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Testimonial- ‘like a spinning coin’ from Patti

Feedback regarding my experience/observations after my IRP, SA like a spinning coin I have been living wondering at the speed of my descent while giving my intent to the betterment of the world’s enlightenment my origins – beating thru the jungle’s growth in the ancient’s unfolding of my level’s meant the sounds echoed a note sent with its letters spelling out paths of light that went with the tongues of the unknown as my knees bent to ask for healing and this magic cent magnetically deposits into my life’s budget accounts right when my mode was spent and now...

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Testimonial- ‘ it confirmed to me a lot’ from Peter

Hello Alexandra. What can I say except Thank you! I have been going through the body changes you mentioned in the December 24th video  and I took it as a good change and cleansing and committed myself to the greater good and I physically felt pain been ripped out of my body, I have been taking pain killers since a motor bike accident in 1991 and now for a week have taken none  although I had been going through spiritual and mental change long before then. I asked for guidance on what was happening and was directed to the...

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Testimonial- ‘Special message of December 25th’ from Jan

Thank you, dear one.  You made me cry, too.  What you do, and what you have already done, is invaluable.  I send you love and support every single day.  I recognize you and feel connected to you like a sister. I wish and intend every good thing for you (us) – our beautiful planet – and all of her inhabitants, in 2017. All is One All is Sacred Love is All...

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Testimonial- ‘our cherished star children’ from Joan

Dear Mary, Warmest greetings! Just wanted to write and say how very much I enjoyed  listening to your entire recent interview with Alexandra! You are truly an inspiration and an instrument of Light in these transformational times! Thank you for all you are doing with such care and spirit, to further humanity’s understanding of many aspects of this paradigm shift – especially our cherished star children. And I eagerly look forward to reading your newest book. Joy, blessings and love,...

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Testimonial- ‘how can we help?’ from Louella

Hi Alexandra,    I met you at the ECETI conference last year and have availed myself of many of your services and essences.  You may not remember, but we had a lovely conversation about South Africa. I read Galactic Connection every day that you post. I am so blown away by the depth and breath of your postings and am SO GRATEFUL that there is a site that covers what is crucial to know geo politically, cosmically.  and metaphysically. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your diligence (don’t know how you do it!)  and helping keeping our eye on the...

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Testimonial- ‘ I realized that I felt happy’ from Anitta

Here is my Testimonial, things are really changing so I will send an update as more improvements come through. In only 2 months since my IRP I have pretty much overcome candidiasis, after 8 years of trying what feels like every diet and supplement under the sun. I really got to the point of thinking “this is the way it is, I’m too tired to try anything new so if I want to eat, I’ll just have suffer the consequences”. I’m now enjoying many more foods and combinations that were off limits before, I’m no longer bloated and have...

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Testimonial- ‘Angels presence have increased’ from Philip

Dearest ones, It feels like hi time i checked in with you and let you know of my progress. Im an empath and very sensitive, especially to full moons of any kind. Im 73 yrs. old and feel way to much right now with all the energy’s incoming from all points and not very diligent to keeping self protected when I need to. Im also deeply involved in my, what seems to be, my primary role in this life, a care giver and one who helps others in the process of dying, which I have been deeply involved with...

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Testimonial- ‘there was no feeling of separateness’ from John

Hi, Alexandra, At the time of the IRP I felt a great joyful calm. That day I felt more “at one” with my body than I’ve felt in a long time. Usually I have the sensation of Me…in a Body; but that time there was no feeling of separateness. For me, spiritual progress seems to happen “below the radar” most of the time. I applied for the DNA/SA last week and got a message the package is on it’s way. I’ll be very interested to see what’s different afterwards. Thank you and your team for all your great work...

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Testimonial- ‘ I am dreaming more vividly and in color’ from Kat

Dearest Support Team; Thank you so much for the thorough report. I have to tell you what it was like at this end of the experience. I followed all instructions for the essential oils and used one of the suggested decrees. I noticed a build-up of anxiety in me within the hour of the appointment. This is very uncharacteristic of me. I took my shower and then lay down and dropped into my heart space and followed my breathing. I put a protective bubble of light around me and allowed for benevolent beings to enter my space. I had...

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Testimonial- ‘ I beamed with joy’ from Lisa

Dearest Alexandra, Jerry, and the Healing Team, Wishing you a delightful Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse, and Super New Moon! I wanted to share my experience with you and also ask of your advice. I had my session at 10 AM on Tuesday. I was quite surprised when I laid down to get comfortable for the session & found myself asleep within minutes. This is highly unusual as I have had a strong case of insomnia for several years. I awoke almost exactly an hour later with soreness in my mid back and a mild headache. After giving myself a...

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Testimonial- ‘I have had no more psychic attacks!’ from Ellen

Hi Alexandra! Thanks for checking in on me.  I appreciate that. I’m doing well after my initial implant removal and have already had to order a refill of the essential oil and drops as I’ve been very sore almost as though Having an actual surgical procedure.  I initially had about a one inch visible incision at the base of my spine by my tail bone which has completely healed. I’m still having soreness mid spine and almost an indent on one side of my spine which seems to be normalizing but still very sore.  Also very sore behind both...

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Testimonial- ‘beyond my expectation’ from Violet

Wow, Just wow! This has been an amazing experience that went beyond my expectation. I have to say I was nervous to do the IRP but I knew that no matter what, I wanted and needed it. First I want to say a big Thank you to Jerry, Alexandra and the Galactic Team for the amazing light work that you do. When it was time for my process I suddenly had a spasm that went from my neck to my right arm and it wouldn’t release. It was time to start so I ran and applied Magneisum Oil to...

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Testimonial- ‘a smooth experience’ from Eva

I would like to thank Alexandra, Jerry and the rest of the Galactic Healing Team for the relatively smooth experience I had with the IRP on Wednesday, 11th March. It was actually quite interesting. Since I did not want to experience the process consciously – am not very brave as far as pain is concerned and did not know whether it would be painful – I went to bed at 9.30 p.m. local time (ca. 14.30 p.m. your time) and subsequently only received your reminder the next morning when everything was over. Before I went to sleep I took...

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Testimonial- ‘greater clarity in my mind’ from Kat

Thank you Galactic Team for your interest and concern since the removal. I am so happy to report that I have felt a phenomenal lift ever since. The indescribable darkness or weight I felt I just couldn’t shake, is gone and I am manifesting change in my spiritual progress rapidly now. I feel no physical symptoms at all and there is greater clarity in my mind. I can’t say thank you enough and what a blessing it was to find you. So much love to you all and I so appreciate the work you are doing. I am always...

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