18 March 2014

Hi Everyone!
courtney brownThis is the appropriate time to add some further explanation to the thrust of the announcement made about our newly released study of the origins of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Leading up to the announcement, I emphasized on my Facebook page (without elaboration) the words, “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and “proof.” What did that actually mean? Now we can explain, and it is essential that everyone understand how these words relate to the announcement.

I have stated in written and verbal form, on video and in print, so many times it is hard to count, that all remote-viewing data MUST be considered “speculative” until verified by normal physical means. This is even printed at the end of the newly released documentary. If something is “speculative,” then how can it be “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and “proof?”

To understand this, one needs to remember that there are two forms of remote-viewing data, (1) verifiable, and (2) new. The verifiable data can be confirmed beyond doubt by comparing the remote-viewing data to the actual target for a given project. In the past when working with pen and paper remote-viewing sessions, one had to be accustomed to how the data actually look given the procedures used to record the data to find the verifiable elements convincing. People who were not accustomed to the nature of the procedures might be confused, and thus less convinced. But what has changed now is the way the remote-viewing data are presented by more than one viewer, on video, and in a theatrically interesting manner that can relate to anyone, regardless of whether or not the person knows anything about the intricacies of the methodologies involved. That is a crucially important new element in this study.

What can we say about the verifiable data for this study? In my opinion, any reasonable person would have to conclude that Dick Allgire was describing a pyramid in his data contained in video. Moreover, any reasonable person would conclude that Daz Smith was describing the movement of large stone blocks during the manufacture of what he called “rising structures” as shown in video recordings of his work. Those elements are verifiable. The target indeed was a pyramid, and the target did specify to describe the movement of the largest stone blocks during the pyramid’s construction. Those elements were essential components of the target, and those elements were exactly described in the video records in a manner that anyone can clearly see. Thus, in my view, that part of the project is “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and it constitutes “proof” that remote viewing was indeed involved in these perceptions that were recorded under totally blind conditions. Therefore, in my opinion, any reasonable person can conclude that remote viewing itself is real, and this claim has passed the test of “proof” for most people.

Of course, there will always be disagreements. 1,000 years from now there will still be people who do not believe that remote viewing is real. But again, in my view, most people can look at these video sessions and decide that the remote-viewing phenomenon itself is unambiguously a real phenomenon.

Now, what about the “new” information shown in the project. Such information involves the extraterrestrial as well as the high technology elements in the data, such as the so-called “Praying Mantis Lady,” the levitation of the stone blocks, etc. Can we similarly say that those elements are “unambiguous” and “conclusive,” and thus constituting “proof?” No. No “new” remote-viewing data can do this until they are verified in some manner using normal physical means of verification. But what we can say is that these “new” elements in the data are intriguing, and they do match the facts on the ground better than many conventional theories relating to the mining and movement of the largest stone blocks. The idea that manual laborers built those pyramids all by themselves with only crude tools is simply not believable in my view. The data for this study, including the extraterrestrial and high technology elements, are more believable. Nonetheless, these new elements remain speculative, regardless of how much they match the facts on the ground. We need further physical evidence of alien intervention and the use of advanced technology before we can move these elements of the data from the “new” to the “verifiable” category.

So some parts of the study are verifiable, and those parts are so uniquely described in the data that they constitute unambiguous and conclusive proof that remote viewing actually exists, in the sense that anyone can see the accuracy of the descriptions with their own eyes without having special training in remote-viewing methodologies. That alone is worth the claim that this is one of the most important announcements ever made in my view. Some will disagree, maybe many. But in my view, this is huge.

And other parts of the study are intriguing but new, and not yet verified. That is the way with all remote-viewing projects. There is always a mix of verifiable parts and new parts. This will never change. The verifiable parts take our breath away. And the new parts make us sit on the edge of our seats, wondering if they too are true beyond doubt. These new parts make us want to know more. And that is exciting.

