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Ginger’s Notes on the Show (Mahalo, Ginger!!)

*The Collective Imagination Show – April 9/10th 2013 –
*Since I have been listening to both this show and the OPPT-IN shows, it’s been an amazing journey beginning with Heather getting my instant attention early January 2013! Fast forward, why I love these shows now is because I feel like I am part of a growing collective global family that is deeply dedicated towards waking up, pushing the boundaries and co-creating a new sparkling Gaia hologram/time line everyday.*
*One of my original intentions to start the Kona Occupy Disclosure meetup in January 2012, was the same . . . getting together and sharing what each of us was experiencing as we awaken and keeping track of the censored news. So now I and meetup members feel and see that we are part of a growing bunch of eggs cracking inter locking Eternal Heart Essence arms around Gaia for the party! And this was another FUN show/party . . .*
breaking_out_of_shell_bird*- More regarding Lisa’s seeing our eggs about to crack open, Brian adds more insights around this as to where we are collectively . . . essentially, its time to call it “a wrap”, as we have all completed our roles now. Chris adds a wonderful story how we can get trapped in our roles . . . therefore, we can help the PTW release their roles now in our own minds . . . and ask them to come on over, as the celebration party is starting now! This was followed by a wonderful visualization to help release roles, read by Brian from a Removing The Shackles reader/contributor.*
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