by GEORGI STANKOV posted on OCTOBER 26, 2013

by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, October 26, 2013

The Elohim: Massive Pan-Dimensional Portal to New Earth Opened on October 23-25 after Two MPR Took Place on Upper 4D Timelines. The Cities of Light Will Now Fully Blossom.

This cosmic transformation of truly cosmic proportions has cleansed each and all timelines” (The Elohim)

October 25, 2013

Dear Carla,

I had just a sudden “blitz-vision” (lightning-vision), which may not be entirely new in content, but summarizes very well what we have discussed and received as information so far. Here it is:

You must come to Bavaria, where I live as this place will be the first city of light and when we shall ascend, this city will be firmly established. There are many references in the past from Jahn and from your sources, including from my HS, that indicate this possibility. You yourself felt the energies of my city of light when you were here.

The new in my vision is that your sons, or at least Owen first, will come with you and live here. This ties up very well with my recent compelling vision that I will be responsible for your boys here in Germany. This also explains why you had such an urgent impulse to send me their photos all of a sudden. This would say that when you and I will ascend, your boys will be also bilocated to the new city of light, where I now live. Thus our future activities as ascended masters will start from this site. This makes a lot of sense and this vision has been extensively developed by myself (created) since 2009 as I have told you with respect to Munich, being the old and new hub for advanced 4D technologies on 4D earth. I have developed this concept as early as 2008 and have written about this in previous publications.

In fact this city of light may very well be part of Agartha in the broader sense, as the Lemurian Inner Earth of Telos is just a small part of the whole Agartha, which goes back to the Hyperboreas, a mythological earth civilisation eons of time ago, of which we know nothing, and contains about two hundred cities of light, where Telos is just a very small and recent part. You can read this in the books you have just bought.

I needed this vision, which is a synthesis of what we have discussed so far, as it binds all the loose ends. Can you discuss this vision with the Elohim this time as I have the inkling that they will respond? My headache is increasing now. Another shit day and another shift to higher frequencies.

Please read very carefully this article which you may have forgotten, which contains all the essentials of our future work on the new 4D earth:

The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22