from Karyl Jackson

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June 2013 Overview
June is universally a THREE month, which brings in a new creative energy as the major activities and transitions of the month of May have become more organized and forward pursuits can once again come into the picture. June continues to evolve important changes as Mercury shifts into the emotional sign of Cancer at the end of May. The inner aspect of emotions brings importance to your true feelings pulling you into alignment with the outer circumstances. Your feelings become the very elements that determine the changes that need to occur for the outer world to be in alignment with the inner world. With the changes that have occurred in the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of the April/May time frame, a new balance needs to be achieved. Jupiter’s shift into Cancer on June 25th heightens the important focus with your feelings and the alignment of your feeling with your purpose and passion. Jupiter opens this door to begin an expansion process that unfolds your natural purpose and instinctive passion. Jupiter’s shift begins to unfold your true feelings and begins to create yet another level of outer circumstances and opportunities emerging according to the inner/outer balance. As Jupiter unfolds your true inner feelings on June 25th, Mercury retrogrades in Cancer on June 26th. Shifts and revisions of inner feelings aligned with outer circumstances create many changes from June 26th (Mercury turning retrograde) through July 20th (when Mercury turns direct). This mid-year Mercury retrograde phase will prove to have a very profound effect in your life. Cancer represents your feelings as they align with home, family, relationships and emotional security. Your emotional feelings become the emerging force that drives many events all through June. Mercury will be streaming through the emotional sign of Cancer to shift the flow of events to align situations with your feelings. 

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