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Category: Testimonials

Testimonial- ‘Geoffrey is an incredible healer’ from Amanda

I don’t know why, but it is so hard for me to put my experiences into testimonials. How do you put such magick into words? Thank you so very much for this powerful gift of healing to my being! Geoffrey is an incredible healer, his Light truly transformed me. During the session, I was brought to another world. I was in temple for a ritual, a deep activation with the Blue Avian Guardian race. That night, I was awoken at 3:33am to watch the ships in my sky. This happens often, but the movements of ship differed and much Light...

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Testimonial – ‘I feel myself changing with shifts’ from Trudi

When I had the IRP done, I went into a meditative state and was sensitive to sensations in my body, behind my eyes, and felt very drowsy.  I could see an aura of white and blue colors with my eyes closed.  I could feel energy shifting throughout my body. After very few minutes, I fell asleep.  Upon awakening, I did not feel anything immediately.  But after a few days, I did begin a detoxification process.  Many negative images and past memories came to the surface.  I blessed them and let them go.  I felt like it was a purging...

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Testimonial- ‘He is healed’ from Pat

I am so grateful for everything you have done for Ray and me. I know Ray is healed from his illness. It is already done. You have also helped me to see my life and the entire world we live in from a higher perspective. It has allowed me to understand the purpose of past events and to look forward with great joy. We are feeling more healthy and replenished with each new day. We are focusing on our personal growth knowing that we are ready. There is so much change going on now. I see it happening with...

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Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment: An Extended Testimonial

Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment: An Extended Testimonial Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment is a two-step process. The first involves an hour-long Skype session which culminates in Geoffrey’s vocalization of the organic light current of Gaia Sophia. The second part consists of a pictorial composite, a ‘portrait’. This starts with a screen shot taken at the Skype session’s close and then this is overlaid with an abstract design derived from a set of tapestries made by Geoffrey. The particular abstract tapestries used (usually two; sometimes, one) are selected according to the energies of the screenshot, as perceived by Geoffrey...

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Testimonial- ‘Quite Amazing!’ from Holly

Geoffrey’s Alchemical Organic Light Realignment Process is quite amazing! During his session, he created a strong connection to me in order to fully implement his treatment, while I felt a calming at the same time. Afterward, due to the change in frequencies, I felt light-headed and sleepy. He stated that I now was needing a “Rest Integration” period, which I promptly did. While asleep, I felt my spirit and body readjusting from heavy and grounding, to very light and floating over my body along with waves of energy flowing through me. This process lasted for me almost 3 days, during...

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Testimonial- ‘Profound healing’ from Ana

Wow! My husband and I have been taking Alexandra’s amazing oils and essences and had our IRPs done 6 days ago along with follow-up calls with Jerry. What a profoundly spiritual experience we are going through. Jerry is an amazing healer who has profound insight and an obvious desire to help others find their spiritual light and raise their vibrations. We are so impressed that we are now keenly waiting with anticipation for the next step on this journey – the Soul Alignment/DNA Activation phase. Thank you also to Sandi for her unending support by email and to Jeff...

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Testimonial- ‘I’m integrating all these shifts’ from Tomoslav

Ahoy Geoffrey,      Night was interesting. I slept in chunks constantly releasing some unresolved episodes in this life. It was directed towards my  former life before NDA experience in 2011. Vivid dreams of past situations and people across first 50 years of searching for purpose on earth. For a while ringing in my head got higher in frequency than it went back to the level I’m used to deal with. Btw, my dog was barking for a 30min or so after the session yesterday. She was close to me and kept a guard in all directions around me while there...

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Testimonial- ‘getting a renewal in life’ from Valerie

This was such an amazing session. I actually felt Jerry align my Soul back into my body! Soon after the session started I felt a huge surge of love enter directly into the center of my body. Soon after the awe and daze of the amazing feeling I embraced and welcomed it with wide open energy. The feeling was so amazing and the sensation gradually expand out through the rest of my body. I am a mother and the feeling of love reminded me of the wave of love I felt the first time I got to hold each...

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Testimonial- ‘pursue a real way to help others’ from Tommy

Hello my friend Alexandra, I write to you due to an update I wish to share. I was sick for a week or so of my stomach. It was so terrible to be that way, that when I got healthy, I was so happy to feel normal. It was then that I realized I needed to stop procrastinating on me not trying to help the cause and at that me not taking better care of my body by eating right and all. I have removed my implant and the other 2 steps done as you may remember. Me being...

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Testimonial- ‘I was elevated’ from Valerie

This was the most notable healing I have ever experienced. I fell into a deep sleep during the session and woke up feeling lifted. I was elevated emotionally and physically. Then I continued to notice as days went by how the feeling continued to be notable that a “weight had been lifted” and it was the freest I had ever felt. I felt able to love more freely than I had ever before. And even though my body weight didn’t change I felt physically lighter too. Much love and gratitude to Jerry, Alexandra and Galactic Connection Team! Namasté...

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Testimonial- ‘NOW I am ready’ from Ramona

Greetings Alexandra,      I am delighted to share the testimony of my IRP pre & post journey with you all. I wanted to give you and Jerry the full scope of my experience from beginning to end. Due to its length, I grant you editorial and creative license to post whatever part/s you deem best suited for the online page that supports the work you all are doing – I am comfortable with this approach. 🙂      I am excited to identify and heal the pieces unveiled after my IRP journey. I am learning soo much about “vows”, and...

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Testimonial- ‘my sincere thanks’ from Rebecca

Hi, “If you would be so kind, please extend my sincere thanks to Miss Alexandra, and I do appreciate all of the inserts and other production work that went in to the final presentation, and for sharing her show with us. It was a fun interview. In fact one of my favorites to date.  She is a fun interviewer. “ Your enthusiasm, Alexandra, was palpable. Very fun and meaningFULL...

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Testimonial – I Just Watched Your Video With Mike Harris

Hi, How are you, I just watched your video with Mike Harris. The higher aspect on the South American immigrants . This info is not out yet in the spiritual  web-osphere. I supposed it’s time to get it out and get it rollin’. Plus I’m tired of the ole -taking our jobs-ms13 gang – etc. lower vibrational level stuff. The higher aspect is that these immigrants are here / U.S.A./   to help with the earth shift in the U.S.A. . This is because the American Native Indians population is too low and concentrated on the “reservations” land. Being very...

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