Tuesday, June 18, 2013 20:08

(Before It’s News)

We learn tonight that the crash of TWA Flight 800 off of the coast of New York back in 1996 was much more than we had been previously told as whistleblowers have come out stating that the NTSB told them to lie by placing gag orders on this entire episode of American history in another US government coverup now falling to pieces. Think that the crash of TWA’s flight 800 wasn’t a cover-up or a conspiracy? Then you haven’t read the latest. (An outstanding video on the coverup of TWA Flight 800 also below):

A group of whistleblowers, including a number of aviation experts, have come forward in a new documentary to claim that the official explanation for the crash of TWA Flight 800 was wrong and a gas tank explosion did not bring down the flight off the coast of New York.

In fact, the whistleblower team, which includes among its members investigators who at the time worked for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), TWA, and the Airline Pilots Association, all of whom have since retired from their positions, have now claimed that during the incident, they were all placed under a gag order by the NTSB. The NTSB subsequently ended up falsifying the official conclusion of the cause of the crash. The whistleblowers said that they would say much more on a Wednesday media interview as the lies of the US government are quickly now falling apart. Much more below.

Benghazi ‘Narrative’ Reads Like TWA 800′s.  To sustain the lie, however, insiders had to tell more lies still.  The FBI would fabricate a second interview with Witness No. 73 that never took place.  The CIA — yes, that CIA — would fabricate a second interview with Mike Wire that also never took place.  NTSB insiders would lie outright about what Joseph Delgado saw, but the election came and went without anyone even knowing who these people were.  In 1996, however, there was no ubiquitous internet, no Facebook, no YouTube.  Fox News came online only later that year.  It would have been impossible for any White House to pull this massive a misdirection off in 2012 so close to home.  America would have seen videos of the shoot-down online before the White House could control the information flow.

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