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April 3, 2013   Coast Insider Audio

UFO Update:

In the first half of Tuesday’s show, historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan talked about the FBI’s UFO document, the Hottel memo, as well as various UFO cases and crash retrievals. The Hottel memo has been declassified since the late 1970s, and has resurfaced at various points since then, most recently, with the FBI’s announcement that this document is the most popular file in The Vault, their electronic reading room, opened in 2011. The short memo, dated March 22nd, 1950 describes flying saucers 50 ft. in diameter containing 3 ft. tall humans. According to the memo, an Air Force investigator stated that three circular craft had been recovered in New Mexico, and each was occupied by three small humans dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. The story was based on rumors, and reportedly the FBI didn’t follow up on it. However, Dolan revealed that J. Edgar Hoover was actually quite interested in UFOs.

Early UFO investigator Frank Scully wrote about a UFO crash in Aztec, NM in 1948, and this may have been the incident that was referred to in the Hottel memo. While some have claimed the Aztec crash was a hoax, there has been strong research by people such as Scott & Suzanne Ramsey to show otherwise, Dolan noted. Interestingly, during 1950, the Air Force was running Project Twinkle to triangulate anomalous ‘fireballs’ that flew in surprising patterns. They triangulated an object 30 ft. in diameter flying at 150,000 ft. over New Mexico, which is much higher than any man-made craft at the time. As far as the ‘alien’ occupants of UFOs, Dolan pondered whether they might be artificially created organisms that are custom designed to function here on Earth.