Hey All of You Galacterians of Lady Gaia!
MeThe interview and transcript are already up!!!  Yeah!  Firstly, I want to thank an individual that wants to remain anonymous for providing me this transcript so quickly!  Those overseas appreciate it very much!
I also want to apologize to everyone for a few things regarding this current interview.  I do a great deal of preparation for these interviews and never know what direction they may take me due to the confidential nature of subjects addressed.  For example, I can have a slew of questions regarding a particular topic but if I get a signal from Cobra that it is off limits, I literally need to redirect my attention quickly elsewhere.  I have grown to realize that when I am in the interview, I rarely remember what comes out of my mouth and later recognize that Cobra may have guided me telepathically away from topics that can be non-beneficial to The Resistance and the progress of The Light.  I just want all of you to understand this if you didn’t hear a question you thought should have be asked.  Granted, I wasn’t as grounded as I would have liked to have been, so my articulation wasn’t as succinct as usual.  But there is always next month and it should be a biggie!
Anyway, please know that I pursue these interviews for several major reasons (in addition to being kicked in the butt by Guidance): 1) for all of us to gleam a better behind-the-scenes perspective, 2) to hone our discernment skills, 3) to gain more neutrality with the way we see ourselves and the world around us, 4) to become more compassionate and understanding of human affliction, and finally 5) to fully absorb that we are receiving Galactic assistance.
It is my heartfelt goal to provide The Ground Crew with encouragement and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for ALL YOU DO.  We have arrived where we are because we are becoming more aware, more empowered, less dualistic, and more accountable.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done because your deserve it – each and everyone of you.  Cobra and I can not do this without the love, support, and commitment
from all of you.
I often hear many of you comment about how you feel you aren’t contributing much to The Cause, but I challenge you to rethink that!  If you are working towards walking your life in impeccability, speaking
your truth with honor, respect, and kindness, accepting the differences in others, and coming from a desire to assist and serve Prime Creation, then you are contributing tremendously!
I want to thank all of you who stepped up and took the bold initiative to remove your implants, because this act alone has contributed hugely to the Light Quotient on this planet.  I am so honored to walk alongside all of you and I KNOW that we have/are making a difference!  Just don’t let you Light grow dim at this “final hour” because we need you!!!
Lots of love,
The Cobra and Alexandra Meadors March 4, 2014 Interview:
The Cobra and Alexandra Meadors March 4, 2014 Transcript: