To truly understand the 12:21:12 DNA time code and time lock it is helpful to first understand the very nature of DNA time codes and time locks.

The nature of such a light-encoding in our DNA on the higher level etheric strands is not based on the Gregorian Calendar. These are vibrational codes and specific days/times on our linear time line which are in harmonic resonance with them.


The nature of linear time synchronization is such that it is somewhat like a rubber band and can be stretched quite a bit. The movements of consciousness taking place in our collective are very much connected into our linear timeline.


It is therefore possible for collective soul agreements to be made whereby a specific vibration of consciousness is agreed to be achieved at a certain point in the rhythm of the Earth dancing with her Star-Sun.


Some such soul agreements are what would be considered shorter term. These would be less than 1,000 years of our linear time and could be as short as a year or less.


Then there are collective soul agreements of this nature that span much larger segments of linear time. The collective soul agreement that is involved in 12:21:12 was initiated at the inception of the first souls incarnating on Earth.


This agreement was a very high level primary agreement that involved the original EL’Ohim of this system and the very first pods of starseed souls that were arriving on Earth in conjunction with the first root race of souls who were birthed from our Sun as their home star. These latter souls took many of their initial incarnative experiences within the Earth matrix.


It was at this time that the time code which is now associated with the date of 12:21:12 in our current calendrical system was originally brought into manifestation within the higher etheric 11th and 12th strands of our DNA. Along with this time code is an associated time lock.


This time lock has prevented the opening of a particular higher-dimensional doorway of consciousness access until the 12:21:12 time code has been activated and triggered. This was pre-programmed to occur when we reached the vibrational level of consciousness we will reach in conjunction with 12:21:12.


There are a great many factors involved in what determines the vibrational level of consciousness in our world, or any other world. Some of these factors are the evolutionary movements of the souls involved, celestial and cosmic alignments, the activity of the EL’Ohim of that world system, the activity and assistance of other Illumined, Angelic and Master Beings in behalf of that world system, and many more.


As you can see there are a great number of factors that provide room for stretch in the synchronization with the linear timelines involved. The Celestial hierarchy of any given world system can make a considerable number of adjustments to help that system adapt to the changing vibrational environment it finds itself within.


It was therefore vibrationally written into our collective DNA a very long time ago that at a specific point in our celestial cycles of time that we would reach a specific vibration within our consciousness.


This would then trigger an activation of what I am calling the 12:21:12 time code. This would then release the time lock and the Cosmic Golden Door would be swinging wide open to a whole new level of consciousness that was previously very difficult to access.


Simply stated, this doorway brings a greatly expanded ability to process multi-dimensional information and awareness. Our brains had to evolve to a certain point to be able to actually accomplish this without frying all of their neuronal circuitry and subsequently various states of mental breakdown. This will very soon become possible, although the degree of this ability that shows up will vary greatly between different individuals.


One of the reasons we have been feeling things speeding up is that the movement of energy through our consciousness has accelerated enormously. We are processing huge amounts of information now on every level imaginable. Yet we have not had our CPU significantly updated yet so it can truly hyperthread!


Once this Golden Doorway opens one of the things we should start to notice fairly quickly is that we are gaining an ability to process even more information but with much less effort and stress. This will really open the cosmic flow on Earth!


The 5th Sacred Tone of Lys’Na was specifically designed by the Metatronic Councils of Light to work with this time code release as one of its major functions (this is not the only function though).


The easiest way of explaining how the vibrational encoding held within the 5th Sacred Tone of Lys’Na benefits us, is by saying that as this doorway opens it may well have a tendency to be swinging back and forth on its hinges in the cosmic breeze for a bit.


It will therefore sometimes be wide open, and other times nearly shut. Until… a strong enough cosmic breeze comes along and rips it off its hinges altogether, and then… can we handle that?


The 5th Sacred Tone of Lys’Na gently removes the door from its hinges initially and supplies us with the needed frequency information to understand how to properly modulate what comes through that open doorway to mitigate any overwhelm effects.


Those who engage this 5th Sacred Tone’s vibration directly and consciously with some level of understanding of what it is, will be given a truly powerful and honorable opportunity to more firmly secure the benefits of the 5th Sacred Tone for self and all their brothers and sisters on Earth.


I have also updated the information on this transmission so it now has a bullet point list of the main energies and dynamics you will engage and experience as a part of this transmission.


This is a time we have been waiting for. It has not been an easy journey and the tail end of it has been especially challenging to a great many people, myself included!


Alexandra, this is like the reboot point on our journey, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to head through this Golden Doorway with you and all of my Family of Light.


12:21:12 5th Sacred Tone Lys’Na Transmission

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