Yadkin on Liberation Time

Greetings I am Yadkin from the Gontarian Alliance We bring much Great news!!!

We are so pleased for you all.

A GreyGontarians: Advanced Beings specialize in sonar solar crystal defense technoligies.Led by the Great Yadkin in the army of Christ. Yadkin from the Kuba dynasty dates 17 yaran of peaceful harmonious rule. In linear time. Part of Procyon Mewrican Gontarian Alliance. Gontarians posses a deep desire to liberate worlds from the darker beings all over creation and have won many wars including many victories and liberations from the Draco Borg collective and Reptilian beings.
Currently they have just developed a crysto sonar hollogram dissolution technology that can defeat and shut down time loop and control matrixes a favorite technology used for enslavement of races by the dark alliance of the skantar reptoid draco borg collective.

Procyons are now assisting as they posses the secrets of birthing into 3d soul transfer and walk in
soul energy transference. This has to do with advanced soul matrix transfer onto Humanoid brain and heart energy. Procyons have recently been liberated from the dark ones and have vowed to free Earth as well as chase the Greys out of the milkyway forever.

There is no escape now for the greys as the cordinates are locked. Currently the Andromedan alliance has agreed to take Greys to rehabilitation facilities where they can be deprogrammed and provide service to the people of Gaia. This is sort of like a plea bargain as most of them have no hope for the future as they are a sort of slave worker being created by the draconian borg reptoids.
The Greys would be wise to surrendur and not resist apprehension by the andromeda alliance.
The Greys will now be given a choice rehabilitation or dissentigration because once they pass the andromedans juristdiction of the external galaxies perimeter. The Mewricans have sealed all exits.
The Mewricans are Animanoids who are furious with the grey over the experimentation and abduction of earths animal stock and seek to destroy these mischievious Greys. They are permittied to do so because to this day the Greys have not repented for this tortoure of humans and animals.
As the Greys who wish to be saved come forward the people of Earth can expect a loosening of the slavery Grid as the Greys spill the beans on how the Reptoids system works. This will provide us with all the info we need to liberate Humanity. There is no hope for the Reptoids remaining in the milkyway as most of the highearchy of The Reptoids have fled to other areas because they are not safe they are severely weakened and only hope to preserve there few remaining outposts from attack. So the can regain strength. They will not send any more moons because they can’t afford it.
The Largest Death star they were moving in was blocked and then dissentigrated last tuesday by the New Gontarians Crtysto Solar Genarator called Yemaya last week. Now the Greys are very scared its like a group of coal miners whose exits just caved in and now there walkie talkies are dead. Very interesting developments are on the way.

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