If the remote viewing phenomenon is exciting to you too, you may want to give it a try. Our learning materials are all free. This includes an 18 hour, 24 lesson course hosted by YouTube, as well as a free printable text, plus much more. This beginning course will probably not make you a “world class” remote viewer, but it is a great way to get started, and you will likely develop a nice feel for how it is done. This is also a fun way to convince yourself beyond doubt that remote viewing is not limited to only a few people. You can find the materials at this url:


Enjoy learning.
Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

Courtney Brown’s Original Announcement

This is an exciting time. Something important is going to happen sometime next month, in February 2014. Nothing can stop it now. There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement. In the beginning, only a few will understand the significance of the announcement, and what it means for all of humanity currently living on this planet. Some will laugh, and some will cry. But in time, the world will come to know that life on Earth changed significantly on that day in February 2014. A mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer. And from that answer, a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise. No, there will not be Earth changes. No, the ETs will not land. No, the sky will not fall down, and the Earth will not shake. No, President Obama will not reveal…whatever. What will be announced is actually much bigger than all of that. Honest.

Yes, I know something that I am not talking about. I am making a statement of fact, not making a prediction. But the reason for the delay is that much is going on right now. If everything was ready, the announcement would happen tomorrow. But things are not quite ready yet. They will be ready in February.

We will include news of the announcement on this newsletter. But much will happen on my Facebook page, and there are already updates and energetic discussions going on currently on that Facebook page. I want to encourage all who are interested to visit this page and watch and/or participate. You can friend or follow the page as well so that you keep informed. Here is the link:


Again, this is an exciting time. The announcement will not be about Earth changes or anything else that would disrupt normal lives. It will be about knew knowledge that will change the way all of humanity thinks of its past, and its present. It will be a moment of profound learning, nothing more, but nothing less. It will mark one of the most important moments in the history of our civilization. Not everyone will agree, but eventually, that is how most people will come to see it.

The greatest changes occur on our planet not because physical things happen, but because new knowledge enters into our consciousness. Some new knowledge is so big, it fills the horizon and changes nearly everything.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director

The Farsight Institute

From Day 1 I have felt the announcement that will be delivered on March 15, 2014 may have an explanation for a deeper understanding of our genetics and true origins. We are becoming luminous humans and profound possibilities for recreating ourselves are now possible. ~ Cedar

 FINAL update 20 March 2014

This really was a case study in a fail to understand the general population. Sad, but a learning experience for Courtney in any case. So, there are not going to be any more announcements, but he posted in his FB page what he had intended.


Hi Everyone. I want to share the essence of some of the communications that I have been receiving. In one communication, the person said that the Giza Pyramid Project was interesting, but he was sure I was going to announce something that is more current. In another communication, the person asked when I am going to announce the identities of the Illuminati. Yet another said he was sure I was holding back on when Nibiru would enter crash into Earth. And yet another said that she was certain I was going to say what happened to the missing airliner. And on it goes.

Friends, the Giza Pyramid project is the biggest thing we have ever done. It is huge. There is nothing bigger than that. You may not agree, but that project really is amazing, and I fully believe that in the future people will say that this project was a turning point for our planet.

With this said, let me outline what I hoped would be the second and third parts of the major announcement that occurred last Saturday. The announcement of that project was amazing in my view. It took nearly two decades of work in order to do what we did. But the announcement of the Giza Pyramid results does not tell us what we should do in the future to make this planet a better place. That is, it is nice as a diagnostic, but not much as a prescriptive. Thus, the second part of the announcement was to focus on what happens next. Given the ability to show remote viewing on video in a theatrically interesting manner using stellar viewers, the issue of whether or not remote viewing actually exists can be settled for many, and we can start talking about how to integrate this into our daily lives. So the next part was to be a detailed outline of a campaign to start this. It involved explanations of public petitions, large number appeals to university administrators to encourage classes dealing with these forbidden topics, and even staged events that would be covered by the local news, such as motorcycle rallies and even skywriting over urban areas by participating pilots.

The third part of the major announcement was to explain the matter of symbolism. People need symbols to project a unified message, and we have been developing such a symbol, and we wanted to explain it.

