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Category: Testimonials

Testimonial- ‘All who heard your voice were healed’ from Katherine

Welcome home dear one I was guided to anoint myself with the “going home” essence this morning I just spent this afternoon w/you & the PC message under beautiful oaks lining our deep creek – leading out to the Magothy Bay & onto the great Chesapeake Bay I must say the blue herons & egrets & All who heard your voice were healed We love you here May you continue to be richly blessed Tenderness Thank you...

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Testimonial- ‘creating something NEW’ from Ilse

Hi Alexandra, I am so grateful for finding your website and discovering all the amazing information on it. It resonates so deeply with me on so many levels. Deep gratitude for what you do all over the world. It makes me cry and sing of joy at the same time. So much with you in letting go of all the old ways and creating something NEW…....

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Testimonial – Infinitely grateful for finding YOU! :)

Greetings Dear Alexandra, I was introduced to Galactic Connections just yesterday through your podcast and I have to thank you! You messages resonate so perfectly with the information for which my soul is ready to receive! I have been awaking to the great “I AM” and your message about this process in your guardian series is so unbelievably verbatim of my experiences to this point! It was just yesterday that I have reached an innate clarity of why we are here. It is so unbelievably true that letting go of past trauma as which are at the core of...

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Testimonial- ‘so powerful for me’ from Roxanne

Dearest Alexandra, Your latest video was so powerful for me.  I voiced out loud my choice to disengage from the game.  As things come up, through out the day, that bother or irritate me or that I find I am having an emotional reaction to, I surrender it to Creator.  I find that the emotional charge immediately leaves me.  This simple process makes me feel free and I thank you for being a pure channel for Creator to receive this information for us.  Your video was shared with all my spiritual friends who understand about the matrix. Thank your...

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Testimonial – ‘that’s how powerful our minds are’ from Celia

Hello I just needed to say this. I listened to so many interviews way back in 2011, 2012. This was part of awakening and learning at the time I guess I was guided by my willingness to learn and know more. I have always felt something different and your words were right on the ball. I always felt something and it was I was the hunted. More like energy stealing I can’t explain I am just glad we are here now. David Icke in the interview way back in the 90s, with the Revelation of Mother of Goddess puts...

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Testimonial – ‘We are definitely at the end game where compassion is starting and the energies are assisting us now’ from Celia

Hello again I felt compelled to discuss my own experiences so far regarding to the quantum entanglement kit. It’s so specific to the timing and what you discussed in your interview is so relevant to everything I’ve been experiencing lately. We are definitely at this end game where compassion is starting and the energies are assisting us now. Just other than the balancing of the feminine, masculine energies within it has like a magnetic pulse and it balances me like a dose of compassion and peacefulness from within . It couldn’t of come at a better time with the...

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Testimonial – ‘I have even more faith’ from Firmiana

Dear Jerry, Alexandra and the Galactic Connection Team. I wanted to give you some feedback on my Implant and Removal Process. My first words are, I’m free, free mentally, spiritually, physically bliss! I feel that sharing with you in a little bit of my background so you can understand how profoundly free I feel in my physical body. At present, I am a licensed Massage Therapist and I perform 10 to 15 massages weekly for the past 18 years.  To keep my body in peak physical condition and out of pain I must stretch out morning and night, work...

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Testimonial – ‘Met with angels’ from Johan

Hi Alexandra! Took the egyptian oil for sleep last night and had lucid dream on board a ship. Woke up at 3 in the night back to the ship and woke 0600 again. Wrote it down. Got a nice calm space from the oil and felt so fresh in the morning. I have had many contact experience since the 80 ties and many lucid Dreams on ships in My life. I was told that the war is almost over. Met with angels. Thank you for the oils. I Will buy more. Sincerly...

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Testimonial – ‘It is such a relief’ from Marilyn

Hi Jeff So appreciative of your encouraging words When I really pay attention to Prime Creators words I read out loud, 3 times & didn’t register “I am done with all my stories & false identities, creations of who I was or am etc” I guess this is the last story for me There is a part 2 & part 3, that could become a never ending story I needed that final story to really allow myself to inhabit my heart ️ & find my frequency, Shambhala another symbol for my unique connection to other parts of my being,...

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Testimonial- ‘I take my hat off to you’ from Jo

Hi Alexandra, Not sure if I have sent my story to you before but it will help explain my role in the ascension process going on on the the Planet at the moment. This might sound like a strange statement but let me explain. I have just finished an amazing book by someone called Simon Peter Fuller who is from the UK and the following is my Amazon review of it: ‘This book provided the final missing piece in the puzzle of my life. I have tried for 37 years ( I am now 67) to make sense of...

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Testimonial- ‘You helped me once’ from Jo

Thank you Alexandra for all you have done to help save our beautiful Earth and all beautiful creatures with souls who inhabit it. I look forward to meeting you soon.  You helped me once via your Implant Removal Process and this made all the difference in my life and mission. You have done a marvelous job and I commend and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yours in Love, Light, Peace and Power...

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Testimonial- ‘So guess what folks – they work.’ from Marilyn

Hi Alexandra Your news letter today Saturday, 27th May 2017, was quite profound for me, and I thought you may enjoy my experience Reading your newsletter :- • Firstly I read again out loud 3 times with intention and heart ️ feeling, the points from Prime creator 25/5/17 from your message. It reminded me of integrating the Soul fragments often traumatized, for our healing. I had done a lot of this work, and had forgotten about it. • Secondly, I read the article on the pyramid Mt Kailash in Tibet and the entrance to Shambhala. I have an affinity...

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Testimonials- ‘These are very powerful oils.’ from Eva

The missing oil came today.  Thank you very much. I wanted to tell you that I had a very interesting experience last night after I put all four oils on.  I went to sleep and I could feel and see all this darkness leaving me.  Not sure what that was but it was very healing.  Please share this with Alexandra. These are very powerful oils. Gratefully...

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