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“Smith and Jones” quaixemen

…They are beings that have located themselves inside the planet. But they also come from other planets. The ones who came in 1998 could be viewed in the mind. They looked like a black spider. But while you were looking at it it would then change and you’d think it was more like an octopus. One has four legs and the other has eight. The creature has something to do with the number 48. For the most part, my contact experiences were wonderful up until 1998. At that time they became very negative. Not all the beings that come here from space are friendly if you believe what you read in the contact notes of billy meier. The beings that I ran into in 1998 spoke about beings they called changlings who they said were white. They said they come from someplace else and that they themselves came from the same place. But I believe now they are located in the interior of the earth. Whether they still have space travel or not I don’t know. You could be right about them being from the interior of the earth and not having space travel now. But they aren’t originally from here either. The story is really strange. There is a being who calls himself “the eight”. This is the being I ran into back in 1998. The story is that at some time in our past the “819” came here from another solar system. The “8” separated from the “19”. And the 8 was in fact the nose cone of the ship. I don’t know what to make of it. It was as though you were talking to an intelligent being that was alive yet according to the story was a piece of technology and part of a ship. It is wild stuff. They even claimed that these white beings who they called changlings were coming here. You’d have to think of Thor’s people here who are the white beings and even have a book about the white planet. According to these beings when these changlings come here they pull them down into hell and worship them in hell because they like to be worshipped. He also said some other monstrous things about kidnapping their children and even eating their children. Makes you think of a dragon. In fact he even used words that bean with the letters B and M which are the 2nd and 13th letters of the alphabet. According to the code he is talking about the number 213 as in the year 2013 which is a number that has to do with the dragon. He used phrases like “black magic” and “bite me”. Yes, he really said “bite me”.

— In, Lynett Durgin