The second and third parts of the major announcement will come in their own time. But for now, too many people seem to be thinking that we are planning to announce some current day revelation that they find in the news. We need to let that settle before going on to the second and third parts of our plan. Things are too important for our message to be lost.

We will find a way soon to move to the next phase of this plan.

Implications Posting #23:

If our experiences as physical beings are defined only by what we perceive, and our perceptions are limited only by our beliefs of what can or cannot be, then life is not supposed to be painful. Life can only be painful if we believe it to be painful, no matter what the apparent cause, and no matter what the degree of perceived trauma. Nothing that is not believed can be perceived. Thus, humans are not automatically destined to suffer, and sin and redemption are beliefs of control, not automatic elements of he human condition. Revolutions are simply rapid shifts away from beliefs that were previously held by many, beliefs of pain and suffering that are finally discarded.  Those who benefitted from those beliefs lose control and power when this happens.

Unambiguous. Conclusive. Proof.

Implications Posting #22:

Beware of ‘flytrap’ organisations, media outlets and people.  When people become interested in new ideas that may threaten the credibility of an established authority in the eyes of the masses, the role of ‘flytraps’ is to lead such people into unproductive settings. ‘Flytraps’ spin your wheels, but you don’t go anywhere.You can discover a ‘flytrap’ by trusting your feelings, your intuitions. If you feel a’pinch’ or a sense of being restricted, then the organisation, media outlet, or people are probably part of a ‘flytrap’. If you feel exuberant with the thrill of discovery and new ideas, then there may be some real value in interacting in that setting. Trust your feelings. They are your only real guide to a truly self-determined future.

Implications Posting #21:

Planetary change can only come about through the widespread exchange of new information and new ideas among the masses. ‘The Powers That Be’ obviously know this, and efforts will always be made to disrupt positive and transformative discussions that could lead to revolutionary awakening. ‘Seeders’ and ‘cheerleading’ are crucial elements in these disruptive efforts. The only way for a dissenting person or organisation to circumvent such disruptive efforts is to avoid utilising single or highly centralised venues for voicing public opinion and discussion. That is, the masses themselves must assume the responsibility for forming and maintaining diverse and decentralised positive discussion venues. It is not possible to disrupt discussion venues when there are many, all monitored by their own members.

Implications Posting #20:

The contemporary practice that utilises the masses themselves to act as censors of dissenting information was initiated in the 1950s. Typically, individuals [called ‘seeders’] are strategically placed in any audience listening to a potentially threatening alternate information source.  The job of seeders is to consistently challenge the purpose and accuracy of the information source [a process known as ‘cheerleading’] until authentic and well-meaning members of the audience begin to repeat the challenges by themselves. The strategically placed individuals are then withdrawn, leaving no evidence of mass manipulation. Honest critics in the audience vehemently deny the existence of strategic attacks, unwittingly covering the tracks of the seeders.

Implications Posting #19:

Physical bondage is always temporary, since there will always be efforts to resist it, and the effort to maintain it consumes constant and draining resources. Psychological bondage is long lasting and cost effective, since it simply requires the brainwashing of a population held in informational isolation. Brainwashing a large population involves the continual application of repetitive ideas over a long period of time. Some of these ideas are defensive and aimed at immunising the population from the appeals of competing and dissenting informational sources. Promoting cynicism toward such sources is a key ingredient for success. Any attempt to free a population subject to brainwashing will require a sustained effort over a long stretch of time, necessitating ongoing financial and physical resources.

Implications Posting #18:

“The Powers That Be” have essentially unlimited resources, both financial and physical. They use these resources to monopolize the information that the masses are shown, for that is their only truly effective means of controlling what the masses believe. They know that no movement can successfully challenge this control without the dissemination of new information that contradicts the flow of stories that solidifies their power. Direct censorship never works well, for there are always attempts to circumvent it. But since any input of new information requires a minimum threshold of resources to be effective, the highest priority of “The Powers That Be” is to financially starve potentially respectable sources of dissenting information.

