatever part/s you deem best suited for the online page that supports the work you all are doing – I am comfortable with this approach. 🙂      I am excited to identify and heal the pieces unveiled after my IRP journey. I am learning soo much about “vows”, and...

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Testimonial- ‘my sincere thanks’ from Rebecca

Hi, “If you would be so kind, please extend my sincere thanks to Miss Alexandra, and I do appreciate all of the inserts and other production work that went in to the final presentation, and for sharing her show with us. It was a fun interview. In fact one of my favorites to date.  She is a fun interviewer. “ Your enthusiasm, Alexandra, was palpable. Very fun and meaningFULL...

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Testimonial – I Just Watched Your Video With Mike Harris

Hi, How are you, I just watched your video with Mike Harris. The higher aspect on the South American immigrants . This info is not out yet in the spiritual  web-osphere. I supposed it’s time to get it out and get it rollin’. Plus I’m tired of the ole -taking our jobs-ms13 gang – etc. lower vibrational level stuff. The higher aspect is that these immigrants are here / U.S.A./   to help with the earth shift in the U.S.A. . This is because the American Native Indians population is too low and concentrated on the “reservations” land. Being very...

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Testimonial- ‘Today I feel more whole’ from Abbey

It’s been 3 months since my IRP. It’s been a rocky road. I found I had some issues that were larger than I expected, although I’ve had a feeling they were there for a long time. After working with healers Alexandra, Jerry, and David, I feel a huge shift in my Being. I feel the changes vibrationally, emotionally, and intellectually, meaning I also have a greater understanding of who I am and where I come from. I noticed the first shift the morning after IRP, however, it has not been an effortless journey since then. Some time passed and...

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Testimonial- ‘Choosing what to engage in’ from Suzanne

I am still in a void these days in/out withdrawing detaching. Really felt a shift after the last sea salt bath. Felt free of much then. More focusing on priorities and letting go of my directorship!… Seeing thru the  “game” and allowing others their own reality… Choosing what to engage in….I am very happy with my shifting and a new wisdom . I wish to convey my gratitude and appreciation to Staff involved with Galactic connection and in all of these evolving processes of liberation towards authentic wholeness and the return into our Divine selves.  Merci a tous qui...

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Testimonial- ‘I just feel very smooth and even’ from John

It’s been about 3 weeks since you did my implant removal procedure and I feel wonderful.  I never experienced any negative reactions as far as my body is concerned, I just feel very smooth and even.  As you predicted though, they are screwing with my pets.  Also my relationships with women, anything they can do to harass me.  I really want to thank Archangel Michael, he is the one who emphatically told me “do this now”.  He’s my Guardian Angel and my mentor, and I love him dearly. Thank you Alexandra and the removal team, I love all of...

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Testimonial- ‘a turnaround for the better’ from Antonella

Hi…How are you? I am writing my testimonial now.)) I have received the Implant Removal and I must say my life has took a turnaround for the better. I am able to love again. I have also returned to my Hands On Healing servicing to others which I had a natural talent for and had put on the backburner for some strange reason. Both Rev Pam and Alexandra Meadors have been Angels. They are so patient, compassionate and strong!)) Thank you so much for reminding me of my strengths....

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Testimonial- ‘profound and wonderful’ from Heidi

Hi! I wanted to thank all of you for this healing as well as, for the essences and essential oil blend. All of these have been truly outstanding. I wanted to send an email letting you know about my experience during the IRP process. To me, it’s being pretty amazing. This has been a pretty arduous experience for me, but I can see the benefits unfolding and I’m very happy I went through with it. To begin with, when I finally made the decision to do the IRP, I became very ill. I rarely get sick and if I...

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Testimonial- ‘I feel more light’ from Kristian

Hi! Thank you for keeping in touch! I was shocked after the implant removal, what implants and negative beings were removed, but so grateful for your work, and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart! I feel still tired, and a lot of stress/pain in the neck, chest, and lower part of my stomach and back. I decided that I have had to quit my work (have a week left) and I feel guided now to work in the health sector. I live in Norway, and I feel a lot of psychic attacks going on here. I...

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Testimonial- ‘ I’ve got full mobility back’ from Troylynn

I had fallen asleep during the session, but when I woke up I found a substantial decrease in physical pain. I applied the oil to the places that were still aching a bit, and received even more relief. The pain had been so bad that I was in the ER 2 months ago because I couldn’t even walk, and I’m about to start physical therapy. Now I can bend down and touch my toes, and stretch up and touch the top of the door jam without any problems. I’ve got full mobility back with only a little discomfort. I...

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Testimonial- ‘GOOD WORK!’ from Anna Maria

I just received Jerry’s report on my IRP.  It was amazing.  I am so grateful to all he did.  Please tell him so.  I also love the essential oils – they smell lovely.  I received them.  I was having some knee pain and finally broke down and used the oils on my knee and the pain was immediately gone! It isn’t even 24 hours since my IRP so I am still absorbing.  I will send a testimonial at a later date when I have something substantial to report. Please thank Alexandra and Jerry for their help.  I send blessings...

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Testimonial- ‘It had dissolved energetically’ from Shannon

I was a little nervous about doing the implant removal.  The day that my oils and essences arrived my whole body started hurting – my head, neck and shoulders and even down my spine.   I did not start taking the oils and essences that night.  It was a very rough night indeed.  I couldn’t sleep, I was in pain, there was spirit activity in my house and even heard a couple of voices.  The next morning I promptly started taking the oils and essences.  Although the pain was still in my head, neck and shoulders, it was much...

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Testimonial- ‘like a spinning coin’ from Patti

Feedback regarding my experience/observations after my IRP, SA like a spinning coin I have been living wondering at the speed of my descent while giving my intent to the betterment of the world’s enlightenment my origins – beating thru the jungle’s growth in the ancient’s unfolding of my level’s meant the sounds echoed a note sent with its letters spelling out paths of light that went with the tongues of the unknown as my knees bent to ask for healing and this magic cent magnetically deposits into my life’s budget accounts right when my mode was spent and now...

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Testimonial- ‘ it confirmed to me a lot’ from Peter

Hello Alexandra. What can I say except Thank you! I have been going through the body changes you mentioned in the December 24th video  and I took it as a good change and cleansing and committed myself to the greater good and I physically felt pain been ripped out of my body, I have been taking pain killers since a motor bike accident in 1991 and now for a week have taken none  although I had been going through spiritual and mental change long before then. I asked for guidance on what was happening and was directed to the...

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