January 2013 Overview
January launches us into 2013 with a whole array of changes. Many situations have been happening within these last several weeks, we feel like we are tap dancing to get everything organized, planned and put into motion. 2013 is universally a SIX year, which shifts our focus to inner and outer balance as well as bringing this alignment into manifestation. January requires that we look at this SIX year and determine the different areas that need to be solved, improved or adjusted to make more efficient. January prompts us to look deeply into situations to see their core issues, purpose and resolution. The importance of bringing balance into situations gives us the chance to make the needed adjustments with our inner motives, ethics and values. Our approach may be to look more seriously at key situations and to have a strategy and a plan, but we will be taking a look at all of these elements that play a very important part in our life.

There are several major aspects that happen in January that give us a stronger influence with the January resolution process. Mercury brings in information that pushes us to respond to the Pluto transformation elements. The connection with Mercury and Pluto seem to indicate that we can no longer avoid a particular aspect of our life and so we have to jump in and create a plan to bring the issues into balance. January 6th becomes that key date that needs to be filled with strategy, plans and actions.

Mid-month Venus connects with Pluto, giving us the chance to bring forward information from the Mercury connection to Pluto and expand the information into resolutions. The response on January 6th will find a positive solution as Venus comes onto the scene and connection with Pluto. Two days after Venus finds the solutions, Mercury connects with the Sun. This aspect brings forward the commitment to pursue specific directions. The commitment and agreements that we make on the 18th give us a surge of energy into the right direction. The conjunction is at 28 Capricorn, so the agreements and contracts that come from the resolutions of Venus will require that we sign on the dotted line, giving us a way to move forward, but also a contractual obligation to plan, organize and put into motion.

Jupiter has retrograded back into the narrow part of the funnel and during the last month of Jupiter retrograde, we can feel like we are being put back into a small space when we got used to a large, roomy expanded environment. So Jupiter retrograde feels like a trash masher at times, as if we are going to be squished and don’t have any wiggle room. Once Jupiter turns direct, late on 30th and into 31st, we will finally feel that we can move forward and have a bit more wiggle room. As we shift into February, Jupiter will have expanded a bit more and we can finally have the space we need to pursue our new directions that Jupiter has been expanding for us.




December 30th through January 5th
This week
 December 30th through January 5th, begins with Sun connecting to powerful Pluto on Sunday, setting the pace to cross the bridge into 2013. Pluto has been transforming the business world of government, industry, finance and international policies. Sun shines the light onto the important aspects that are happening that require that we think outside the box and do things different, rather than doing things the same old way. Pluto requires that we move beyond the old situations and create needed changes by stepping up to the plate to create game-changing moves. Sun spotlights this important event and sets up the pace for the week. We move into the New Year of 2013 on Tuesday, which brings in new series of situations and events, universally a SIX* year (in numerology). SIX emphasizes our home and work environments, with the requirement to bring them into order. SIX also emphasizes health and healing as our mind, body, and spirit connection also requires our efforts to get everything aligned and in order. The previous SIX year’s occurred in 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, 1957, etc. We can look at our own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years. The important issues that are being addressed with Sun, Mercury and Venus connecting to Pluto will prompt us to take some very important actions on key information and events. We may have some hesitation surrounding the issues, but they are important in the shift and the profound changes that are happening. As we address important and transforming issues we have to set up and organize new ideas. Mercury will come along to connect with Pluto on January 6th, which brings in additional information, when added to the Sun connection on December 30th, will help us to move forward with our decisions and plans that unfold in January. All through January, we will become really good at making adjustments and shifting energies to bring resolutions into place.

January 6th through January 12th
This week, January 6th through January 12th, we begin with Mercury connecting to Pluto. As mentioned previously Sun, Mercury and Venus will take turns connecting to powerful Pluto, which brings in the transformational energy. Mercury connects with Pluto on Sunday, which sets the pace for the week, and gives us additional information that we need to set plans into place and organize our movement forward. Mid-week, we shift into high gear in setting the stepping stones into place, organizing our plans and goals. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be very full days as we have many pieces of information streaming in that will push us further into our direction. The deeper perspective in January is giving us an awareness that we are gaining inner strength to make important decisions about our forward movement in January.
By Friday, Sun connects with the New Moon and provides a jump start into the Capricorn arena that has been changing and adjusting. The new beginnings that emerge on Friday open the door for new opportunities in career, business and financial dealings. This New Moon also provides the energy surge to get these areas of our life moving into the right direction. The decisions that we have made can now begin to be rolled out to prepare for the continual unfolding process that we will experience all the way through this month.

January 13th through January 19th
This week, January 13th through January 19th, we discuss a lot of the details that are continuing to emerge from the New Moon and the surrounding events that occurred on the 11th. There will be a lot of discussions at the beginning of the week. These discussions will move into finding and sifting through numerous solutions as Venus connects with Pluto on Wednesday. The solutions that are finding their way into our lives are geared toward the Capricorn focus of career, business and financial dealings. Venus brings resolutions and the type of fixes that will seem to be just right. Additionally Sun connects with Mercury on Friday, the 18th, which takes many of the fixes, solutions and adjustments and brings them into our contracts, pacts, treaties and agreements as our career and business pursuits become the focus of a new commitment. Typically when Mercury connects with Sun, we sign on the dotted line in agreement for our new phase going forward. This connection is in the last degrees of Capricorn, which accentuates the information that has been streaming into our life as the New Year began. From this new level of commitment and new agreements, we are able to reconnect with many people that are aligned with our new phase. We will spend a fair amount of time with the individuals that have become an important part of our new direction. With our new commitment, we will see more people coming into our life that we share goals and aspirations.

