Thanks Therisa!

Published on Apr 30, 2017

This video shares incredible experiences with the Nordic looking Apunians, extraterrestrial beings, that come from the future with a powerful message. “The messages of the Beings are very precise and they have the elements to verify them. There is a hopeful future, but some old structures have to be transformed. What I would say to people is not to be afraid because fear is the antithesis of love. Fear paralyzes and does not allow us to make the right decisions. We have to open our consciousness to react according to that and to create a better future for us all. Extraterrestrials may support us but they will never solve our problems. The real contact is with ourselves.” –Ricardo González

This is life-altering contact with highly advanced beings from beyond our time and planet. Ricardo has shared the fascinating story of his own contact over decades with peaceful, advanced beings that he came to understand as our own older brothers and sisters in the cosmos. An interplanetary bridge of assistance between humanity and these evolved civilizations. This mission is for the evolution of humanity, the planet and the universe.