Once again, Spirit is behind the scenes to assist us in taking back our nation with the relatively new on the scenes Amber Lyon.   Even her name is tell-tale for a new sort of news reporter.  Take a look at this:

 Amber (signal for caution, a fossil resin of vegetable origin, translucent, brittle, and capable of gaining a negative electrical charge by friction and of being an excellent insulator) and Lyon ( lion, descendant of Leon (lion); dweller at the sign of the lion – the capital of the Free French Resistance movement in World War II)

I received a video blip on Amber Lyon and was so intrigued by her courage to expose CNN that I did a more thorough search on her reporting. I have been waiting for the media to be the next institution to crack and crumble but there hasn’t been a whole lot of that as of yet as compared to the banking and political arenas. However, with journalists like Amber Lyon, things are changing! This is dated 9.28.12 and I couldn’t believe it!!!! She talks about the psychological effect of repeating something  over and over again, used by our media today.  Foreign governments are financed by corporations such as CNN’s private interests and in exchange will air the war machine of the desired regimes that CNN supports.  The suggestion is for ALL journalists to unite so that they can protect their private sources of information and not get subpoenaed to release their sources.

Something is Happening in Anaheim – Why the Media Blackout – 10.2.12 (This is in my backyard so to speak and nothing was shared on media regarding this matter?)
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