DO not read this article believing the take over of a tyrannical global elite!  Consider the times and the signs that all reveal we are about to leap into a NEW WORLD!!!  These guys are running to the hills….EXPOSURE is here folks!

Susanne Posel

Occupy Corporatism
September 26, 2012
Thanks to M.

The entire Congress in Washington has left the Capitol and will be on hiatus until after the November election. This unprecedented move effectively shuts down the most important branch of our government in the weeks leading up to election season.

Although Congress has traditionally left Washington, DC to campaign for elections, this year marks the earliest departure in decades. GOP leaders left with unfinished business on their desks. And with recent changes in our nation’s climate (i.e. QE3 and the looming threat of war in the Middle East) Congress appears to be willing to take the verbal bashing by being called “lame-duck” rather than continue working on Capitol Hill.

There is no shortage of name calling in the mainstream media. The new federal budget was ushered to Obama before Congress vacated the Capitol. However, other issues like taxes, farm policy and legislation to “save the Postal Service from insolvency” were abandoned as if not important.

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