An interview with Walt Burien, a Commodity Trading Advisor for 15 years, discusses two sets of books that have been existent all along — and all the “bankruptcies” of cities and states are not necessary.

There’s been a total blackout on discussions of collective totals or government ownership totals, which when looked out shows a totally different world than we were told to believe.   Collective government, both local and federal have taken over the banking industry, the brokerage industry, collective government ownership of the stock market, A corporate mogopoly controlling the public.  Large corporations networking, government networking between themselves, constantly promoting deficits, budget shortfalls as they created a two-tier accounting structure where they will show the tax revenue on the budget report, which they call the general purpose operating funds, as they’ve separated through what is called the Comprehensive Financial Annual Report, all of the investment funds, enterprise operations, venture projects, which are generating phenomenol money.  So when the public is complaining about government growth and overspending or collecting too much taxes, they’re given a selectively created budget report which shows where the tax income is spent…

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Walter Burien – CAFR1 on Coast to Cast with George Noory –
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