June 22, 2012 Show Overview.


The full newscast is now uploaded and available.  Please note, there is not enough space here to put all the links.

The short link to view show summary with links:  http://bit.ly/MBBuih


To listen, go to:


The summary of the show is as follows:



1.  News ticker of various stories around the world.


2.  Latest info from Drake/Cobra re: surrender/no surrender, and follow up actions.  Interview also with Bob Dean, a founding father of whistle-blowing.


3.  U.S. media has begun interviewing UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.   FOX Business news even reported a ‘Libertarian’ stance of Nigel’s party, possibly a soft endorsement of Ron Paul’s U.S. movement.


4.  Additional information about hydrogen peroxide from last week’s show.


Show music:  Back To The Future (Universal Studios, 1985)