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Testimonial- ‘This is a message of love’ from Petra

Dear Sandi and Healing Team, The night before my SA Session I took 4 drops of the essence. Then I had a dream. I dreamed of Judy Garland as a ” Child-Star” and I was told that she was abused as a child. I knew a fractal of this experience was belonging to me. This Fractal wanted to be seen, so it can be integrated. I felt so much love for this tiny  fractal and I assumed it. It was so beautiful, now it was allowed to come home to complete me! It no longer need to hide. It...

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Testimonial- ‘to express my extreme gratitude’ from Jennifer

Hello, I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Jerry for the IRP done on Wednesday morning. The changes are noticeable especially with what he did on my right knee/lower calf area as well as the left side of my head, and in my particular solar plexus and sacral areas. The inflammation in the white of my eyes has cleared, and I can tell the energy is flowing more now in the lower GI areas. I look forward to the second and third steps in the healing process. Respectfully,...

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Testimonial- ‘Immediate Shifts’ from Miriam

I wanted you to know I felt immediate shifts in my body as I took first dose last eve. It was very very visceral. I slept better than usual despite a really rough trip back and awoke feeling very well this morning . I had a couple of not so great things occur on my trip home yesterday and I had a whole new perspective on it today!!! Wow is all I can say!! I’m looking forward to more great shifts and financial alignment and abundance of all things money and more. So much love to you...

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Testimonial- ‘outstanding work’ from Anne Marie

Greetings, I am writing to thank Jerry, Alexandra and the entire Galactic Connection Team for the outstanding work they do. I am amazed that such thorough freeing implant removal can be done by specially Gifted and Blessed people on this planet. I bow to you all, especially Jerry and Alexandra. It is almost 3 weeks since my session. I follow the instructions for the essences and oil. I say the Proclamation re Controlling Energies and The Violet Flame Decrees every day.I do not have much pain, just a little in the temples. I have not had any ‘AHA” moments...

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Testimonial- ‘I don’t want to die without having done this’ from Petra

Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Healing-Team, My IRP meeting ran very relaxed. I felt a buzzing and tingling, especially on the back and in the field around on my 3rd eye. But It was not unpleasant. After that, I was fresh and clear that evening. But later the next day came violent headaches, even nausea. I had a few unpleasant visions of alien beings (like ants) that made something technical on the Assembly line. I asked mentally for loving visions and was told how I can change my frequency. Following night, I dreamed that I was at a class...

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Testimonial- ‘The alchemy is living in me’ from Celia

The alchemy is living and breathing in me and there are no words either. It’s in me and part of me forever even if the kit is finished. My life is changing each day and there is so much happening as we speak and especially in the next 4 to 5 months.  I feel so blessed and honored to receive all the loving gifts  from Prime Creator . I refer to as male but I am well aware it is however we choose. He is always with me whenever I call upon. Kind regards...

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Testimonial- ‘your specialized essences’ from Ellen

Hi Alexandra, Thank you for helping me through my Divine Blueprint with your specialized essences. I’ve read through the list of all the specifics you came up with multiple times and am still absorbing everything. With love and gratitude, LOVE, Ellen P.S. I know you’re doing a lot of work and want you to know that I appreciate you and then entire family every day!...

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Testimonial- ‘She’s able to see you where you are’ From M.

Alexandra has been working with me for over a year. She’s one of the best intuitive I know, and is really spot on. She’s helped my sinus allergies go away, and has also helped me cope with moving across the country, which can be really stressful.  From taking her remedies, I can really see a shift in my stress/emotional levels.  She’s able to see you where you are and gives you the right remedies in order to take you to the next level in healing your mind, body and soul....

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Testimonial- ‘alchemical in nature’ From Bella

As someone who has had the fortune to work with flower essences for over 25 years, and appreciate fully their ‘magical’ benefits both for myself and clients, I’d really like to commend you on the work you are doing with your inspired homeopathic and flower essence blends. The intuitive input, depth of insight, and their work on many levels set your remedies apart from any others. They feel really alchemical in nature, as they effectively raise you gently in vibration to a new level of awareness. Thank you so much for your work, dedication and perseverance in doing the research and...

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Testimonial- ‘like a different person’ from Sonara

I had the Implant Removal Process done fairly recently and when I met up with a friend who is psychic and a masseuse, whom I had not had a massage from for several years, she commented on how my energy was completely different and said that I felt like a different person.   Now I am aware that my body is continuously upgrading both through the planetary energetics and work that I do on myself but I am sure that the IRP process played its part too. Thank you,...

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Testimonial- ‘Snowpiercer’ From Jim

Dear Alexandra, In 2016 when PC gave you a message I dreamed about The movie Dune and the false mother was dissolving. Just to give confirmation about PC message on the equinox the movie Snowpiercer Resonated fully with PC equinox message… Snowpiercer was a train going in circles And ironically it was ran by a child. The movie snowpiercer describes very well PC latest message to us. Thank you Alexandra For being a clear channel. Be blessed...

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Testimonial – ‘we’re almost about to give birth and it’s the last push’ from Celia

There are no words to describe the  meaning and profoundness of these essences but I feel like they are me as if they are like me and in me. So much Intel lately is beyond anything I have ever received. All my life I have felt a certain uneasiness about my incarnation into this life with the family I came into but I always kept that to myself.  Since 2017 and late 2016 I have felt like I have been living in a movie scene and playing out the scene. It’s so very difficult to explain this paranormal life of mine but I...

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