This is so worth listening to and sent to me by one of my special friends across the world…start around the 3:30 mark and get ready for a new perception on the Reptilians.  The Light has penetrated ALL of us!  Read his commentary below in blue.-A.M.

Dr. Kathryn E. May“Your Light has brought me to dwell deeper into their BlogTalkShow by Kathryn in Hollow Earth
Today 22nd August shall be considered as the Earth Independence Day with a liberation of 990,000 Reptilians being escorted into the Light with the help of Lucifer and Gabrielle who has the Trumpet to vibrates across the planet. as well as the Prince Reginald, Leader of the Reptilians.
I was astonished and with tears as I heard how the Event unfolds and as they relate how the whole event will happen.z
The Reptilian first shy, then quietly, then happily waving as they entered into the Light and were carried on to the Light. All these events were with the presence of the Ascended Masters, Angels, and numerous Acturians.
As Father God says, this historic event is being recorded in the Library of the Hollow Earth or at the Library of the Central Galactic Sun.”

A decree has been stipulated that all those part of the Reptilian group to come forward and present themselves.