Weekend Edition   November 12, 2012    Coast Insider Audio

The Ratline & Mormon Origins:

During the middle two hours of Sunday’s program, Ian Punnett ( Twitter) was joined by author Peter Levenda, who provided an update on his book Ratline, which contends that Adolf Hitler escaped from Germany during the end of WWII, and discussed his new book, The Angel and the Sorcerer, which examines the “occult origins of Mormonism.”

He revealed that, since the publication of Ratline, “a number of people have come out of woodwork with little bits of information” regarding the underground network used to facilitate the escape of high ranking Nazis and their resources from Germany at the end of the war. According to Levenda, Portugal was responsible for hiding an astounding 44 tons of gold that had been plundered by the Nazi’s. He cited Allied documents which contended that a mere 4 tons of that looted treasure were repatriated to victimized nations, while the remaining treasure was spirited away to Macau, a Portuguese colony located within China. Ultimately, Levenda claimed, the massive trove of ill-gotten gold was absorbed by the Chinese government in the 1950’s.

Levenda also detailed his new research into the “occult origins” of Mormonism, which he called “the quintessential American religion.” To that end, he noted that Freemasonic ideas influenced the formation of America, and, as such, Levenda mused that “it’s almost inevitable that there would be a religious movement based on some of those same ideas and that’s what you have with Mormonism.” Additionally, he pointed to the use of alchemical practices by Joseph Smith in the early creation of the religion and suggested that the founder of Mormonism codified a number of “New Age” concepts into the doctrine of the religion. Ultimately, Levenda stressed that his work is not meant to be an attack on the religion and aims to “expose Mormonism to those who have heard a lot of rumors and who don’t understand it very well.”