Implications Posting #17:

The fact that the leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people does not mean that there is no need for the people to take action. We live in a universe where action is a natural consequence of thought. All actions result from thoughts of desired change. We often attribute the change to the actions. But the reality is that the change in our thoughts is the true origin of the change in our experienced manifestations, since the actions would never have occurred had the thoughts not changed first. When change does not occur, it is because we continue to think the same thoughts of frustration and the impossibility of change. If we want change, then we must change our thoughts, and nothing does this more effectively than the introduction of new information.

Implications Posting #16:

Remember that the leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people. There are no exceptions to that, regardless of whether the leadership is virtuous or dastardly. Contemporary physics on Earth does not fully explain why this is so, although pieces of the puzzle are in clear sight if scientists would only connect the dots. Nonetheless, it is a consequence of a universal law, whether one understands why it is so or not. For this reason, it is never useful to be angry at a nation’s leadership, for the people truly do shape their own destiny regardless of who leads them. If you want to change the world for the better, the only thing that will work is to introduce a new idea to the people with clarity and focus, and then let it spread. The leadership will adapt to the new idea only when the people accept it.

Implications Posting #15:

The significance of the Ides of March is not that Julius Caesar died, for Caesar was but a man, and all men die. Rather, the date marks the end of an era of belief that the corruption and tyranny of the existing system of governance was unchangeable. That is still what the Ides of March stands for today, a date reminding all who live on this planet that no set of beliefs stands forever. Revolution never requires violence, since there is plenty of violence that does not bring revolution. Revolution has only one meaning; it is a rapid shifting of beliefs among the masses, which means that the practiced thoughts of the past stop, and new thoughts replace the old. Once a year, the Ides of March stands as our reminder that we have within us the power to change the way we think.

Implications Posting #14:

An announcement that will explain the past and positively influence the future development of human civilization on Earth will be made on the Ides of March 2014.

Implications Posting #13:

In the past, extraterrestrials have occasionally intervened in human affairs by causing a change in the beliefs of the masses. Some extraterrestrials have acted like gods to cause humans to believe in slavery and suffering. Other extraterrestrials have acted like gods to cause humans to believe in the end of slavery and suffering. But always this involved changing beliefs, and acting like gods is an easy trick to change the beliefs of the many. Our perceptions define our experiences, since we can only experience what we perceive. And our perceptions are only limited by our beliefs. We will always see and experience what we believe to be true.

Implications Posting #12:

It may not be easy for most humans to remote view accurately. But the fact that it can be done by even one human, means that the consciousness of every human extends throughout all of time and space. It is not possible to remote view something in the past if one is not — in some sense — alive in the past, since one has to exist in the past in order to perceive it. The same would be true of the future. Thus, consciousness cannot be bound by physical death; it must survive physical death, since we can extend consciousness beyond our points of birth and death even now when we are physical beings. This also implies that our experiences as physical beings are limited only by our beliefs, since only our beliefs can limit our perceptions, and our perceptions define what we experience.

Implications Posting #11:

Humanity is a collective intelligence. A collective intelligence changes only when the thoughts of many people evolve. By thinking differently, people create a change in their reality. It is impossible for the thoughts of a single individual to do this alone, whether that person be the president of a nation, a saint, or a commoner. It is useless to petition the elites to change society, for those people became elites in the first place by reflecting the consciousness of the society as it was. When the society changes, only then do the elites change. There is no escape from the fact that if one wants a better world, one has to work with the masses, since the masses themselves literally have to think their way into that better world. There are no exceptions to this.

Implications Posting #10:

Many people think that great change on Earth will arrive through things like Earth changes, cataclysms, presidential revelations, extraterrestrials landing, pole shifts, second comings, God’s wrath, and so on. They hope that these things might change people and thus make the world better. But this can never happen. The masses experience all such events passively, essentially as victims, and victims don’t change anything. Salvation from any hardship, trauma, or confusion can never be achieved passively, or by begging someone else to give it to you, whether you do it with prayer or a vote. No elite, however wise, can transform a planet for the better with the stroke of a pen or a speech. This is not how worlds are changed.

