Posted on 2012/09/15

[UPDATE: Here is the link to Geoff’s Avaaz Disclosure Petition: (Global disclosure of civilizations and technologies of a non-Earth origin, including 6000+ patented technologies)]

Here is this week’s Cosmic Vision News show.

Here are a few Highlights, from the CVN Blogtalk page. From the show, I found the background to “Bin Laden” and “Al Qaeda” and “defeating the Russians” quite interesting. Not that I didn’t know (some of) all of that.


  • 9/11 Follow-up
  • Libya/Cairo/Japan/China events/news
  • Cairo events/news
  • Japan events/news
  • China leader apparently disappears
  • Disclosure news – Including the launch of InLight Radio’s “We Know Our Galactic Family Is Here – Do You?” Video. ( – InLight Radio disclosure video)
  • 2012 Scenario Conference Update
  • Financial news
  • Keshe Foundation To Release Phase 1 Of Space Technologies on 21SEP.

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