3meninthematrixHumanity is connected by an invisible force. Some people see it as a code or an energetic field that connects all creation. Many people believe that this connection is in the mind. This is a limited viewpoint. The mind is only part of this hidden force. It is an instrument within the field used to create definition within what some call the “aether” that which holds, contains and distributes the power of the mind.

Within the observation of the mind is the field of frequency. The wavelengths of frequency can be long or short. The frequency can be fast or slow. The amplitude of the wave can be tall or short. None of these descriptions construes a more spiritual or higher state of consciousness. They are simply statements of energy within this dimension, which is a state of consciousness. All of the wavelengths are composed of information, informing that which is in formation.

This medium acting as the carrier of light is comprised of standing waves. A wave is a disturbance in any medium and you can consider the force we are talking about to be that medium. When there is movement within that environment, it has been disturbed. A standing wave (sometimes referred to as a stationary wave) remains in a constant position. This occurs because of interference between two waves traveling in opposite directions.  The standing wave is created by two waves of similar wavelength traveling in opposite directions. The movement is simultaneous and it can be of any wavelength, frequency or amplitude. It makes no difference and it carries no significance. It simply is motion in form.

The disturbance is really the difference between two energy states because there is only the one medium space. For our purposes, we will refer to the medium as space. This space is not empty. It is space that is an agency for movement. This activity within the setting of space is either in motion or potentially in motion. Hence, matter (potential) and energy (motion) or equal. Again, no matter the frequency or wavelength, it has no significance within the movement itself. Higher and lower (as they pertain to better or worse) has no meaning.

 standing wave

What is called “energy” in this dimension is a carrier of information. Information is defined as a pattern, form or structure. Energy is the power to do the work that creates the information patterning. It does this through non-linear dynamics and emergence. Think of the standing wave pictured above. Imagine waves going out from it and into it at the same time. It portrays a constant fluctuating substance that is a carrier of all the information in the cosmos. The information depends upon coherency to create the carrier wave that carries the information. Information “has” energy. Energy “has” information. Energy is the power “in” the information. Information is the “purpose” of the energy.  It exists without interpretation or meaning.

This information is created by the thoughts, words and actions of all living creatures plus the natural attributes of manifestation. This concept includes all life. Every manifested source of life in this dimension creates informational structures that are constantly emerging from and entering into the center of the idea of the standing wave. Source consciousness is included within this principle.

The information is stored in an invisible field known by some as the Akashic Field. This field conserves and conveys information within itself. It is a cosmic information field based upon the informed universe within which humanity exists. It resides within the space that was referred to in the opening paragraphs. All that exists “is” all that exists. All potential futures also lie within the fabric of the Field.

What makes it work?

 Is it consistent or are there differences in the energy
and the information that it carries?

The waves are composed of coherent and incoherent frequencies. Coherent waves are composed of waves having a constant difference in phase (troughs and crests are consistently the same height and size). Incoherent waves are inconsistent in phase.They may be included in any frequency or wavelength.

Phase of an oscillation is defined as the fraction of a complete cycle corresponding to an offset in the displacement from a specified reference point. Each oscillation is identical. It measures an oscillation cycle according to a pre-designated time/space scale.

Coherent waves create constructive interference that is a set of interfacing waves in a harmonic (1+1=2); overlapping; symmetrical. The net result is greater energy, more light and/or more information. When someone says they are experiencing “good vibes” from someone else, it is constructive interference; likewise, a space that feels good to the physical body. There is resonance within constructive interference.Incoherent waves create destructive interference; opposite waves interacting; sometimes seen as a flat line or less light. “Bad vibes” are created by destructive interference. Incoherent waves do not resonate because they have no relational points with which to intersect and combine.

There is a third interaction creating a bra800px-Sine_waves_different_frequencies.svgnd new frequency when resonating together. It is called harmony. Harmonic resonance is the state of well-being preferred by most bodies. 

Imagine pebbles being dropped into a pool of water. The rings of energy that are emitted from the pebbles go out in patterns that interfere with each other. Each interference pattern creates a new set of waves, some constructive and some destructive.

Coherency within the space establishes communication because the coherent wave becomes a carrier wave for the communing information. It works like a subatomic telephone line. The higher the coherency (not the frequency), the finer the telephonic network; similar to all of the photons playing individual parts in an orchestra yet you hear only the composite. Harmony is the most desirable interference within frequencies.

When you talk about desiring to be of a higher frequency, what you desire is to be coherent. A state of coherency is experienced as the feeling of well-being. It is harmonic with all of nature.


(This writing is partially excerpted from my Meta yoU School of Mastery Metaphysics course.)