Esu Speaks Publicly on Coming Changes

By Jess Anthony
Jun 22, 2012 – 11:49:41 PM


Esu, you said you have words. I am ready to receive your comments.

Jess, let’s speak. This is a period of change unlike any the world has witnessed before. The universe itself is adapting to a new vibrational frequency of energy that brings with it many revelations of insight into the truth of the Creator’s plan. The so-called Wave of photons is truth and love in an ocean of illumination. This will change Earth beyond any imaginings, and those who continue with her ascension will become creatures of the light just as the planet will.

This period of light must be preceded by the dark. This is the prophesied and foretold “three days of darkness” that religions and New Age gurus have feared and antici

pated. Religions of the world dread this darkness because they know the return of the light will bring the truth. Their rituals and controlling precepts will be shown as meaningless. Those New Age believers who look for transcendence will be shown the reality of what ascension really means. True illumination and salvation means taking responsibility individually and working to be compassionate to everyone.

The period of darkness will be brought on by galactic forces. Natural causes can’t produce the pause in existence necessary for changes to be imposed from a higher dimension. This darkness will be accompanied by a worldwide loss of electricity. Anything that runs on electrical current will not function. Batteries will work until they are used up. Candles will burn until they are not in stock. Water will be turned off unless the pumps don’t require electricity to operate. Man will be forced to re-think his mode of existence for this period of three days.

Many will panic and revolt. It will be surprising how quickly man’s civilized veneer becomes selfish and predatory. Banks will not operate and financial systems will not be able to transfer fiat digits. Social unrest will develop due to a loss of restriction and control. Martial law will be suggested. The political process will be in shambles. Food delivery and service will be minimal. Transportation will be limited. Chaos will develop quickly.

My followers and those who will be able to guide others will be tasked with explaining and coordinating events when they can. They are responsible for themselves ab

ove all, and they must reach out only as much as they are able without harm to themselves. The time for a greater re-education and transformation will come later.

Three days may not seem much, but the removal of electrical energy will bring everything to a halt. The darkening of the sun will prevent normal activities. The loss of sunlight will cause temperatures to drop. Prepare for sustaining your existence with alternative resources.

As the traditional Summer Solstice has occurred according to your calendar, the peak energy from the sun will wane and the Earth will move into a time of darkness when its inhabitants are seemingly cut off from the universe.  The universe is watching man’s reactions and taking note. Good can come from bad. Compassion can replace selfish behavior. Assistance and help can throw a lifeline.

Be ready and prepared. Examine your beliefs and convictions.



The Battle is Won
By Sanat Kumara thru Candace
Jun 22, 2012 – 11:56:50 PM


Oh dear ones, it is I Sanat Kumara, whom you know as Solar Logos of the silver ray, and as Grandfather


Rather than chid the dark, the purpose here is give praise to all of you who have passed your difficult testing on this world.  I am specifically speaking  to the ones directly involved in the project of raising this world that are from the highest realms, but we are well pleased also with those evolving on this world who have made enough of a grade in progress to return here after the long stasis.


We sit in great joy that we have come to this event, the coming 3 days of darkness, which was not envisioned as being possible many years ago. Hope was about gone that we could keep this world running.  It was pretty much accepted that she would be rolled over, after the lifting of successful students and star seeds and things started over thousands of years into the future.


You have made it possible for this intermediate option, since a full ascension of earths inhabitants did not occur,  and we stand in amazement of this accomplishment.  See the Hope and Light in this!  The battle is won.


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Jun 22, 2012 – Ultimate and Final Words

CM thru Rubens.  There was a meeting of the big three a number of days ago,  Siraya, the Ancient of Days and CM.  Each has now given a statement.  In the case of the Ancient of Days, all Three were involved in the input.  All came to a finality of conclusion. –C


Ultimate and Final Words
By CM thru Rubens
Jun 22, 2012 – 11:43:03 PM

Ultimate and Final Words

This is Your Creator Son, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon, your place of inhabitation which Urantia is a part of.  As you can assess, Siraya and The Ancient of Days, came ceremoniously to give the dark ones a final warning, or promise and you, who must continue the journey were congratulated on your steadfast stand against an almost insurmountable resistance from the sick ones who refuse to let go of their illusory sense of control and power.


I must say that they have surprised us in their obstinacy and sheer madness in pursuing their course.  We have exhausted all possibilities as pertain to offering them a way out and an opportunity to express regrets and make amends; In vain, have they persisted in their madness and we must say that it is truly pitiful to see that they have wasted so much to effect significant changes on Urantia for the benefit of all.

It is now over and we must move on.  We are going to effect those changes necessary to bring about balance to Urantia and its children.  We are going to instruct the inhabitants on what has taken place on the planet for so long with their unconscious approval and paint to them the scenario that has been placed in their face which only needed final adjustments to come to full implementation.  You, the inhabitants of Urantia would have not been able to shake the shackle of slavery that  you already had around your neck and legs.  We are about to undertake an operation undreamed of by many which will serve them as a template so that this aberration never takes place in My Universe and hopefully the entire SuperUniverse of Orvonton.


