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NASA administrator suspended after claims of “imminent alien invasion” [VIDEO]

Thank Greg! UFOmania – The truth is out there Published on Apr 23, 2017 The highest-ranked official of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Charles Bolden, was put on sick leave for 6 months, after he publicly declared that an extraterrestrial invasion would take place before 2025. Source: Read here:… Follow us on facebook:...

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Roger Spurr: Mudfossils: A Mind-blowing View of Earth – April 25, 2017

Galactic Connection Published on Apr 25, 2017 Earth, we know, is a living creature recycling living creatures. But for Roger Spurr, Earth is formed of carcasses of dead creatures to its very core. Its every stone is a body part. The most remarkable of these abundant “mudfossils”, he says, are those of giants who fell to earth from heavenly battles. Some of these carcasses, of massive humanoids and dragons, stretch for hundreds of miles. In his professional life, Roger serviced nuclear missiles in the Army, worked at GE and then as a field engineer for a global electronics firm....

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“Raising Eden” – Magenta Pixie interviews Daniel of Doriaa [VIDEO]

Magenta Pixie Published on Apr 24, 2017 Magenta Pixie interviews Daniel Dunn aka Daniel of Doriaa, author of the “Raising Eden” series of books. Daniel’s website… Daniel’s YouTube… — Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie Products:...

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Artificial Eggs and Sperm On The Global Human Plantation [VIDEO]

WeAreChange Published on Apr 24, 2017 In this interview with Max Igan of The CrowHouse, we explore the global plantation farmer’s market, which offers artificial eggs and sperm, cyborgization, and perpetual conflict among other things. Max Igan’s interview with Australian protester Brendon O’ Connell who was sent to jail for speaking words the government didn’t like, and is now on the run:… Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news PATREON… SNAPCHAT: LukeWeAreChange FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: STEEMIT: OH YEAH since we are not corporate or government WHORES help us out We...

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This Incredible Underground Secret Is As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful [VIDEO]

UFOmania – The truth is out there Published on Apr 25, 2017 In 1835, a laborer in Kent, England, was doing his usual field work. What wasn’t so usual was when he struck the soil with his spade and it just disappeared into the Earth. Apparently, he was standing on something hollow, but from the surface, could see nothing. Word spread, and a local schoolteacher soon volunteered his young son, Joshua, to be lowered into the hole with a candle. If you think dipping your child into a mysterious cavern in the Earth seems a bit, well, unsafe, we...

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Galactic update: DNA recalibration [VIDEO]

ASCENSIONPIONEERS Dear Ascension Pioneers! The New energy wave we are experiencing brought with it increased sensitivity, some Ascension symptoms and the resurfacing of deep feelings. At this time we may be feeling a bit lost or confused, which is all due to the recalibration of our bodies. With each new wave, our bodies have to slightly adjust and align with the renewed planetary Life force. These are gradual adjustments, although on a greater scale they are quite vast and intense. Each one of us is experiencing this differently, and sometimes we may think there is something wrong with us...

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Carl Lehrburger on Sacred Matrix with-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2017-04-16 [VIDEO]

Janet Lessin Published on Apr 21, 2017 Source:… Carl Lehrburger ~ 04/16/17 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio (, Studio B, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin, Producer Thomas Becker (amadpainter). Tonight we discuss: Secrets of Ancient America topics including Columbus, archaeoastronomy, the Celts, Egyptians, etc. Latest “what’s happening or not happening” since the book was published My upcoming presentations at Contact In The Desert Industrial hemp, cannabis, CBD and the war on drugs Carl Lehrburger ~ Bio Carl Lehrburger is an environmental activist, renewable energy entrepreneur, archaeoastronomer, researcher...

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Rockwall, Texas – Inhabited by giants before Noah’s flood? [VIDEO]

UFOmania – The truth is out there Published on Apr 21, 2017 Rockwall, Texas, mentioned in a recent article, is the county seat of Rockwall County. Located at the intersection of State highways 66 and 205, it is a town shrouded in mystery. The town name of Rockwall comes from a geologic formation in the town. “A stone archway on private property a few block west of the town square is all that remains visible, and even that is overgrown by vines and brush.” In 1949, the archway got filled in with dirt and forgotten. Source: Read here:…...

