I find it fascinating to watch China’s strategic movements in purchasing specific companies and commodities. It is evidently clear that they have an agend, but just what it is could be disputed.  There is a lot of fear mongering going on about a China takeover, but what if we were to look at these strategic moves as a potentially beneficial event for the US?  Perhaps China represents the Good Guys, attempting to grasp as many power plays as they can to prevent a global meltdown when things radically shift to a new political/ monetary system.  What if China is attempting to even the scales so to speak with The Cabal?  Just a thought….read on.

China’s CNOOC just scooped up one of the most valuable energy companies in the world: Canada’s energy giant, Nexen.

If it seems like just another energy deal to you, let me tell you, it’s not. It puts China in a position to control Canada’s vast oil shale reserves … ultimately giving it control over a good portion of our “friendly” energy sources.

And when you also add in the fact that China now has huge oil holdings ALL OVER THE WORLD …

To the south of us in Latin America … in Russia … in Iran … and in oodles of other countries around the globe … and is now even making a move for the South China Sea’s oil reserves — which could soon prove to be the largest in the world, ever …

It’s pretty clear to me that one day, we all might be beholden to China — not just for the money it lends to Washington, but also for energy.

That would be a very sad state of affairs, to say the least.

But there’s more to China’s aggressiveness than meets the eye. China is also making huge moves in the currency markets. It wants its yuan to become the next world reserve currency. It wants to dethrone the U.S. dollar.

Thing is, while Washington is doing little to make the U.S. energy independent, it’s doing plenty to help China become the kingpin of the currency markets.

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