This is to support one of my many GalacticConnection supporters who is passionately trying to get these reliable, low maintenance, and zero pollution vehicles out to the public eye.  Check it out!-AM.

Published on Jul 5, 2013

Published on Jul 5, 2013

air compressed vehiclesAdvanced Air Vehicles of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is committed to develop, build and market compressed air powered vehicles that are what we call ‘Practically’ Green. This means that the vehicles are good at what they are designed to do, and operate without the need for petroleum – or boxes full of acid and toxic metals.

Compressed air has been used to power vehicles since at least 1879, when a French inventor used a recently developed compressed air motor to power a model airplane that logged numerous successful flights, and on through the turn of the century when compressed air locomotives were in commercial use on urban railways and underground mines, including a locomotive which remained in service until 1961.

With the exception of a few special interest groups, all of us on the planet support the idea of a zero pollution vehicle. The theory of compressed air power has been proven in practice for over 130 years. Technical issues which could not have been solved in the past ARE being solved today. You will see our test vehicle in this video!

Our initial models will fill demands in the recreational and industrial markets for reliable, low maintenance, and zero pollution vehicles. A company or agency that buys them is clearly demonstrating that they take all available steps to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment as well as the health and safety of their workforce.

We’re going to build Golf Carts. And there are four primary reasons:
1. Extremely good fit for the duty cycle of our technology as already developed
2. Zero emissions vs. gas powered carts
3. Quick ‘recharge’ time and zero battery cost or hazards vs electric carts
4. Excellent exposure to business owners and executives whose companies and agencies are potential customers for our current and future product line

And we’re going to build Industrial Carts:
1. Extremely good fit for the duty cycle of our technology as already developed
2. Zero emissions ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing and maintenance facilities, and underground mines
3. Zero health hazards associated with acid and fumes from charging batteries
4. Zero spark hazard ideal for potentially explosive or combustible surroundings

We know these will sell. We already have commitments to buy them when they are ready.

We need to build 30 operational prototypes and deploy them across a broad spectrum of clients. Golf courses in strategic locations, and commercial and industrial applications of varying demands. We will need to be in position to monitor the prototypes and interact with the owners and maintenance personnel on an ongoing basis and refine the design as weaknesses are discovered.

Your participation in our project can make that possible, particularly if you help this project go viral by sharing it through your social network and other centers of influence.

Get involved. Make a difference. Spread the word. And we’ll ALL breathe easier.