Implications Posting #9:

“The Powers That Be” maintain their control over the masses due to the widespread belief that acceptable information must be “officially” endorsed or released by the appropriate elite. When reality does not match the information released by TPTB, tension results, and an endless cycle of cries from within the masses erupts calling for an “official” release of information that will resolve the tension. These cries for “official” information have the unintended consequence of reinforcing both the belief that TPTB have control over what is or is not acceptable, and the psychology that the masses are impotent to defy that control. TPTB never have an incentive to resolve the tension, since it is the tension itself that solidifies their position of power.

Implications Posting #8:

The theft of nuclear weapons technology from the United States during World War II and the Cold War carried with it an important lesson. It is impossible to keep crucial information secret by putting it under lock and key since that only emphasizes its value, and a determined adversary will always find a way to obtain it. The only way to keep such information contained is to keep it in plain sight while simultaneously minimizing its significance. To this end, interested people need to be drawn off to unproductive leads, and mainstream news must be induced to ridicule and discredit the subject and those who are interested. In all of the world today, there is no higher level of secrecy given to any subject more than the real potential of remote viewing in the context of optimal training and implementation.

Implications Posting #7:


Directions: Multiple Choice. Pick one.

Why is Star Wars the most lucrative film and merchandising franchise on Earth?

1. Dumb luck

2. Something in it resonates with humanity’s subconscious collective memory.

Directions: Complete the sentence. Pick all that apply.

George Lucas is…

1. a Hollywood geek with a great imagination.

2. a former evil emperor.

3. a former freedom fighter.

4. married to a hottie.  (Ed: Unnecessary Courtney!!!!)

Implications Posting #6:

There are two ways extraterrestrials can arrive on Earth. A few arrive on ships, and they clearly remember where they came from and why they are here. But most choose to be born here, and they don’t remember much. Yet everyone remembers something, even if only vaguely, and personalities persist. If there was a conflict somewhere far away in ancient days, and Earth became a prison planet as a result of this conflict, then both the freedom fighters and their pursuers would arrive through both means, ships and birth. Both would feel the urge to continue the old struggle, acting out old roles, some with full memory, and some without. Those with full memory would lose their advantage if they revealed themselves.

Implications Posting #5:

If Earth was once run as a “prison planet” in ancient times, then that would imply that many humans living on Earth experienced something elsewhere—perhaps far away—that resulted in them either fleeing to Earth, or being expelled to Earth. Prison authorities would likely attempt to engage the prison population in activities and belief systems that would sap their energies and suppress their memories of who they are and where they came from. Such activities and beliefs would also prevent a revolt, and subsequent demands for restitution, reparations, and justice.

Implications Posting #4:

Above all else, those who govern seek to control what the masses accept as true, and there is nothing that they will not do in order to achieve this since it is the sole source of their power. The belief that those who govern would not brazenly manipulate knowledge simply for their own benefit is the single most important belief that supports their continued reign. This belief always leads to confusion, despair, and relentless cynicism from within the ranks of those who are controlled. Once this belief is abandoned, free will returns absolutely, and great change is inevitable.

Implications Posting #3:

Throughout all of history, profound change to human civilization has never resulted simply from the exercise of brute force. Such transformations have only resulted from the widespread acceptance of new knowledge, new ideas. Knowledge reasserts free will, something that can only be surrendered voluntarily by individuals and groups who are led to believe something that benefits the few who seek control over the many. Absent those beliefs, no physical force can stand, no matter how oppressive.

Implications Posting #2:

New evidence suggests that Earth may have been “run” in a manner analogous to a prison planet in the ancient past, where religions and monumental construction projects were engineered under near slavery conditions, possibly for the purposes of inhibiting civilization development as well as collective memory. While these efforts appear to have been interrupted, it is possible that residual disruptive influences remain.

Implications Posting #1:

At least some of the claims made by Zecharia Sitchin and others involving extraterrestrial interference with human development on Earth in the ancient past appear to be true.