Introducing: A new panther addition!

Pantherkittenandmom_credit_FloridaFishandWildlife © Florida Fish and Wildlife

Born to a recently released rehabilitated Florida Panther, this kitten represents a hope for the species survival.

Dear Moriah,

Amidst the bitter fight to save wolves and other imperiled wildlife, we sometimes forget to celebrate the victories that keep us going, even in the toughest of times. Supporters like you allow us to carry out our mission of protecting and restoring our nation’s imperiled species — these successes would not have been possible to achieve without your continued involvement.

Bison Recovery Advances

In March of 2012, when Defenders helped reintroduce 61 genetically pure Yellowstone bison to Fort Peck Indian Reservation — the first reintroduction to the Great Plains — bison opponents filed for an injunction to prevent future moves. Now, thanks to your support and the verdict from the Montana Supreme Court, we are continuing to restore bison to the Great Plains. On August 22nd, we helped relocate 34 bison to the Fork Belknap Reservation — the first time wild bison have been on this land in more than a century.

Sea Turtles Rebound on Hatteras Beaches

After an intense fight to ban off-road vehicles from critical sea turtle nesting sites at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, our efforts are finally paying off. So far this year, officials have counted a record-breaking 232 successfully-hatched sea turtle nests, with more to come in the next few weeks!

Florida Panther Kitten Raises New Hope

In late January, a rehabilitated orphan Florida panther known as FP219 was released back into the wild. That alone is a happy story, but what makes it even more special is what biologists found a few months later — a kitten! FP219 had successfully adapted to living in the wild and was raising a healthy newborn!  his kitten, dubbed K398, represents a hope for the future of Florida panthers and is a promising addition to the endangered species population!
These and other successes are the direct result of hard work that individuals, like you, fight for every day. I am continually inspired by your passion and dedication — you empower and renew our mission with every action you take, petition you sign, and support you offer.
From our team and from wildlife — a true and sincere thank you for all of your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark President Defenders of Wildlife

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