January 20th through January 26th 
This week, January 20th through January 26thbegins with attending to practical matters and spending the time to get them done. Our level of accomplishment becomes large as we walk into situations that have additional communication and discussions coming in from every which way. This additional information will help to fine tune many of the efforts and projects that are leading the way with innovative communication. The last half of the week we look at issues dealing with our sense of security. We will use the information gained to again address specific issues that ultimately have an impact to gain our sense of security from our inner sense of purpose. Friday seems to have a positive connection to see that the situations are emerging which will bring us a heightened sense of feelings toward our inner world. Our true sense of security comes from within. It is the importance of the inner and outer balance to first attend to the inner security issues before the outer world can see the elements that add to our security. This very issue will be addressed by the Full Moon on Saturday emphasizing the Aquarius and Leo sectors. Leo requires that we take action by expanding our creativity. This inner quality of creativity becomes the instigator of building our inner confidence, inner essence and inner substance. Leo is the wellspring of creative resourcefulness. This Full Moon shines the light on the importance of our thoughts, words and actions. This Leo Full Moon at 6 Leo becomes important as it impacts the Sun at 6 Aquarius, bringing home the importance of our creative actions and the impact on others. This inner spark makes a difference and it is also the “free will” spark that reminds us to be the change you want to see in the outer world. This Full Moon tosses us the reason to ignite the spark of creativity.

January 27th through February 2nd
This week, January 27th through February 2nd, brings out the Leo creative purpose and emphasis on setting situations into a good positive order, as the Full Moon provided the reason to ignite the inner spark of creativity. This Full Moon brings home the message that we are here to make a difference and if we see that something is lacking, we have to jump in and provide that important ingredient. This becomes even more obvious when we realize that we see situations according to our inner matrix of definitions. The larger our scope of understanding, the more we become aware of the importance of the spiritual component, which is then the reason to bring forward that invisible spark of happiness and enthusiasm at times when situations seem to be void of that element.

Jupiter turns direct mid week, as Jupiter hits 7 degrees Gemini and comes into forward motion. Jupiter turning direct allows us to feel like situations are turning around and we are finally going in the right direction. This becomes the effect after several days as Jupiter turns direct on January 30th, but it takes a couple days before we feel that we are inwardly and outwardly aligned.

As we move into February, an EIGHT month, the shift occurs and the outer world shows us our pathway into a very active and busy month. EIGHT emphasizes activities that highlight career, business and financial dealings. We will be very busy and situations will be hopping. Circumstances that seemed to be dormant will begin to be activated and before you know it we will be very involved, engaged and participating in many simultaneous activities. February will be very power packed and we will become very aware of our new life unfolding.

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February 2013 Overview
February is universally an EIGHT* month, (* in numerology terms) which brings in a whole array of activities. Situations begin to pull us into career, business and financial dealings as circumstances begin manifesting our inner sense of purpose in the outer world. The overall importance of 2013 is the balance of the inner and outer world. We have to find the inner focus as the wellspring of what we want to feel. When we look inside, we find all that we have created, or allowed to be created by others, outer situations and circumstances. It is time to take charge of our inner world and create what we want, and toss out the things that others have created inside us by choosing the type of reactions that put others in power and allowed something outside of us to be in charge of our inner world. Mercury connects with Mars on Feb 8th, which brings this point home, as we see what we have allowed into our inner sanctuary and how much it impacts us. Our inner world has a door that only we allow others to come in. Mercury will begin to communicate the information that has invaded our internal system and the realization that we opened the door will signal that it is time to then take that information out of our inner world and set it outside. It is time to realize that our inner world is the world we create by our spiritual understanding and by our life journey. The interpretation of all that has transpired is for us to grow in understanding, appreciation and love. Mercury connecting with Mars activates this process in preparation to the New Moon in the wee hours of the 10th. This also becomes the Chinese New Year with the New Moon at 19 Aquarius. The Chinese New Year for 2013 is the Year of the Snake, which also lets us know that we have to guard our inner doors from taking in information that is not TRUTH. Only Truth should be our inner resources and the true connection to the Divine energy is our important task for this year. Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio on February 18th, which lets us know that it is time to look at our inner world and determine our inner engine of motives, ethics and values. This inner engine is our creative energy that infuses everything we do. Saturn in Scorpio is giving us the discipline to look deeply at our true motives, ethics and values. Saturn requires that we take responsibility for all that we see inside. This process sets the stage for Mercury retrograde, as Mercury turns retrograde on February 23rd from 19 Pisces back to 5 Pisces. The water signs of Scorpio and Pisces provide the positive energy to look inside and to see how important it is that we value our inner world. Mercury retrograde in Pisces becomes a positive trine to Saturn’s requirements to take responsibility for our inner energy, and to use our Truth engine to make a difference in the outer world. February sets the stage for Mercury retrograde from February 23rd through March 17th, as we begin this all important theme of 2013 of inner and outer balance.