Lightning and destruction followed and I’m sure that many who didn’t understand the galaxy like we do today, worshipped
this phenomenon because of it’s power and danger. Satan used this to control the populations through the spiritual
leaders and draw people away from the True God who wrote in the Torah not to worship the physical things because
they are created things too. We are to worship the One True God only, because He made it all.
 – From Chuck Missler’s
Teaching of Mars.
Mars (2)The theory eventually explains the possibility of an “x” planet (Niburu?) that was destroyed by God which pushed Mars to
its present orbit.  One observation by Missler, points to the Southern Hemisphere of Mars and its cratered topography,
as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere which is smooth.  This fact suggesting that Mars experienced a sudden burst
(shotgun effect) of debris strong enough to send it off course.  If destroyed, the planet between Jupiter and Mars, would
result in an impact of debris strong enough to have hit Mars and probably destroy any form of atmosphere. This is
probably what caused the orbital resonance of the solar system to change and brought about the changed orbit of Mars
that caused it to come within close proximity to the Earth at times and caused the people of Earth to worship the planet
as the war god of Mars. Eventually, the resonance of the solar system settled to what it is today, but the asteroid field
remained like a ring of debris marking where the orbit of our mystery planet once was.As any theory, the facts are left to subjective interpretation; however, past accounts of a mysterious planet have existed
since the Sumerian culture.  The possibility that Mars once held a different orbit could reign in a plethora of theories
about who Ancient Aliens were or if humans are the very Ancient Aliens that descended from Mars and escaped the
horrific end of “their” home planet…