I haven’t yet listened to all of the Hearing, but what I was able to take in left me very excited.

The Congressional panel was better than what the witnesses and Steven Bassett hoped for, and the witness credentials and testimony was better than what Congress expected, so everyone was thrilled with the entire event from day one through day five.

There was mention of installations on Mars, and I don’t believe much was held back as far as evidence people needed to know in their heart and mind that we have indeed been visited and ARE being visited by extraterrestrial/extradimensional life forms here on this planet.

Various ET races were discussed and it felt really good to see the topic out in the open, shared by intelligent, educated, and respected human beings with a sincere goal to learn the truth.

Some of the members of Congress said they came into the event knowing about some secrecy and lies, others believing that life mustexist out there in the Universe somewhere. Others said they really knew nothing about the topic and thought it would be interesting, and some thought it would be a good platform to explore the transparency of the U.S. government, or lack thereof.

I believe they all left with an even greater understanding of the true picture and a strong desire to do what they can to bring disclosure out in the open as soon as possible, as well as preventing as much secrecy on the part of the government as possible, i.e. with sunset rulings.

Stephen Bassett expressed a need to get away from the terminology ‘UFO ‘and ‘coverup’ as those are terms the government uses to keep us living in the past.

Every member of the panel it seems was disappointed at the way the U.S. government withheld information from the public that would have enabled mankind to move forward and prosper. They also understood that it was dangerous for some to come forward and respected their decision to decline to share their testimony at the Hearing.

The following video testimony was submitted as the gentleman providing it was unable to attend the hearing, but you’ll hear him say at the end that he feels like a great weight has been lifted from him since he was able to share what he has been hiding all these years as an ex-CIA agent. The interview was definitely cathartic for him and he shared some pretty damning evidence. Learn more here.

I believe the disclosure issue will continue to move forward down many avenues, and that there is no coincidence that we are making headway at this juncture.

On Sunday nights at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time TV programming is spilling the beans on MANY things that the government would prefer were not shared or discussed, but they don’t have any control over it. It is time.

I’ve been watching Unsealed: Alien Files and Unsealed: Conspiracy Files and I’ve been amazed at what they are revealing to the public. Nothing seems to be taboo—from aliens on Earth among us to the Illuminati running the planet. Anything goes.

If you didn’t purchase a ticket to the live stream of the Citizen Disclosure Hearing or access to the archives, I very strongly urge you to either watch the archives—for only $3.80 you can either watch the videos 50 times or until June 15th, whichever comes first…


…purchase the documentary to be produced on DVD, watch it any time you like and share it with those you care about.  They’ll keep us posted on that at the web site once it is available for purchase.

As much as it would be lovely if, after The Announcements come, everyone on the planet immediately woke up and realized just what our reality is, it simply won’t happen that way.

Many people will need months or even years to assimilate what has happened and who we really are and whence we came. Those DVDs of the testimony from the Hearing will help people come to terms with the Truth and move on.

Whatever happens, we are on our way. There is a consolidated effort to move the Disclosure agenda forward briskly and the cabal is powerless to stop it. It has a momentum of its own now.