implication 15

Implications Posting #14:

An announcement that will explain the past and positively influence the future development of human civilization on Earth will be made on the Ides of March 2014.

I have an update on the timing of the major announcement. Very soon I will know the exact date of the announcement in mid-March. One week before that date I will initiate a daily countdown to end on the day of the announcement. The countdown is not a gimmick, but rather it is just to give everyone a clear picture of exactly when the announcement will happen, and one week’s notice will be useful. This will prevent people from being surprised or caught off-guard when it actually does happen. The countdown will begin in about a week.

Implications Posting #13:

In the past, extraterrestrials have occasionally intervened in human affairs by causing a change in the beliefs of the masses. Some extraterrestrials have acted like gods to cause humans to believe in slavery and suffering. Other extraterrestrials have acted like gods to cause humans to believe in the end of slavery and suffering. But always this involved changing beliefs, and acting like gods is an easy trick to change the beliefs of the many. Our perceptions define our experiences, since we can only experience what we perceive. And our perceptions are only limited by our beliefs. We will always see and experience what we believe to be true.

Implications Posting #12:
It may not be easy for most humans to remote view accurately. But the fact that it can be done by even one human, means that the consciousness of every human extends throughout all of time and space. It is not possible to remote view something in the past if one is not — in some sense — alive in the past, since one has to exist in the past in order to perceive it. The same would be true of the future. Thus, consciousness cannot be bound by physical death; it must survive physical death, since we can extend consciousness beyond our points of birth and death even now when we are physical beings. This also implies that our experiences as physical beings are limited only by our beliefs, since only our beliefs can limit our perceptions, and our perceptions define what we experience.