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April 23, 2013   Coast Insider Audio

The Serpo Exchange:

In the middle two hours of Monday’s show, UFO and paranormal researcher Len Kasten discussed the alleged secret government exchange program with ETs from the planet Serpo. He shared the chronicle of the journey of the Serpo team based mainly on postings (gathered on made by “Anonymous”– who claims to be a high-level former Defense Intelligence Agency member. “Anonymous” is considered to be the editor of “The RED BOOK”– a comprehensive set of volumes that detail all ET contacts with Earth beginning in 1947, Kasten reported. The ETs or “Ebens,” who look like smaller versions of humans but with larger skulls (a race different than the Greys), set up the exchange, in which 12 military personnel from Earth traveled to Serpo, a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system in 1965, he continued.

Though Serpo is 39 light years from our solar system (240,000 trillion miles), the Ebens have perfected wormhole and antigravity technology allowing them to make the journey in just 9 months, Kasten related. Even though the American exchange team was picked up in what was merely a “shuttlecraft,” they couldn’t believe the size of it– it had 100 ft. ceilings, and their 45 tons of supplies barely made a dent in it, he remarked. Serpo is said to be about the same size as Earth and have breathable air, yet only has a population of 650,000. Among the strange wildlife on the planet was a snake-like creature with highly developed eyes that looked almost human, Kasten shared.

The Ebens used a deceased exchange member to create a new hybrid creature, and had done similar experimentation with beings they had brought back from many other worlds, he revealed. Most of the exchange team returned to Earth in 1978 (all have subsequently died), though several members stayed behind on Serpo and continued to send communications back until 1988, he said. The highly classified “Project Gleam” was developed to foster communication between Serpo and Earth, and involves a beam that’s propelled at enormous speeds, he explained. According to Kasten, the Ebens continue to have a diplomatic relationship with our civilization.