Hello Everyone!

MeI want to thank those of you who have sent me such loving and supportive e-mails and text messages regarding our mission and trip. We have been traveling non-stop daily, performing activations, clearing pockets of darkness, and lifting the earth’s dimensionality.  You can imagine what a trip it has been with 4 dogs in tow in our relatively small SUV through sweltering heat and constant thunderstorms.  The schedule has been grueling, so we are taking a bit of a respite today, catching up on many things, including some blogging here. We landed in Little Rock late last night where it was 92 degrees with a 45% humidity.  For a So Cal girl, this has been quite the adjustment as well as the dogs!

I will have photos, videos, and an article to depict this experience for all to enjoy when I return.  So far we have been shown that several of our activations have assisted Mother Earth with raising all of us another 2 dimensional levels!  Cool!

Please continue to check out all of the other postings on this site.  This is literally a library of information that will keep you busy for a very long time…so hopefully you are taking advantage of that and not just the daily updating.

I am sending you all my love and KNOW that we have already made some GREAT shifts!

There are many of you that have questions regarding the CeRPER conference at the end of August.  Please drop me an e-mail and I will respond as the internet access allows….