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Live ET Contact Celebration 12.21.12

Participant Instructions 

1. Do this ET contact  anywhere that you feel safe and comfortable.
2. Choose the people you believe are compatible, respectful, and
enthusiastic about this coordinated effort.
3. When you and/or your group goes into meditation, link up heart-to-heart
with all of the other CE-5 groups who are joining in all over the planet.
4. Then visualize (‘remote view’) our Star Friends in Space or wherever
they may be as they await our contact.
5. With love and goodwill invite them (‘vector’ them) to make contact at
your location.  You can visualize the Milky Way Galaxy with our Sun
located 2/3 of the way out on the spiral arm.  In your imagination then
zoom from there to where you see our solar system.  Continue to zoom in on
planet Earth and down, down further to your location as seen from space
(like a Google map zoom works).
6. Ask our ET friends what we can do in cooperation with them to bring
about a healing for our planet Earth and Universal Peace on Earth.
Visualize a positive future for us all with all the detail you wish.
7. Be aware that ET contact can come in many ways – it may be a sighting
of a Star Craft, a touch on the shoulder, a lucid dream, a telepathic
message, interesting electrical or magnetic phenomenon near you – to
mention a few examples.
8. Please Share Your Experiences on the ETLetsTalk.org Forum. Contact is
what this community is about!  We’d love to hear about your experiences.


For those who have chosen to LIve Streaming from their location:



CE-5 Live ET Solstice Contact
…is what you must call your Hangout for it to be searchable in Youtube Live

See the “How To” set up your live steam by clicking the url link below
Please live stream after your silent meditations.

The key message is — fun!

Its a Contact Celebration and a wonderful opportunity to show the world human initiated contact as ambassadors and diplomats from Earth, reaching out with love and goodwill under the auspice of Universal peace and the healing of our beautiful mother Earth.

Please follow this link to access our video instruction on “How To” live stream using your computer web cam:

– From the event team –

Enjoy Contact! 

Our ET friends are fully awear of your participation!