You are the subjects of a lot of talks in the entire SuperUniverse and even beyond and this has to come to fruition no matter what because a lot has been invested for a long time so we can bring it to a successful halt which is truly the beginning of a wondrous journey ahead of you.  Let this be a reason for celebration for indeed there is plenty to be happy about; yes there will be many tears shed as well but, in all it is much more about success than anything else.  Let this be imprinted into the very core of your mind in order to never allow it to take place anywhere else so when the time comes to serve again, you will be better equipped to deal with it swiftly and efficiently.  Once again, let me remind you of the importance of this moment that you currently living which will accelerate quickly to the end.

Peace be upon you all and let the end come to an end.

This is your Creator Son, Aton the Sovereign of Nebadon




Jun 22, 2012 – The Ancients of Days Speak


Behold cometh the darkness upon your world

The darkness that shall in the end cause the great shining of light

For those that have found their light, shall come the opportunity to perceive great glory

For those who made the final rejection shall come the loss of glory and for most, the lost of who they be, as they are returned to the great uncreated to become again remade in the light, but not as their former selves

It is but the cycling of the universe.  For old to new to old to new, to brighter even then the last new and so it shall be for those on earth.

After the days of no light, the planet will come forth in the beginning of its new glory.  The Mother has won her great battle.





By Siraya thru Rubens
Jun 22, 2012 – 11:23:48 PM


Rubens: Hello Siraya

Siraya: Good evening dear one

I am here to give a message of finality to all of this; yes, it looked like the message given through Johan was just that but, such is not the case.  We have offered many, many opportunities to the dark ones out of love and in their unnatural state, they have failed to understand the Grace and Mercy handed to them, not because they deserve it per say, but rather because Love is the governing Law throughout Creation as a whole.
As said, previously, a date has already been set and nothing will change that at this point.  I am here to remind the ones coming back to the planet to take a very careful and attentive look at their world as it stands now and understand that they will never again see it as is.


It is time to bid their adieu to all that is and know that it is all for the highest purpose.  We salute those who have been able to withstand the heat and fear generated by the unnatural ones and stood their ground until the end.  Blessed are you indeed, dear children of the Highest.
There is nothing more to say than that it is done for the last time and prepare for what is around the corner.

Blessings upon you, our blessed-ones and good riddance to the malevolent ones.

I am Siraya, Master Spirit of the SuperUniverse of Orvonton


Rubens: Thank you.



On the morning of the fourth day
By CM thru author unamed
Jun 22, 2012 – 10:37:13 PM

On the morning of the fourth day


Christ Michael Thru DS  June 20, 2012


On the morning of the fourth day dawn will be burning in amber hues.  The silence that had taken hold of one’s soul will still be embraced as this new day comes to light.

For during the 3 Days of Darkness the Spirits and Souls of Humanity will awaken and be forced to see clearly their demise by which they had forsaken their truth within themselves on earth and in the heavens above.


In the midst of the darkness the silence will be heard so loud it will echo onto them by which ALL will know the Mighty Power of their Father/Creator.

Much madness, sadness and tears will present itself, for denial was at the forefront of many issues.  They will no longer deny the lighted truths from within as the crevices of hiding and denying will be lighted as never before.


Shafts of lighted knowledge, truth, and divine scripture will come flooding into awareness, and the voice of their creator will not be denied.  Fear will rise and their core will be shaken, but for these souls, the days of darkness will be their ticket to freedom.

Freedom by which many untruths and lies of deception had distorted their reality of what is real and what is false.  Some will rejoice as a spark of lighted memory comes flooding onto them and some will spiral into the fear of uncertainty.


A time of reckoning has occurred, that which was predestined to come. A time prayed for by many and welcomed in dreams.  Nothing will ever be the same again!  People will never be the same again!  The nature of God will have been shown and his lighted love will transcend unto the world his glory and oneness!

Hearts will rejoice and be opened as love prevails and unites many!  The golden light of truth will flow in the air opening all doors to the soul.  Clarity beholden to eyes opened and minds eager will come to them.


Decisions will need to be made by each as to where they stand as the lighted truths will no longer wait or be compromised.  It is the time of reckoning!  Each soul’s time to face themselves and see what they are made of, as they can no longer deny or hide that which they will know within.


By the end of the 3 Days of Darkness much will have been addressed and confronted by each soul, as this has been ordained.

As the morning sun rises on the 4th Day celebrations will be heard world wide.

The darkened cleansing will have accomplished its divine mission of awakening the masses, and mankind will have been purged of the evil dark cabal.


This will be felt, sensed, and known and there will be no denying the changed energy signature within the air and of those around you….


The hunger and thirst for truth will herald in the time of disclosure and announcements!


May my Divine Light be upon my Anointed Ones.

Blessed be to All!

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