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Testimonial- ‘Thank You! ALL of You! So VERY, VERY much!’ from Alice

Implant Removal  Day 1 I feel very ‚soft’ like a delicate dough that you can shape and form in a gentle new way. Also, there is an almost kind of feeling of weakness of body-strength. I allow it to flow through my body. Or probably is a kind of cleansing. I too think a kind of ‚diet’ is advisable – for example, I took my first remedy a few moments ago this Sunday morning on an empty hungry stomach. When I looked at my cell phone before I started to open WORD for this journaling, I felt the matrix;...

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Testimonial- ‘truly transformative’ from Amanda

Hi! It has been difficult for me to put my many pages of notes into a succinct testimonial. I can’t thank you enough for you what you have all done for me. The journal with my notes ran away for some time, but I found it recently. And so here it goes… THANK YOU Alexandra and Jerry! This healing process was deep and truly transformative to my being. It enabled me to see past the illusion of this matrix, forgive and love all aspects of my Self, reactivate my psychic gifts, launch me on my Earth mission, unlock my...

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Testimonial- ‘donations’ from Ellen

A special thank you Alexandra for your invaluable support and services.  I cannot describe in words that would really express how important your services have been for me, that’s why it is so important that I support you monthly as an energetic exchange. I was initially a little upset that I blundered the automatic payment upgrade today but I will just correct it next month per the teams advise....

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Testimonial- ‘EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!’ from Cassandra

Hello! Sorry to see you don’t allow comments on your videos. I just wanted to say EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!!  One massive component that he is totally missing and that is any sense of spirituality.  I was SHOCKED at how dumbfounded he was when you gave your ideas about the near future.  Your comments shut him right down,, he was stumped! (MEN!!)  You handled him very well, with kindness, consideration and professionalism.  But its just shocking that he is missing the most important aspect and that is a sense of spirituality, faith, connection to Source, etc… Our Star Family will come...

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Testimonial- ‘HOW impressed I was’ from Ron

Dearest Alexandra: I’m a professional healer and author with my own practice and organization and I’m a consistent viewer of your videos.  I wanted to write and express HOW impressed I was with the handling of the interview with Stephen Basset (which I just viewed).  I got nearly nauseous when he expressed his vision for the next 5 months — not necessarily because it was so bleak (which it was) but because it is so far removed from what my guidance tells me.  You finessed that transition so incredibly well by standing in what you believe based upon your guidance,...

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Testimonial- ‘I’m enjoying it fully now!’ from Amanda

THANK YOU Alexandra and Jerry! This healing process was deep and truly transformative to my being. It enabled me to see past the illusion of this matrix, forgive and love all aspects of my Self, reactivate my psychic gifts, launch me on my Earth mission, unlock my abundance AND prepare me for the jump to 5D! Over the days, weeks and months following this incredible treatment, I watched myself with such clarity transform in the cocoon and emerge a butterfly. My physical pain is now non-existent, and I am able to easily navigate the perceived obstacles this reality presents....

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Testimonial- ‘Geoffrey is an incredible healer’ from Amanda

I don’t know why, but it is so hard for me to put my experiences into testimonials. How do you put such magick into words? Thank you so very much for this powerful gift of healing to my being! Geoffrey is an incredible healer, his Light truly transformed me. During the session, I was brought to another world. I was in temple for a ritual, a deep activation with the Blue Avian Guardian race. That night, I was awoken at 3:33am to watch the ships in my sky. This happens often, but the movements of ship differed and much Light...

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Testimonial – ‘I feel myself changing with shifts’ from Trudi

When I had the IRP done, I went into a meditative state and was sensitive to sensations in my body, behind my eyes, and felt very drowsy.  I could see an aura of white and blue colors with my eyes closed.  I could feel energy shifting throughout my body. After very few minutes, I fell asleep.  Upon awakening, I did not feel anything immediately.  But after a few days, I did begin a detoxification process.  Many negative images and past memories came to the surface.  I blessed them and let them go.  I felt like it was a purging...

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Testimonial- ‘He is healed’ from Pat

I am so grateful for everything you have done for Ray and me. I know Ray is healed from his illness. It is already done. You have also helped me to see my life and the entire world we live in from a higher perspective. It has allowed me to understand the purpose of past events and to look forward with great joy. We are feeling more healthy and replenished with each new day. We are focusing on our personal growth knowing that we are ready. There is so much change going on now. I see it happening with...

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Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment: An Extended Testimonial

Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment: An Extended Testimonial Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment is a two-step process. The first involves an hour-long Skype session which culminates in Geoffrey’s vocalization of the organic light current of Gaia Sophia. The second part consists of a pictorial composite, a ‘portrait’. This starts with a screen shot taken at the Skype session’s close and then this is overlaid with an abstract design derived from a set of tapestries made by Geoffrey. The particular abstract tapestries used (usually two; sometimes, one) are selected according to the energies of the screenshot, as perceived by Geoffrey...

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Testimonial- ‘Quite Amazing!’ from Holly

Geoffrey’s Alchemical Organic Light Realignment Process is quite amazing! During his session, he created a strong connection to me in order to fully implement his treatment, while I felt a calming at the same time. Afterward, due to the change in frequencies, I felt light-headed and sleepy. He stated that I now was needing a “Rest Integration” period, which I promptly did. While asleep, I felt my spirit and body readjusting from heavy and grounding, to very light and floating over my body along with waves of energy flowing through me. This process lasted for me almost 3 days, during...

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