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Global bankster reset could begin today | Why I am Queen of Queens [VIDEO]

RiseTogether(GC note: Discernment advised) Global bankster reset could begin today | Why I am Queen of Queens Published on Apr 21, 2017 Tracy Beanz on Youtube:… American Law of the Land: TRANSITION TO NATURAL LAW, is available in ebook format through several outlets. Here are a few: Kima books Amazon Kobo Chapters

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CollectiveEvolution HOW SOCIETY KILLS YOUR CREATIVITY –IN AN AWARD WINNING PIXAR-ESQUE SHORT FILM ALANNA KETLER APRIL 21, 2017 When it comes to our modern day society, there is no doubt that we are being told how to live and what our lives are supposed to look like. When we are born we have our parents imposing their ideas and beliefs onto us about what is right and what is wrong and then from there we are usually enrolled into the public school system. Here is where a lot of our natural, inherent creative abilities unfortunately come to die. In...

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The Truth About Vaccines, Episode 1 [VIDEO]

TheTruthAboutVaccinesAscension With Earth Replay Marathon – April 22-23 The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule All Episodes Free for 48 Hours: The Truth About Vaccines – A 7 Episode Series The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio? In Depth Analysis of the MMR and DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome A Closer...

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Project CamelotCATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS : GLOBAL FINANCE & WORLD AFFAIRS Streamed live on Apr 14, 2017 CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS I talk with Catherine about her view of the state of the planet and how global finance is impacting our lives. Bio: Catherine is the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of the Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department...

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Jason Chaffetz Thinking About Not Finishing His Term, Why?- More To This Than Meets The Eye

VicturusLibertasBreaking Jason Chaffetz Thinking About Not Finishing His Term, Why?- More To This Than Meets The Eye (GC Note: adding to the suspicion: John Podesta tweeted: “When they say its about family, its never about family.) Published on Apr 20, 2017 Very strange situation here folks. Chaffetz reportedly was very excited Trump was giving him the go ahead to investigate anything and anyone he wanted. Presumably, that included the Clintons....

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Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas [VIDEO]

AtlanteanGardensRethinking the Peopling of the Americas Published on Mar 21, 2017 “I believe every man must make his own path” – Blackfoot When sea levels were 400 feet lower during the Ice Age, landmasses in the Atlantic ocean, such as the Azores islands, would have had a dramatically larger area exposed above the waters surface. What are the true origins of the Clovis and Solutrean culture? Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist. Species with Amnesia: Our Forgotten History Gods with Amnesia: Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth...

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Best of NASA’s UFOs in Space – Compilation

HumansAreFree Best of NASA’s UFOs in Space – Compilation This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one) were captured on film by NASA astronauts or Russian Cosmonauts over the past half-century – showing many amazing examples from different eras – Gemini, Apollo, Apollo/Soyuz Test Project, Skylab, STS, the ISS, plus a couple Russian-source additions from their unmanned Zond and Mir Space Station programs as well thrown in to round things out. The second last example is the only one...

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Five Healers; One Heart…Healing in the Current Environment April 19, 2017

GalacticConnectionFive Healers; One Heart…Healing in the Current Environment April 19, 2017 Published on Apr 19, 2017   Alexandra Meadors conducts this roundtable discussion with four other healers who have gathered at Galactic Connection: Jerry Yusko, Geoffrey Rosenberg, David Rowland-Zaher, and Jeff Godfrey. Our extraordinary healers discuss their individual specialties and skill sets, and the larger paradigms that undergird their common service-to-others of healing here at Galactic Connection. The conversation focuses principally on the new hopes, insights, and challenges of the current energetic environment. Our group commonly agrees that there is an increased need for individual disentanglement and that these...

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