Protocol for cleaning veggies, fruits, and meats using Activated Sodium Chlorite.  This cleaning process removes fungus, bacteria, etc…

Add 12 drops of sodium chlorite solution to 1 gallon water.  Or  2 drops of activated sodium chlorite solution.

Do each group individually and with new ‘soak water’ each time.

leafy veggies – 5-10 min

root – heavy fiber veggies 10-15 min  – beans/grains may also be soaked

thin skinned fruits (berries) – 5 min

medium skinned fruits – 10 min

thick skinned fruits – 10-15 min

citrus fruits and bananas – 15 min

eggs 20-30 min – gets rid of salmonella

meats/poultry/fish thawed – 10 min

meats/poultry/fish frozen – 15-20 min
[can remain in the soak until thawed]

Rinse in fresh water for 5-10 min.  Drain.  Then store.

Here are instructions for using this product for water purification:

You can mix 8 drops of Sodium Chlorite in 1 gallon of water and wait 12 hours before drinking.
OR: Mix 2 drops of Sodium Chlorite with 2 drops of the 50% Citric Acid Solution in an empty glass, wait 30 seconds then add water to this solution, then add it to 1 gallon of water and wait 15 minutes before drinking.

Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid Kit – $40.00

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