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oppt_logo_blue4Okay, I held off posting this until a) I received the most up-to-date Courtesy Notice documents (done), and b) I actually sent out my own Courtesy Notice to someone “attempt[ing] to collect a debt” (done).

In other words, today, as of 4:00 PM HST, I sent off my first Courtesy Notice to that “someone” that was, according to their letter, “attempt[ing] to collect a debt”. I’ll probably talk a bit more about that later.

For now, here are the two “Courtesy Notice” documents often referred to on the OPPT shows. The first document is the actual notice to fill out and send. The second document (Guidelines) gives pretty precise details about “how to do it”.

OPPT-Courtesy-Notice-03p01 (fill this one out and send off)

OPPT-Courtesy-Notice-Guidelines-03p01 (instructions about “how to fill the notice out and send off”)

All I will add here is that, in the “Respondent” box, I wrote the person’s name (lower case, e.g., “John Green”), and the collection agency company (corporation (now foreclosed)) in all caps, preceded by “alleged” (John Green, c/o alleged COLLECTING AGENCY INC., 123 Foreclosed Lane, Seattle WA 99999). My name I kept in lower case, as I am an individual writing to another individual (“John Green”).

For even more detail, you may listen to the MP3s below, which were prepared by Chris Hale, Ken Bartle, and Scott Bartle. Many thanks to you guys!!


MP3s (volume boosted) (30 min., 14 MB per Part)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:59, 54 MB)


To view the Courtesy Notice documents here (via Scribd), please click the “Read more…” below.