Posted on 2012/10/20

Here is this week’s Cosmic Vision News show.

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  1. Explosive Intelligence Blog: IMF Implementing Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols
  2. Massive Silver Withdrawals at Brinks
  3. New US Treasury Notes: Some Symbolism Explained
  4. Financial Perspectives From The Nibiruan Council
  5. Iran-Israel-Palestine: War (Of Love) Is Declared By The People
  6. Disclosure: National Declassification Centre Releases File of Saucer Technology From Canada
  7. Message From Nibiru: Introduction To People Of Earth From The New Civilization On Nibiru
  8. Auras And Aura Pictures Of Presidential Candidates From Recent Debate
  9. 21OCT: Decision Day – Global Call For Manifestation
  10. BEE HEALTHY: Value of bees, and Pheylonian beeswax products. Coming soon – discount 10% code for CVN and Lightworkers
  11. Closing Remarks – Nidle Webinar

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