On Monday’s show, metaphysician and spiritual psychologistDoreen Virtue talked about her study of mermaids and mer-people, as well as dolphins, and their possible connection to the star Sirius. Based on her research of both ancient texts and artifacts, as well as past life regressions she’s conducted, she concluded that mer-people absolutely existed and were separate from manatees or dolphins. “These were real beings who used the gills that humans are always born with but that cover over as the embryo grows, and were able to consume the oxygen that was in the water,” she said. Concurring with the lore of the Dogon tribe, she suggested that the mermaids– or beings with fishtails, originated from Sirius, and brought the water with them. Further, according to her regression work, many humans that lived in Atlantis, had the ability to swim underwater like a mer-person.

Virtue said she takes people out on scuba-diving excursions, but instead of scuba gear they wear a tail or a “monofin” that gives them a mermaid-like experience, and “connects them to memories of Atlantis.” She believes mer-people were once as common as dolphins, but were hunted to the point where they’re now non-physical. “They’re still with us but they are above the physical plane,” she added. One theory is that dolphins and mer-people once worked together to fish, and like dolphins the mer-people would come up for air, but had gills, and very large lung capacity so they could stay underwater for long periods, she said.

She believes dolphins exceed humans in intelligence, but if we don’t make changes they’re on their way to extinction. There is much evidence that being around dolphins can be healing, she noted, but activities such as military sonar testing, and ocean dredging, as well as pollution is hurting them, though activists are speaking out. Virtue also talked about angelic communications. At seminars she conducts around the world, participants have been getting messages from their angels telling them to eat organic produce. “The reason is the angels are trying to get us off the toxic GMOs; so these guardians are trying to keep us safe, keep us healthy and not be victims of the depopulation scheme,” she explained.