By Dr. Margaret MacKenzie on January 4, 2015

A recent medical study, published by Dr. Amanda Black, has discovered a very surprising and controversial cure for AIDS. Since the 1980’s, doctors and scientists worldwide have sought a cure for this deadly disease, testing and rejecting countless chemicals and drugs. Until recently, no one would have guessed that the cure was very readily available in college dorms across the country.

Within the past few years, marijuana – a substance frowned upon by government officials, religious leaders, and overprotective mothers everywhere – has been heavily researched and found to have tremendous value as a natural medicine. Medical marijuana can calm the symptoms of menstrual periods, ease the suffering of patients undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatments, treat glaucoma and, as discovered by Dr. Amanda Black, is the cure for AIDS.

There are any number of interesting ways to introduce marijuana to the human body; smoking being the most common and most frowned upon. It would appear, however, that smoking this herb is the most effective means of fighting the AIDS virus. This was determined by observing the long- term marijuana use of participating AIDS patients. Armed with cannabis oil, bongs, pipes, joints and assorted baked goods, Dr. Black and her team distributed the largesse and and began recording their observations.

During an exclusive interview with Dr. Black, she explained that, although there may be some evidence of damage to the lung tissues, the damage is merely minor, especially when compared to the miraculous benefits of smoking this versatile herb. Unfortunately, there is no telling as yet just how much marijuana needs to be smoked to effectively cure the disease.

When asked about the recommended daily dose of cannabis, Dr. Black answered, “We don’t yet know for sure, but we know it’s a lot“. She says trace benefits were discovered in casual users of the drug, but the real healing progress was seen in what medical professionals refer to as ‘career smokers.” It was also revealed during the study that smoking copious amounts of marijuana can effectively prevent the user from contracting the fatal AIDS illness.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so impressed with this astonishing medical breakthrough. The fast-growing Republican organization, Christians for Michelle Bachmann, fervently believes that the marijuana cure should be banned.

Marijuana, they believe, is a dangerous substance that, far from curing AIDS, helps in the spread of all sexually transmitted diseases. A representative from the group claims that cannabis causes sexual depravity, especially in African American males and that HIV/AIDS is a punishment sent by God to warn other sinners and sexual deviants. Several other religious organizations have issued similar statements.

Despite religious backlash, millions of people are enthusiastic about the marijuana cure for AIDS. Pot sales are already very successful in Colorado, with millions of AIDS infected patients fleeing to the state for a cure. People who were previously against casual marijuana use are now leaving their homes in droves and heading for the nearest grower or supplier.

It would appear the old adage is true: A doobie a day keeps the doctor away. Dr. Black and her team will hopefully be selected to receive the historic North American Scientific and Medical Outstanding Achievement award, or NASMOA Award, later this fall for her groundbreaking research in connection with this project. The NASMOA is the most prestigious prize in its class to date.