I have written some cliff notes for this audio clip.  This is so worth listening, especially for those of us who feel like our eyes gloss over when we begin hearing about derivatives, indexes, IPO’s and Options.  Elijah Johnson interviews Bix about the current financial markets regarding a plan in the late 6o’s to implement computer rigging models by Alan Greenspan. Did you know Greenspan was a computer expert, inventing computer banking programs in the ’60’s?  There are people working to take out the banks to have them hang themselves with over leveraging, etc.  He thinks these “Good Guys” really want to help the American people.  The bad guys wanted to control the world, decrease the size of the population, and take control of everything.  Some people that you might think are bad guys are actually the good guys.  He is suggesting that Alan’s programs prevented the system from crashing when we went off the gold standard in 1972.

He is saying the only way to get these funds cleared and clean is to erase them all together.  We need to hunker down because there is no way to avoid the collapse.  The crash will begin in Europe.  People won’t be able to pay their bills because they won’t be able to get money out of their own banks.  Once it starts with JP Morgan, as funds freeze up, all customers will not be able to get their money out.  SO customers of other banks will lose money.  Banks that have customers with JP Morgan will effect that other bank. It has already started in Europe in March with derivatives. You need to be prepared.

Bix is saying that silver is a much better investment than gold. There are HUGE mines going in America that people are unaware of since they have been locked away for over 100 years.  The US is ready to go back to a physical gold and silver standard.  He thinks the US has been preparing for this shift to physical currency.

The people will be given a choice to choose a new system.  The Good Guys want Ron Paul available before the end of August.  Bix also straightens out that Paul has NOT dropped out of the race, he has just decided to stop campaigning.

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